From Polaris Interstellar Stadium, Ursa Minor

The show began with the first appearance of the year of the DARK MENACE.  NITRO ran up and asked if he had thoughts about the people seemingly being hurt by BLACK DEATH.  DARK MENACE laughed, saying he doesn’t care about people getting hurt.  He only cares about his dominance in the Galaxy and he will get it anyway he can.  NITRO asked about the recent rumors that he would run for UFSP President.  DARK MENACE winked and said he had no comment.  He then stated that while THREE or so people in the GWF seemingly couldn’t get the job done, he’s instilled in his charges a plan to take all the gold in the GWF and it starts now!  He then motioned to the back and ZYGON came through the curtain ready to do battle.

Harbinger d. Zygon with REST IN PIECES – * – HARBINGER had ZYGON’S number and chased in quickly! DARK MENACE was furious! He ranted and raved and threw his cane and sunglasses down! He started berating ZYGON for embarrassing him first thing! ZYGON just shrugged and walked away.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. TITAN SAMURAI when Havoc out Kenji away with COSMIC NIGHTMARE – *1/2 – DARK MENACE was much happier here with this outcome.  Good match that saw ALPHA FEMALE start against GIANT AZUMA.  LORD NEXUS kept a close eye on DARK MENACE but the dark one made no move to interfere.

Cage Death Betrayer d. Splatter with NO ESCAPE – ** – BETRAYER ran right over SPLATTER and after mocked the newcomer saying he was a shadow of the legend he’s trying to impersonate.  DARK MENACE was again very pleased at this result.  He bid the crowd farewell for the evening but promised to leak some juicy tidbits on his InfiNet feed about the possibility of a political run.

Aethran Overmaster d. Paganax with Ballistic Headbutts – ***** – This was a wild bloody brawl.  Both men were busted wide open by the end.  OVERMASTER go the win but it was not without interference by THE LEVELER!  After the match, GALAXIAN CHAMPION PARALYZE stormed the ring and while OVERMASTER held PAGANAX, delivered PERMANENTLY PARALYZED to him, twice!  The GLADIATORS laughed as PAGANAX was stretchered away from ringside by Reglan and Flagyl.

Tauran d. Payback with VICTORY STAR DROP – SQUASH – This match was ordered by EURITAR as PAYBACK won the last IP Qualifier by count out and he wanted decisive victories.  PAYBACK looked horrible here.  Perhaps age and wear and tear on his body is catching up to him.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. WARRIOR’S BORN when Clinch K.O.’d Tharkas after ramming his head into the cage – ***** – Another wild and bloody brawl here.  ULTIMATE FIGHTERS have definitely won this feud.  They celebrated by doing their crazy arm gestures through the crowd.

Ghena d. Shayne with BRAIN BUSTER – SQUASH – SHAYNE was a laughing stock in this match.  GHENA just toyed with him like a rag doll.  The crowd was all behind GHENA at the start and by the end, even the doubters were cheering the member of THE THREE.  As GHENA left the ring, SHAYNE got on the mic and said thanked GHENA for doing exactly when he needed him to do…unlock his fury!  He asked GHENA for one more match…a HARDCORE TITAN DEATH MATCH…at STORMFRONT.  GHENA smiled, having just beaten SHAYNE so soundly and nodded.  We have our first match for the first SUPERCARD of the year set!

The pro-BLACK DEATH crowd continued to mock and throw things at SHAYNE as we…


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