CARD 2129.247 – INVASION

From Bastnagelia Theatre, Bastnagelia

The show started with Overtime coming out and demanding an INTERPLANETARY title shot!  He kept talking about his brand of ‘truth’ and the truth is he is far superior to any athlete in the GWF and deserves to have a shot.  Euritar came out and said that while he didn’t agree with Overtime’s ‘truth’ he did agree to give him a shot tonight!

Tauran d. End of Days via pinfall after a TOP ROPE EXPLODER SLAM – ****1/2 – Tauran with a huge win here.  End of Days did not look good at all.  After the match Tauran said he was glad to be doing his part to rid the universe of Black Death.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. BLACK DEATH DANGER via pin when Shoot hit a roll up on The Betrayer – **1/2 – After the match, Dark Menace was screaming at The Betrayer to finally sign the Black Death code of conduct.  Betrayer refused as he limped back to the locker room.  Dark Menace was furious.

Harbinger d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall with REST IN PIECES – ***1/2 – Good back and forth with Harbinger picking up the win.

In a rematch from BATTLEZONE, Endgame d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith took the action outside the ring and refused to bring it back in – DUD – The two brawled all around the ring area until official broke it up.

In a one sided BARBED WIRE COSMIC CAGE MATCH, Tricks d. Payback after escaping after hitting FACE OF TERROR – **1/2 – This match was all Tricks and he didn’t even use the barbed wire as much as one would expect.  Payback looked hurt and was taken from the ring on a stretcher.  Lord Nexus was quoted later saying that it looked like he’d be out for 5 cards.

RECONCILIATION d. GAMEMASTERS when Swarm locked Thantos (II) in the WASP TRAP – ***1/2 – Thantos (II) was furious as several times he tried to tag out and Star Warrior (II) was trying to help Nova get something out of her eye.

In an INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, Overtime d. Zygon by DQ when Zygon got himself purposefully DQ’d by using a chair to clobber Overtime – **** – Overtime was winning soundly here before Zygon got himself DQ’d to retain the belt.

Zygon and Dark Menace retreating to the back is the image we see as we…