CARD 2129.227 – INVASION

Warrior Village Coliseum, Aethra

For a change the crowd is not a see of BLACK DEATH fans!  Here on the GLADIATORS’ home planet, the fans are militant in their love for the GLADIATORS!

Scorn d. Mistress of Darkness with BURNING SCORN – *1/2 – During the match, while the ref was otherwise occupied, COVEN BLACK bit SCORN with BITE OF THE VAMPIRE but the effects didn’t take hold! PAGANAX charged the ring and ran COVEN BLACK off allowing the match to continue.

Aethran Overmaster d. Tauran with the Overmaster Overheard Toss – ****1/2 – TAURAN put up a heck of a fight, frustrating OVERMASTER several times, but eventually the raw power of the OVERMASTER took over. After the match he put PAGANAX on notice. The Heathan Chief is his next target. He decided to stay at ringside for the next match. This brought PAGANAX out as well.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN when Rush hit HelSin with THE TEMPEST – DUD – Only seconds into the match, RUSH caught HelSin with his signature move and put him away! After the bell, this lead to a big FDF/GLADIATOR brawl that took several security guards to break up. EURITAR storms to ringside and makes a match on the spot! It’s OVERMASTER, RUSH & TURMOIL vs. Paganax, HelSin and PSI right NOW!

RUSH & TURMOIL and Aethran Overmaster d. FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN and Paganax when Turmoil hit HelSin with CHAOS IN THE CROWD – ***1/2 – The GLADIATORS get the victory here! The big news is that PAGANAX and OVERMASTER went toe to toe and OVERMASTER ran circles around the Heathan Chief. After the match, PAGANAX was furious and vowed revenge! The GLADIATORS taunted the FDF from the ring. Conspicuous by his absence during all this was GALAXIAN CHAMPION PARALYZE.

End of Days d. Monolith with the BEHEMOTH SPEAR – **
– This was a trouncing. MONOLITH got in no offense whatsoever. As ABROZ and END OF DAYS celebrated in the ring, MONOLITH recovered and attacked the both of them from behind. ABROZ went tumbling out of the ring. MONOLITH grabbed the stunned END OF DAYS in I BREAK YOU and refused to release the hold! GUARDIAN pleaded with him to release it, fearing suspension, but MONOLITH refused! He only let go when BEX, SUR and GHENA charged the ring. He then began yelling at them to bring him ENDGAME. T hey ignored him as they collected the, obviously injured, END OF DAYS and left.

Ghena & Shayne battle to a wild DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – ** – From the opening bell to the ref’s decision to call the match, this one was a brawl. After the bell, the two continued to brawl, THE GUARDIAN and ABROZ finally able to break them apart. The two seethed at each other while being held back. An auspicious debut for SHAYNE. This is the start of something big.

UltraMantis Black d. Overtime with a FLYING MANTIS BOMB – ****1/2
– This match was ordered by EURITAR to decide who would advance in the tournament for the vacant INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. OVERTIME hit the ring jeering at the fans, saying they should recognize the truth that he is the smartest man when it comes to knowledge of ‘real’ wrestling. He put in some good offense against ULTRAMANTIS BLACK but BLACK was simply to quick and eventually got the upper hand. After the match, ULTRAMANTIS extended a hand, but OVERTIME slapped it away and stomred out of the ring in a huff. LORD NEXUS looked displeased and shook BLACK’S hand and wished him well.

Patch & Skiver d. Endgame when Patch hits Walk The Walk – ***1/2
– There was a near riot at the loss by ENDGAME. ABROZ was beside himself! ENDGAME just hit the ring with too much rage, too much fury and PATCH took advantage and found a spot to hit a big move and get the win. PATCH and SKIVER bolted form the ring as the bell rang and an enraged ENDGAME began tearing the ring apart.

A phalanx of security charged the ring trying to get ENDGAME under control! He began throwing them left and right and it’s this image we see as we…