CARD 2129.249 – BETRAYAL 2129

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena

The arena is packed and the fans are ready to go.  After the IMMORTALS big flop in the CIVIL WAR tournament, there seems to be even less Black clothing in the crowd than before.  Tonight is an 8 Man, single elimination, tournament to determine the number one contender to the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by Nosfera.  However, Commissioner Euritar came out to remind everyone that all the matches tonight will be fought under TITAN DEATH RULES and then dropped a huge bombshell!  Endgame had withdrawn from the BETRAYAL tournament in order to have a GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP match with current champion Nosfera TONIGHT!  The crowd loves getting an unexpected title match but there are the mixed reactions to the mere mention of Endgame’s name.  Euritar informed us the title match will take place before the tournament finals and then we were ready to go!


Monolith d. Tricks via pinfall after the Monolithic Slam – *1/2 – Monolith toys with Tricks before destroying him to advance to the next round.

Harbinger d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall with REST IN PIECES – ***1/2 – Great match between these two.  Hector tried every trick in the book, but Harbinger put him away.

Paralyze d. Tauran via pinfall after PERMANENTLY PARALYZED – **1/2 – Paralyze dominated this encounter.  Easily removing Tauran from the tournament.

Next, End of Days lumbered to the ring.  It almost seemed, at times, that Abroz was heaping him walk.  He climbed into the ring and seemed the weakest we’ve ever seen him.  In the end though, End of Days d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall with TRAJECTORY OF DOOM – **1/2 – Wow.  A true testament to the power of End of Days.  Even in his most weakened state, he still manhandled Aethran Overmaster!  After the match though, End of Days looked like he had had it.  Abroz really had to help him to the back.


In the opening match of the Semi-FInals, Harbinger d. Monolith via pinfall with ASTRAL WARRIOR – ** – Harbinger scores a huge win over his POWER FORCE teammate!  Monolith is unhappy.  After the match it looked as if Monolith was going to attack Harbinger, but he simply extended a hand, shook it, then walked away.

Out next was Paralyze to face End of Days.  Paralyze was charged up, ready to extract some revenge for what End of Days had done to Aethran Overmaster earlier in the night.  Paralyze d. End of Days via pinfall with PERMANENTLY PARALYZED – * – The former GALAXIAN CHAMPION makes his way to the finals!  End of Days, however, was off to the medics.  He initially waved them off, but soon he collapsed and they tended to him.  Abroz looked distraught.

Next up was the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH between current champion Nosfera and challenger, Endgame.  Endgame d. Nosfera via submission via the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR to become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION – ***** –  A brutal, bloody match but Endgame gets the wins when he finally wrangles Nosfera’s legs into the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR.  Endgame is now the GALAXIAN CHAMPION.  He holds the belt aloft and begins yelling at the fans, who are split in their like and dislike of the results.  “You didn’t listen to me!  For years, you booed me!  Maybe you’ll listen now!”

After Endgame left the ringside area, it was time for our main event!


Harbinger versus Paralyze.  One will go on to face Endgame at BIG BANG.  Before the match, Endgame appeared in a luxury box, looking down at the competitors below.  Harbinger d. Paralyze via pinfall with ASTRAL WARRIOR – ** – In a huge win that frustrated the GLADIATOR camp for sure, Harbinger gets the victory.  He stood middle of the ring staring up at Endgame who stood and stared back as we…