CARD 2128.225 – BIG BANG 54

From Deimos Intergallactic Arena, Deimos

A sold out crowd packs the GWF’s home base but unlike in years past, this crowd is here solely for the stars of BLACK DEATH!  A sea of black clothing in all shapes and sizes!  Out first is SWARM and MANTIS to a thunderous round of boos.  Neither looks like they care.  They stare directly at the ring, ignoring all the catcalls from the crowd.  They both wear shirts that read “We’re here to wrestle.”  They get in the ring and await the Champions.  SUR and BEX enter to the loudest cheer the Deimos arena has ever heard.  The two IMMORTALS soak in the adulation, proudly displaying the championships over their shoulders.  They step in the ring ready to defend.

RECONCILIATION d. IMMORTALS when Swarm makes Sur tap to the WASP TRAP – **1/4 – And the pro-Black Death crowd is livid!  SWARM and MANTIS did exactly what they said they were going to do and win the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS.  SWARM and MANTIS take the belts and strap them around their waists.  SWARM looks at SUR, still on the mat holding his leg, and says…

SWARM:  These are going around our waists.  Where they are meant to be worn.

Without a further word, SWARM and MANTIS leave.  Not celebrating, just walking confidently.

Tauran d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall with the VICTORY STAR DROP – SQUASH – Nice win here for TAURAN making short work of HECTOR.

TRICKS & NOSFERA d. MEAN STREETS when Nosfera pins Skiver after hitting him with THE DEMON’S BREATH – * – Big news here was that OMEN accompanied NOSFERA to ringside! The Demon was even wilder than normal, many speculate it is because of theguidence of his former manager.

Paganax d. Nitro via pinfall with PAGAN VOID – **1/2 – Despite some early offense and two pin attempts, NITRO was quick to fall to the power of the Pagan Chief.  After the match, as PAGANAX left, NITRO looked despondent in the ring.  He got up and slowly walked out.

BLACK DEATH DANGER d. FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS WATCHMEN via pinfall when The Betrayer hit HelSin with NO ESCAPE – SQUASH – CAGE DEATH BETRAYER showed up and was a wildman who was out of control! He surprised HELSIN with his viciousness and picked up the win. ENSOR didn’t even tag in.

Harbinger d. Coven Black via pinfall after ASTRAL WARRIOR – ***1/2 – A decisive victory for HARBINGER here. COVEN BLACK kicked out of pin attempt after pin attempt, but eventually succumed.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. WARRIORS BORN by DQ when Tharkas hit Shoot with a chair – * – A decent match that broke out into a wild free for all when THRAXX tried to break up a pinfall! This has the makings of a great feud. After the match THARKAS got the mic and declared war on the boring humans known as the ultimate fighters! He promised swift revenge!

Aethran Overmaster d. Monolith via DQ when The Guardian storms the ring and hits Overmaster with a TACKLE OFF ROPES – DUD – At ringside, GUARDIAN seemed agitated form the moment the bell rang. OVERMASTER took control early on and the more moves he used against MONOLITH, the more GUARDIAN became agitated. Finally he stormed the ring and got MONOLITH disqualified. MONOLITH was furious after the match. GUARDIAN tried to explain, saying he had received signals that a major shift has occurred in the war against BLACK DEATH. Monolith would have none of it and just walked away.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. PAYBACK TIME when Rush pins Overtime after a Springboard Decapitator – ** – The GLADIATORS just ran over OVERTIME like steamrollers. They never let him anywhere near his corner to tag. All PAYBACK could do was stand in the corner impotent as they tore OVERTIME apart.

Endgame d. UltraMantis BLack via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – ** – It took two ULTIMA LEAPS before ULTRAMANTIS BLACK would submit to the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. After the match, ENDGAME refused to let go of the hold. THE GUARDIAN and GWF OFFICIALS stormed the ring to try and get him to release the hold. When they finally did, ENDGAME went berzerk and started throwing OFFICIALS out of the ring. FInally it was just THE GUARDIAN and ENDGAME. THE GUARDIAN put out his hands, telling his friend to calm down and ENDGAME decked him! The crowd didn’t know what to think. Endgame then hit the ULTIMA LEAP on THE GUARDIAN and left the ring! HUGE!

She-Devil d. Rotunda via pinfall with EYES OF THE DEVIL – ***1/2 – A strong win here as SHE-DEVIL finishes 2128 as champion.

Paralyze d. Bex via pinfall after PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – ** – PARALYZE does it! He just wipes the mat with BEX to become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION! After the bell, the ref hands him both the GALAXIAN and the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIPS and he begins holding them aloft. He looks down at BEX lying on the mat and then turns and motions to the back! Suddenly RUSH and TURMOIL run to the ring! They pick BEX up and hit him with CHAOS IN THE CROWD! The crowd is livid.

A quick camera cut to the BLACK DEATH LUXURY BOX shows SUR standing and watching. A smirk on his face. He then turns to ABROZ and nods. ABROZ whispers some words into a communicator and we cut back to ringside.

RUSH and TURMOIL are now holding BEX up so that PARALYZE can deliver another PERMENANTLY PARALYZE! SUddenly ENDGAME comes bursting out of the back. The GLADIATORS are confused as to what he’s doing there, but they soon find out! ENDGAME starts leveling GLADIATORS. They are so shocked they bail out of the ring! ENDGAME stands over BEX and then…bends down and helps him up!

The CROWD has no idea what to do. BEX stands on groggy feet and looks over at ENDGAME. Then he looks up towards SUR in the luxury box. SUR nods. BEX nods and looks back at ENDGAME and suddenly a transporter beam appears next to BEX and when the beam faded there was a skull staff in the ring. BEX grabbed it and then…handed it to ENDGAME!

The CROWD went nuts! The man they have hated for so long is now a member of BLACK DEATH! BEX walks to congratulate ENDGAME but has to take a knee, grabbing his leg. He is injured but no one has noticed! All eyes are on ENDGAME who ends 2128 as the newest member of BLACK DEATH!

The CROWD is cheering, “ENDGAME! ENDGAME!” as we…