CARD 2131.277 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The evening starts with Bex in the center of the ring.  He gets a mixed reaction.  There are those on the InFiNet who think he’s a competent wrestler, perhaps the best currently wrestling in the GWF.  There is, however, a larger majority of people Who still blame Bex from bringing the Black Death plague to the galaxy.  The boos outweigh the cheers on this particular night.

BEX:  I stand before you tonight, to apologize.  I come asking you, the fans of the GWF and, in fact, the entire galaxy, for your forgiveness.  I apologize for my part in the Black Death plague and I renounce everything that Black Death stood for.  We should have know we would no succeed when End of Days fell, but Sur is a bullheaded leader and wouldn’t listen to reason.  I’m not out here asking for you to like me, I’m out here to ask you to forgive me.  I know that many will be skeptical of my words and would rather see actions.  Therefore, for the entire year, I will donate my match winnings here in the GWF to the Black Death Foundation that provides help to those affected.  If I am to donate though, I’d better start winning matches, so let’s get this match started.

Many in the arena and watching around the galaxy were impressed with Bex’s words.  The majority of people though didn’t buy it.  Be stood in the ring waiting for his opponent.  Then, out to a huge cheer, is Lord Nexus and Overtime!  Overtime vs. Bex is our opener tonight!

Bex d. Overtime via pinfall with GROUND ZERO – ** – A decent back and forth match.  Be get the wind and the crowd is impressed again when Bex offers to shake hands after the match.  Overtime agrees and there’s a cheer of good sportsmanship.

She Devil d. Nova via pinfall after a Siren Suplex in a quick match – * – Star Slayer did accompany Nova to ringside.

Nosfera d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall after the SPRING HEEL KICK – *1/2 – Nosfera was accompanied to ringside with the, zombie-like, Oracle.  Star Warrior (II) didn’t seem that phased by the loss.  He immediately tumbled into the audience and grabbed a fan’s beer and chugged it.

Lord Nexus returned again to the ring and this time he was accompanied by the newest member of the Titans, Perfect Specimen!  The crowd is going nuts as the Legend and future legend get into the ring.  Suddenly Magnus appeared with a mic in hand.

MAGNUS:  Yes, by all means celebrate.  Celebrate making the worst decision of your life by leaving Future Shock.  But you shall pay tonight because I’ve paid this man a lot of money to end you.

Magnus pointed at the curtain and out came Thantos (II)!

Thantos (II) d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall after the LEGENDS LARIAT – ***** – Wow!  A Match of the year candidate for sure!  This one had pitfalls galore and saw not only Magnus get involved but Lord Nexus as well (much to the fan’s delight).  Magnus was delighted with glee putting Perfect Specimen in his place.

Lord Nexus and Magnus stand in the ring arguing each other as Thantos (II) leaves and Perfect Specimen is helped to the back by the referee.  The two stand arguing and it’s about to get physical when suddenly THE DESERTERS head to ringside.  Lord Nexus looks about to be outnumbered when suddenly, TITAN SAMURAI follow hot on the heels of THE DESERTERS and we have a tag match about to begin!

TITAN SAMURAI d. THE DESERTERS via submission when Kenji locks Tharkas in the KNEE BAR and forces him to submit – ***1/2 – A great match between these two teams and Lord Nexus leads his men on to a win and gets some measure of revenge against Magnus and FUTURE SHOCK!

The crowd was excited for the next match!  A direct rematch from the DEMIOS PERENNIAL and a TITAN DEATH MATCH between two newcomers, Star Slayer and Darkest Justice!  No COUNTOUTS, No DQ’s!  This one promised to be a classic!

Darkest Justice d. Star Slayer via pinfall with SHOCK PROBATION – ** – Wow!  Darkest Justice makes a statement and makes it in quick fashion.  He dominated the match from the bell and ended it within minutes!  After the bell Dark Menace grabbed the mic.

DARK MENACE:  And now you see who the superior newcomer from the Alternate Universe is!  Darkest Justice!  I only work with winners and you can see that that’s a fact now.

DARKEST JUSTICE stood tall over Star Slayer, arms raised and then, with Dark Menace following, left the ringside area.

The lights lowered signaling it was time for the main event!  A tag team match up featuring two brand new teams!  OUTCASTS, Mayhem Unleashed and Tricks taking on ANIMEN REENGE!

Both teams hit the ring and there’s some jockeying to see who goes first and the fans are on their feet when it looks like it’ll be Tricks and Panther Warrior to start!

ANIMEN REVENGE d. OUTCASTS via pinfall when Panther Warrior covers Mayhem Unleashed after Comeback Trail – ** – Tricks tagged out pretty quickly after facing an onslaught of moves from Panther Warrior!  Panther Warrior attacked Mayhem Unleashed with the same ferocity and got a flash pin out of nowhere to win!  The match is all Panther Warrior and the fans go nuts.

Swarm bails out of the ring and lets Panther Warrior have his moment!  Panther Warrior is fired up, even his tail is all puffed out.  He raises his arms in victory as we…


NOTE:  After the show went off the air, NITRO did confirm that Bex donates the full total of his winnings to the Black Death Foundation.