2131 Roster Updates

While the galaxy has been enthralled with the abduction of Swarm, people often forget that life does go on and the GWF is preparing for a new year.  Here are some updates to some of the comings and goings in the GWF for 2131.

Cage Death Betrayer – On January 1st, before news broke of the incident at The Hive,  Nitro caught Cage Death Betrayer coming out of GWF headquarters on Deimos.  Nitro asked him if he was at HQ to start proceedings for his return.  When Betrayer began to answer, Nitro asked if he could record his reply as an exclusive interview.

NITRO:  So, you just told me you are done with the GWF.

BETRAYER:  That is correct.  You know, the whole thing with Dark Menace and whomever the Death Masque Betrayer was just wore me out.  I was getting O’ so bored with it.  You know, just tired of all the stupid drama, the hypocrisy, the people who could dish it out but then get butt-hurt when you made a joke about them.  Grown men acting like children.  So, I’ve decided to go my own way, do my own thing.  No need to hang around here and deal with the fragile attitudes.  These past few months, away from the GWF have been absolutely amazing.  I’m going to leave the petty quibbles to the ‘professionals’.

NITRO:  Is the door open for a possible return?

BETRAYER:  Yes, the GWF and I are parting on good terms and, this is the wrestling business, so you never say never.  For right now, though, I’m pleased as punch to be away and a lot of things would have to change to get me to come back.

NITRO:  What about your fans who enjoy watching your matches?

BETRAYER:  I’m not a hard man to find.  If they want to catch up with me, they know how to do it.

Nitro thanked Betrayer and Betrayer walked out to a brand new cruiser and took off.  It will be interesting to see if Death Masque Betrayer shows up in 2131.

Payback – Though they had been separated for about a year, Payback has taken the events of The Hive attack hard.  He has decided to retire from wrestling.  Lord Nexus went on record saying, “With all of Payback’s injuries and broken bones over the years, it was a broken heart that finally did him in.”

Wiggy – Wiggy is beside herself!  With Betrayer leaving, Plethador rejoining the Ani-Men and the announcement that Endgame is retiring, Wiggy’s stable of wrestlers, Wiggy’s Warriors, is empty.  Word has it that she made overtures to Bex to manage him and he laughed in her face.  She remains undeterred, however, saying, “I have a lot a friends in the GWFZ, I’ll find a new team, make no mistake about it!”  Wiggy continues to produce her podcast, which is the most downloaded thing on the InFiNet and she still the most popular member of the GWF roster.