From IO Coliseum, Jupiter

The fans are rabid for the first card of the year!  They have sold out the arena for the chance to see, live, the latest developments with Endgame.  The crowd is a sea of black clothing signifying the fans of Black Death.  They begin a chant for Endgame, but the first one in front of the crowd is OVERTIME!

OVERTIME shrugs off the boos and says he’s here to lay some truth down on the crowd.  He starts berating them, saying how much more of a fan of the sport of pro wrestling he is than anyone out there in the seats.  And not just the GWF.  He says he can name everyone on the roster of every zone of the GWFZ.  He then says that wrestling in the Z was the best times of his life.  The crowd starts chanting for him to go back to the Z.  He says he’ll stay here because the paycheck’s better.  But he admires that the Z doesn’t have to put up with ‘outside forces trying to take over.’  It’s all about the wrestling.  He then says he’s had a desire recently to up his game so he’s convinced a Legend to return and manage him and the Titans.  He introduces LORD NEXU, who comes out to boos because he’s not affiliated with Black Death.  OVERTIME then says he that Titan has a long history of producing winning wrestlers.  He then says there’s one section of Titan that produces the very best wrestlers in the world.  Wrestlers none of the gathered crowd would recognize because they are too narrow minded in their fandom.  That region of Titan is called Nippon and NEXUS has brought in two of the very best from Nippon, a new tag team…TITAN SAMURI!

TITAN SAMURI make their way to the ring when they are interrupted by THE GAMEMASTERS who chide them and challenge them to a match on the spot!  They head to the ring and the bell rings.

TITAN SAMURI d. THE GAMEMASTERS via submission when Kenji locks Star Warrior (II) in an ankle lock – *** – A great debut by the team from Nippon!  THANTOS (II) was furious after that match saying STAR WARRIOR should have held on longer and tried to make the tag.  STAR WARRIOR (II) said he couldn’t chance having his ankle broken as it’d ruin his surfing.

After the match, OVERTIME was jeering at the crowd saying that a TITAN revolution was upon them and they’d better get ready.  Suddenly, EURITAR appeared and announced an eight man tournament for the vacant INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  OVERTIME was a miffed at being interrupted until EURITAR informed him that he’d be in the opening match in the tournament against a newcomer(?)…SPLATTER!

Overtime d. Splatter via DQ when Splatter began clubbing Overtime about the head with Arsenal – DUD – This one was over fast, but the crowd actually cheered SPLATTER as he beat OVERTIME with his club.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. WARRIOR’S BORN via pinball after Clinch KO’s Tharkas with ULTIMATE COMBO KO – ***1/2 – The feud between WARRIOR’S BORN and ULTIMATE FIGHTERS just intensifies here!  THARKAS and THRAXX complained loudly that the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS spent too much time out of the ring.  The ref informed them that that was legal in a TITAN DEATH MATCH!  WARRIOR’S BORN were livid and promised revenge!

UltraMantis Black d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks hit UltraMantis with a chair – DUD
– Another DQ in the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  EURITAR, watching backstage did not look happy.  TRICKS seemed wilder than before.  UltraMantis Black nursed his ever present water bottle after the match.

THE IMMORTALS made their way to ringside.  The crowd was on their feet as, finally, BLACK DEATH was here.  SUR told the crowd that it they had a rough night at BIG BANG, losing the GALAXIAN TAG CHAMPIONSHIPS and BEX losing the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. But it’s a new year and they want to start it right and show their dominance!  So they issued an open challenge to any tag team.  After a minute, MEAN STREETS arrived and THE IMMORTALS laughed loudly.

MEAN STREETS d. THE IMMORTALS via submission when Patch made Sur submit to a TORTURE RACK – *** – The crowd was livid when the bell rang.  Suddenly ENDGAME appeared and flattened both PATCH and SKIVER as punishment for disgracing BLACK DEATH!  He then challenged them to a handicap match!

Paganax d. Cage Death Betrayer via submission with a cobra clutch – **1/2
– PAGANAX was strong and dominant here.  EURTAR was grateful that a match ended cleanly.

Payback d. The Guardian via 
count out after a piledriver to the floor – * – Before the match, LORD NEXUS and DIALECTUS shook hands before the match and both decided to leave and let their charges wrestle in the spirit of FairPlay.  PAYBACK wasn’t having it and hit several of his ‘extreme’ moves.  A horrible debut for THE GUARDIAN in his physical form.  The crowd actually cheered PAYBACK at the end because THE GUARDIAN is such an enemy of BLACK DEATH.  PAYBACK ignored the cheers and left the ring area.