CARD 2129.248 – CIVIL WAR 2129

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The final three events of 2129 are here and the kick of with CIVIL WAR!  The 8 team, single elimination tournament that determines the number 1 contenders to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!  This tournament has occurred every years since the GWF began in 2074 and, along with BETRAYAL and BIG BANG, is one of the most anticipated events of the year!  Euritar has rules that all the matches tonight would be fought under TITAN DEATH RULES to ensure clear winners.

In a sign of the changes going on throughout the galaxy, it appears as if there are smaller numbers of Black Death fan in attendance.  They still out number the other fans, almost two to one, but the crowd is not a sea of black any more.  There are spots of colors returning.  Euritar has hired extra security to ensure that the non-Black Death fans are left alone by the rabid Black Death fans.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. MEAN STREETS via submission when Shoot locks Patch in TAPPED OUT – *1/2 – After the bell, Skiver, began brawling with Clinch and when Shoot went to help him, Patch attacked him!  Officials soon broke it up but there is still no love lost here.

IMMORTALS hit the ring for their opening round match against RECONCILIATION when Swarm appeared with Commissioner Euritar.  It was announced that Mantis had fallen sick and would be unable to compete.  Therefore, IMMORTALS receive a BYE to the semi-finals.  Swarm grabbed the mic and said it was Black Death’s fault that Mantis was sick and he would have his revenge.  IMMORTALS just laughed it off and waved to their fans as they went back to the locker room.

Next out, thanks to the seeding were two Black Death teams who had to face each other.  BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION and BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND.  All four men were keeping a watchful on on Dark Menace who proved at THE RECKONING that he’d interfere to help either team!  BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND when Alpha Female hit Balaal with SLAVE NO MORE – **** – Havoc and Alpha Female had come to the ring saying nothing and after the match they stood triumphant in the ring.  Dark Menace ran to them to raise their hands but they both shook him off and walked away from him.  They left him stating with Balaal and Coven Black.  They were scratching their heads.

GAMEMASTERS d. FEDERATION DEFENSE WATCHMEN via submission when Thantos (II) locks the MASTERLOCK on PSI – **1/2 – GAMEMASTERS advance and looked great here.


The IMMORTALS made their way to the ring for their first match of CIVAL WAR and their opponents were the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS who attacked the Black Death favorites full tilt .  ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. IMMORTALS via submission when Shoot looked Sur in TAPPED OUT – ** – The crowd was insane after the ending.  When Sur tapped out there was a near riot.  As a sign that the Black Death’s hold on the galaxy may be swaying, some Black Death fans started turning their anger towards the IMMORTALS.  They were shouting things like, “You promised us gold!”  Needless to say, IMMORTALS beat a hasty retreat.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. GAMEMASTERS via pinfall when Alpha Female hit Thantos (II) with DIRE STRAPH – * – Havoc and Alpha Female tore through GAMEMASTERS in record time, continuing their charge to becoming number one contenders.  Dark Menace joined the team at ringside, but they, seemingly wanted nothing to do with them.

Before the final match, Nitro asked them if they had left Black Death.  Havoc didn’t want to talk but simply said, “We want Rush and Turmoil.”


BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall when Alpha Female hit Shoot with DIRE STRAPH – * – Havoc and Alpha Female do it!  They are the new number one contenders to the GLAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP held by RUSH AND TURMOIL.  That match will co-headline BIG BANG!

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION stand triumphantly in the ring.  The crowd cheering.  Dark Menace cowers at ringside, unsure of if this team is still his or if they have moved on.  This is what we see as we…