CARD 2129.232 – INVASION

From Red Ice Arena, Mars

Shayne appeared and challenged Endgame to a match on the spot.  Endgame appeared with Abroz and Abroz said that Shayne just can’t demand matches.  Endgame took the mic and said if he wanted a match, he would get it if he could beat Abroz.  Endgame shoved a panicked Abroz into the ring and we had our opener!

Shayne d. Abroz with SHOWDOWN – **1/2 – Looks like Shayne vs. Endgame will happen soon!

Dark Menace came out with BLACK DEATH DANGER and said that tonight, the GWF would witness a reboot of the entire Black Death Team.  Ensor and The Betrayer started arguing with him thinking they were going to be replaced.  He assured them that he had just misspoken and he simply meant a refocusing in order to win more matches.

FDF WATCHMEN d. BLACK DEATH DANGER via pin when PSI used MIND OVER MATTER on Ensor – **1/2 – Dark Menace was upset at the loss and said maybe he should start thinking of a reboot!

Mistress of Darkness d. Taichi via pinfall after COMPANION CONTROL – *1/2 – Mistress gives the new Titan her first loss.  After the match, Mistress of Darkness, Coven Black and Balaal began to advance on the fallen Taichi and Lord Nexus when TITAN SAMURAI ran to make the save.  A wild brawl erupted and it took many officials to break it up.

Tauran d. Tricks via pinfall with the VICTORY STAR DROP – SQUASH – Tauran made short work of Tricks.

Overtime came out and demanded that Euritar come out and grant him a title match against Plethador.  He said that Euritar should be ashamed that Plethador one the belt under false pretenses, disguised as someone else.  Euritar said it Overtime wanted a shot, he’d have to beat the current number one contender.  And that is Bex!  Overtime was furious!

TITAN SAMURAI d. RUSH & TURMOIL via DQ when Turmoil wouldn’t leave the ring while attempting to break up a pinfall – * – After the bell, BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND charged the ring and began brawling with TITAN SAMURAI.  The GLADIATORS slunk away as officials had to, once again, break things up.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Nosfera via DQ when the ref caught the demon using DEMON’S BREATH – DUD – The DQ came only seconds into the match.

End of Days d. Monolith with UNLIMITED POWER outside the ring – **1/2 – End of Days gets the win, but he looked considerably weaker after the match and Abroz had to help him to the back.  It was this image we saw as we…


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