From Northern Cross Auditorium, Cygnus

Overtime came out and started berating Plethador.  He told him he never liked him and he doesn’t know wrestling at all.  He made sly innuendo about the amphibian being gay.  Plethador appeared and challenged Overtime to a match on the spot.  Non-title of course.

Overtime d. Plethador via pinball with OVERTIME RULES – *** –
After the match, Overtime was demanding a title shot for Plethador’s INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  Plethador said he’d have to take it up with Euritar.

Scorn d. Nova with BURNING SCORN – *1/2 – Nova has failed to impress thus far

MEAN STREETS d. BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND via DQ when Patch took the action outside and refused to stop brawling – DUD

Payback d. Splatter with EXVENGE – SQUASH – Splatter is still winless in the GWF.  Most thought this would be a bloody brawl, but it wasn’t.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. GAMEMASTERS via DQ when Star Warrior refused to stop brawling with Alpha Female outside the ring – **

AETHRAN OVERMASTR d. PAGANAX via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – SQUASH – Overmaster and Leveler made as if they were going to attack the just returned from injury Paganax after the bell, but Monolith came to the ring and a wild brawl erupted!  Euritar came out and made Monolith & Paganax vs. Overmaster & Paralyze for two cards from now!

IMMORTALS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via submission when Bex lock Clinch in Ground Zero – *1/2 – This one was quick.  The ULTIMATE FIGHTERS got in very little offense.  This now puts IMMORTALS in line for a title shot a RETRIBUTION!

The IMMORTALS celebrate to the cheers of the BLACK DEATH crowd as we…


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