Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The arena is filled to the rafters as the GWF Universe is ready to kick off 2131 in grand style!  Not only are the fans out in droves, but so are the UFSP law enforcement troops.  They guard every enrance, exit, bathroom, doorway and air duct vent both inside and outside of the arena!  The heavy security presence is due to the the supposed threats made by whomever it was who abducted Swarm shortly after midnight on January 1, 2131.  The investigation has been ongoing, but there have been no substantial leads.  The GWF is refusing to bow to terrorists and so the Deimos Perennial is taking place.

The lights go out in the arena and there is an air of foreboding, but when they snap on a lone figure stands in the middle of the ring.  It’s Wolf!  The place explodes!  He has a mic:

WOLF:  Lope!  Get out here!

Whoa, fans!  We have our first match of the night!  Wolf vs. Lope!  Talk about kicking off the year with a BIG BANG!

Lope appears, Prime Colonizer trailing behind him with Magnus following suit, both protesting the match, but Lope will not be swayed!  This is going to happen!

Lope d. Wolf via DQ when Wolf takes the action outside the ring, shoves Prime Colonizer, takes his rifle and smashes Lope across the face with it – ***** – An instant 5 star classic that the fans eat up!

Security quickly clears the ring area and we prepare for out next match!  Oracle makes his return walking zombie like, towards the ring.  He’s accompanied by Darkest Justice and Catfight!  This will be Catfight’s debut and she’ll be taking on Fhanna who is headed ringside with Magnus.  Magnus looks a little uneasy to be around both women at the same time.  Is he sweating a little bit there or is that just leftover from the action of the last match?

Fhanna d. Catfight via pinfall after hitting THE OTHER WOMAN – ****1/2 – A wild catfight for sure!  After both Oracle and Darkest Justice interfered, the ref ejected them.  After the bell, Fhanna shoved the ref threw Catfight outside the ring and hit her with two backbreakers on the concrete!  Security finally pulled her off and Catfight needed medical attention after the match!

THE TWO are out next and Sur says his goal this year is to show that he can achieve Tag Team glory with Ghena.  Something, he says, he never did with Bex!  Their opponents, lead by Magnus, THE CLOAK!

THE TWO d. THE CLOAK via DQ when Code Destroyer brains Sur with the crowbar – DUD – This one never got started before THE CLOAK resorted to cheating.  After the match, Sur sent Ghena after Code Destroyer, but they escaped to the back.

Shayne is out to huge cheers from the crowd!  He stands in the ring, eagerly awaiting his opponent, the man formerly known as Harbinger, Eydilon!  Eydilon arrives in a plume of purple smoke with Oracle at his side!  This one should be great!

Shane d. Eydilon via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – **** – This is a wild match, Eydilon showed his might but then Shayne unleashed his Fury and made a huge comeback to win the match and drive Eydilon from the ring!

Magnus is out next with Chaos Supreme and they eagerly await their opponent, Monolith!  Chaos seemed to choke a little in big matches last year, he’s looking to get some traction going in 2131 and if he can put Monolith away, that’d be a huge step in that direction.

Chaos Supreme d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith smashes Chaos with Magnus Colby’s briefcase – *** – Monolith was dominating this match and had Chaos Supreme locked in I BREAK YOU until Magnus jumped in the ring and tried to hit Monolith with his briefcase!  Monolith grabbed the briefcase and smashed Colby and then smashed Chaos Supreme with it, earning him a DQ! After the bell, Monolith threw the briefcase into the crowd!  Magnus was fit to be tied!

Paganax is out next and he calls out the man he calls a traitor to the FDF, PSI!  PSI heads ringside with Oracle and we have a match!

PSI d. Paganax via pinfall with MIND OVER MATTER – ***** – Paganax dominates at the start but then it seems as if PSI gets into his head and completely takes over, dispatching of the big man!

Out next, to a huge cheer is the new team of DEMON HUNTERS, Crossfire and HelSin!  Their opponents, from DARK MENACE FORCES, Coven Black and UltraMantis Black…BACK IN BLACK!

BACK IN BLACK d. DEMON HUNTERS via pinfall after Coven Black hits Crossfire with BITE OF THE VAMPIRE – *1/2 – Crossfire takes the fight to BACK IN BLACK but they trap him in the wrong corner and pick him apart.

Star Slayer is out to a mixed reaction.  The fans are not sure what to think of this newcomer.  Being accompanied by Nova doesn’t help as they are unsure of her alliances.  His opponent, however, is booed out of the building!  Dark Justice who makes his way ringside with Dark Menace!

Darkest Justice d. Star Slayer via DQ when Star Slayer hits Dark Justice with his rifle – ** – A wild back and forth brawl that ends in DQ!  This feud is far from over!  Dark Menace seems most please with his new signing.

The first title match of 2131 is about to take place and it’s between two veterans!  Scorn comes to the ring to cheers.  GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION Taichi comes to the ring with Lord Nexus to even louder cheers!  The fans know this one should be fast and competitive!

Taichi d. Scorn via pinfall after a sick Muay Thai Kick – *** – Just an amazing back and forth match.  Taichi comes out victorious and retains the championship.

Interplanetary Champion Havoc makes his way to the ring for his title defense!  He stands in the ring with Magnus when, suddenly Euritar runs out from the back.

EURITAR: Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t want to alarm you, but it is your right to know that, moments ago, a warship materialized outside the arena.  Reports are that this is a similar warship to the one that attacked The Hive and abducted Swarm.  The UFSP law enforcement is currently attempting to—

Suddenly, the holovision screens are filled with static and when they clear, the face of the Aethran Overmaster appears.

OVERMASTER:  Silence Euritar!  The Gladiators have returned to show their dominance in the GWF.

Euritar tries to shut Overmaster up but his mic has been hacked and is now non-functioning.

OVERMASTER:  The entire planet of Deimos is surrounded by the Aethran armada!  One word from me and nothing on this puny rock lives.  But I will call off the attack as long as I can control the rest of the evening’s matches.

Euritar’s mic suddenly works again.

EURITAR: -solutely not!  I will not let you—

His mic cuts out again.

OVERMASTER:  Fine.  (Overmaster presses a button on his ship’s console.) Admiral’s prepare to fire.

Suddenly, Euritar’s mic kicks back in.

EURITAR:  Fine!  What choice do I have?  You can control the rest of the evening.

Overmaster smiles.

OVERMASTER:  I thought so.  Havoc, you will now defend your INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP against…TURMOIL!

A beam of light appears in the middle of the ring and Turmoil and Leveler appear in the ring.  Havoc looks surprised, but is ready to defend his championship!

Havoc d. Turmoil via DQ when Turmoil hits TABLE BREAKER – ** – After the bell, Turmoil refuses to stop brawling!

Suddenly, two more beams of light appear and two, completely new Gladiators appear and they have the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS with them!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS hit the ring and begin brawling with the newcomers!


Euritar has been brought a microphone on a secure line.

EURITAR: No!  I don’t mind you making the matches, but you cannot just declare your men champions!  Rush and Turmoil were the champions, but these new guys aren’t Rush & Turmoil, therefore they are not the champions.  Even Aethran’s have to agree that you need to EARN the championships.

Overmaster thinks about this for a moment and then agrees.

OVERMASTER:  Fist, Probation, surrender the titles to the officials and prepare to fight the Ultimate Fighters.  And win!

Fist and Probation nod and are ready for the match to begin!

GLADIATORS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS when Probation pins Shoot after a double team brain buster – *** – A dominating victory for the new GLADIATOR team!  Probation and Fist stand down at ringside with Turmoil when suddenly a beam of light appears and in the middle of it is Swarm!  The crowd is hushed into silence!  He looks beaten and can barely stand.  He is still in his yellow and black bathrobe, what he was wearing when he was abducted!  A second beam of light and Overmaster appears.  He has a mic.

OVERMASTER:  Swarm will defend the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against me…now!

The ref rchecks on Swarm who looks barely able to compete, but Swarm tells the ref to ring the bell.

Suddenly the rest of The SUPERIOR ANI-MEN™ hit the ring, Prime Colonizer, Lope and Magnus.  Swarm waves them off and again tells the ref to ring the bell!

Aethran Overmaster d. Swarm via pinfall with DOMINANCE to become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION – *** – Swarm put up a decent fight and even locked in the WASP TRAP but Overmaster completely dominated.

Overmaster throws Swarm out of the ring like trash and Turmoil and the GLADIATORS join him!

Mandrill, Lope and Magnus look down at Swarm and shrug and leave him lying in a pile on the arena floor.

It’s 2131…and the GLADIATORS OF AETHRA have made a statement!

They stand tall in the ring as we…