From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

Euritar is in the middle of the ring and he announces that tonight will see the first round in a tournament to fill the vacant GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.  He says the finals will take place at STORMFRONT, where new champions will be crowd.  Tonight, he continues, we will see the first round of tournament action that’ll see eight teams compete for the titles!

EURITAR:  In seeding the first round, I thought, “What would the fans want to see?”  So tonight you’re going to see some rematches from the DEIMOS PERENNIAL and the last card, INVASION.  There will be some feuding teams competing against each other int he opening rounds.  But, I want to put all the teams on notice, right now, that all the matches, except for the finals at STORMFRONT, will be contested under normal Galactic Wrestling Federation rules.  That means, Disqualifications and countout rules are in effect.  A team can be eliminated from the tournament by DQ or COUNTOUT, so keep that in mind.

The fans loved this and started chanting, “Best fed ever!  Best fed ever!” and Euritar left the ring for our first matchup to begin!

DESERTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Adam Traitor pins Giant Azuma after the Traitor Missle – SQUASH – This one was over in two moves!  Traitor hit Azuma with Adam’s Blast then followed immediately with Traitor Missile and got the win!

DESERTERS get some revenge for their loss at INVASION.  TITAN SAMURAI and Lord Nexus are dumbfounded by how easily they have  knocked out of the tournament!  DESERTERS gloat in the ring, with Traitor calling Azure a “giant tub of lard!”  The Titans threaten a brawl, but Lord Nexus keeps them cool.

The DESERTERS move on and it’s time for our next, opening round, match and it’s a doozy!  A direct rematch from the DEIMOS PERENNIAL!  ULTIMATE FIGHTERS taking on the team of Probation and Fist, the GLADIATORS!

GLADIATORS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall after hitting Shoot with NO SURRENDER twice in a row – ** – The ULTIMATE FIGHTERS were dominating at the start of the match, making quick tags but Fist was able to tag out and Probation cam in and dominated!  That’s two pitfalls for Probation in the two matches since their debut.  It would seem Probation is putting his best foot forward, for sure.

Prime Colonizer is out next, along with Magnus the Magnanimous and Lope.  They enter the ring and Prime Colonizer stands tall with a mic.

PRIME COLONIZER:  Obvious by his absence, Swarm is no longer part of the SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™.  He lost his title and then ran, with his stinger between his legs, as fast as he could from singles competition to cower behind Panther Warrior.  Fine.  The SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ continue without him.  We are warriors.  He was not.  As warriors, we crave competition and everyone knows that Wolf is back.  Wolf, in his debut match at the Perennial, lost.  Some triumphant return.  Heh.  But I know that, deep down, Wolf is a warrior and that loss is eating away at the pit of his stomach and he wants nothing more than to get revenge for it.  But before you can face Lope again, Wolf, you have to beat me!  So let’s give these people what they want!

The crowd is going nuts and Prime Colonizer’s call is, indeed, answered by Wolf!  The roof nearly rips off the place!

Prime Colonizer (1 token) d. Wolf (6 tokens) via pinfall after the COLONIZER CLAW SLAM – **** – Prime Colonizer dominates and embarrass the returning Wolf!  After the bell, he stands tall over the fallen hero and then motions to Lope who enters the ring and scoops Wolf up over his shoulder.  Prime Colonizer leads the way as Magnus and Lope head to the back with Wolf lifeless, draped over Lope’s shoulder!  The crowd is not happy.

It’s time for tag team action, once again, and this one is another direct rematch from the DEIMOS PERENNIAL!  Dark Menace leads his team BACK IN BLACK to the ring, hoping to knock the team of DEMON HUNTERS out of the title tournament!  Coven Black will start with HelSin!

BACK IN BLACK d. DEMON HUNTERS via pinfall when Coven Black hits HelSin with BITE OF THE VAMPIRE just minutes into the match – SQUASH – Another quick one!  Coven Black moves faster than anyone has seen him before and picks up the big win out of nowhere!  BACK IN BLACK move forward int he tournament while DEMON HUNTERS are left behind!

Zombie-like Oracle leads PSI out to the ring of his match against former FDF partner, Shayne.  Shane dispatched Eydilon with ease at the PERENNIAL, now he’s looking to take out PSI.  You also can be sure, he’s looking to get first crack at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP seeing as he never got his rematch with Swarm!

Shayne d. PSI via pinfall with EYE 4 EYE – **1/2 – Great back and forth action, but Shayne pulls off the win without even tapping into his Fury.  Shane has put a one man hurt on DOOM since their formation!

It’s time for tag team action once again and this will be the final match in the opening round.  Panther Warrior gets a huge cheer as ANIMAN REVENGE make their way ringside.  Their opponents, led by Magnus the Magnanimous, THE CLOAK!

ANIMEN REVENGE d. THE CLOAK via pinfall when Panther Warrior turns Splatter’s sunset flip into a pinning combination – *1/2 – Swarm started off the match to and then tagged in Panther Warrior and things went through the roof!  Panther Warrior secure the win and ANIMEN REVENGE moves on to the next round!

It’s MAIN EVENT time and this one is a HUGE!  A rematch from the DEIMOS PERENNIAL that will see Havoc put his INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP on the line against Turmoil in a TITAN DEATH MATCH!  Havoc has held the title for a whopping 26 fight cards!  Second only to Aethran Overmaster in recent history!  Fans are excited to see if he can hang on!  Though Havoc hangs with FUTURE SHOCK, they are swirly behind hi to fend off this new Aethran Onslaught!

Turmoil (6 tokens) d. Havoc (3 tokens) via pinfall with INTIMIDATION to pick up the win and become the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – *****1/2 – What a match!  Havoc was close to ending it several times but it was interference by THE LEVELER that turned the tide and gave Turmoil the chance to win.

Magnus is furious and is complaining to the ref, but it was a TITAN DEATH MATCH, so the ref can do nothing.  Turmoil holds his new prize high above his head as we…