From Mimas Spectrum, Saturn

Backstage we see Dark Menace with the Black Death team.  He tells them he’s tired of all the in-fighting and bickering and that he wants them to focus on winning.  To than end, he has conduct contracts he wants them all to sign.  He says these outline how a member of the Black Death team should act and that everyone in Black Death needs to sign one.  Betrayer raises his hand and asks if Sur has to sign one.  Dark Menace says everyone has to.  Again Betrayer presses him, even Sur and Bex and Ghena and End of Days?  Dark Menace starts getting nervous and again says that everyone has to sign one.  The rest of the Black Death team eagerly signs their papers.  The Betrayer says he’ll hold out for now.  Dark Menace is not happy about this.

Mistress of Darkness d. Nova via DQ when Star Warrior (II) storms the ring to break up a pin attempt – *

In a rematch, Nosfera d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinball after DEMON’S BREATH – ***1/2

BLACH DEATH REVOLUTION d. GAMEMASTERS via submission when Alpha Female locks a scorpion death lock on Thantos (II) – ** – After the match, Star Warrior (II) and Nova were visibly giggling at Thantos (II) who they teased, “tapped out to a girl.”

Ghena d. The Guardian via pinfall with the GATES OF HELL – **1/2 – Ghena made short work of Guardian beating him soundly.

Overtime was out next for his match against Bex as ordered by Euritar.  Overtime told Lord Nexus to stay in the back because he didn’t need any help.  He should have brought Lord Nexus with him because Bex d. Overtime via submission  with GROUND ZERO – *1/2 – After the match, Bex kept Overtime locked in GROUND ZERO far after the bell.  Eventually, officials had to come pull him off.  Overtime looked in a bad way after the match.  As Bex left ringside, Nitro asked him if, as number one contender to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP, he would be going after Plethador.  Bex said that Plethador would be nothing more than a speck when he was done with him.  (Overtime is injured and will be out for 6 cards.)

In a feud match, BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND d. TITAN SAMURAI when Balaal pinned Giant Azuma after a Venom Spit. – SQUASH – After the match, Coven Black held Kenzi at bay while Balaal used his tail to squeeze Giant Azuma.  Again, officials were called to ringside to stop the attack and when all was said and done, Giant Azuma needed a stretcher out of the ringside area.  (Giant Azuma is injured for 5 cards.)

In the Main Even, Paganax and Monolith d. Aethran Overmaster and Paralyze via submission when Paganax made Paralyze tap out with BOW TO THE HEATHEN CHIEF – * – When the ref went to go raise the winner’s arms, Monolith just left the ring.  He looked frustrated that Paganax had gotten the win.  Paganax shrugged it off and stood tall as we…


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