2131 – Deimos Perennial Fallout!

  • The entire galaxy learned last night that it was the Gladiators behind the attack on The Hive and the abduction of, then, GALAXIAN CHAMPION Swarm.  In a bold move, Aethran Overmaster positioned himself and the rest of the new Gladiator team at the top of the card at the Deimos Perennial.  Though Turmoil was unsuccessful in his first bod for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and the new GLADIATORS take team were stripped of the tag team belts, and rightfully so, Aethran Overmaster was able to win the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP away from Swarm.

    The United Federation of Stars and Planets has started tribunal proceedings against the Aethrans, calling their attack on The Hive and attack on Andromeda.  The Aethran are saying that the attack on The Hive was never an attack on the entire planet of Andromeda, though there is no love lost there.  Overmaster insist it was an attack on Swarm and the SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ personally.  The Aethrans have an unlikely ally in their argument…Swarm!

    Swarm, this morning, sent a statement to the UFSP saying that he believes it was an attack on him personally and, in a shocking move, has decided not to press charges against them for the attack!  The statement reads, “I’m a wrestler, I’d prefer to settle this in the ring.” Word is Swarm has already begun attempting to rebuild the Ani-Men team, but after his actions in the past year, will anyone decide to accept his offer?

    The majority of the UFSP are leaning towards agreeing with Swarm in order to save the galaxy’s taxpayers money.  There is a ultra right wing faction in the UFSP calling for war to wipe out the Aethrans once and for all, but they are in the minority and seem to not have enough power to call for a war vote.

    When asked for a possible reason as to why his father would refuse to press charges against the men who attacked him, Swarm’s son Mantis shrugged and said, “I told you before.  He’s bipolar.  What can you expect?  He’s sick and he refuses to go through any kind of therapy to try and even things out.  He was a horrible father.  Loving and kind one day, a complete monster the next.  For years I thought it was my fault he was the way he is.  Now, I know better.  He needs serious medical attention, both physical and mental.  I hope one day it happens and he finds peace.  But I’m not holding my breath.”

  • Now, twenty four hours removed from the Deimos Perennial, Euritar is trying to find some semblance of order on the GWF.  His staff is busy putting together plans to fill the vacant GALAXIAN TAG TEAM TITLES and there’s rumors that whatever that plan may be, it will start as soon as Card 277 – INVASION which is just days away.
  • INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION Havoc has already demanded a rematch with Turmoil!  Magnus has advised that this might not be the best idea but Havoc has stated, “I’m not afraid of this new Gladiator team.  I handed the old Gladiator Team their butts, I’ll do the same here!”  Rumor is that that rematch is set for Card 278 – SUPERNOVA and a stipulation may be added.
  • Another match that is rumored to have a stipulation added is a rematch between Darkest Justice and Star Slayer!  After their encounter at the Deimos Perennial ended in a disqualification, Darkest Justice is gunning (pun totally intended) to get back int he ring to prove he’s the better of the ‘Second Coming’ group.

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