From Phaethon Pantheon, Phaethon

Wrestling fans far and wide are buzzed for tonight’s matches.  EURITAR has proclaimed that if at least a few of the Black Death Wrestlers don’t wrestle on tonight’s card, he will lay down some heavy rulings at the end of the eveing.  Ruling the Black Death team will not like.

UltraMantis Black d. Paganax via DQ when Paganax refused to stop brawling – **1/2 – The rotund UltraMantis Black looked good here and it frustrated Paganax and he got himself DQ’d by ramming UltraMantis into the ringsteps.

RECONCILIATION d. RUSH & TURMOIL when Mantis locked Turmoil in the PINCER CLAMP – ***1/4 – HUGE win here for the father son team, defeating the former champs.  As they celebrated though, suddenly members of BLACK DEATH stormed the ring.  ENSOR, ORACLE, ANIVAR, COVEN BLACK, THE BETRAYER all began beating SWARM, MANTIS and RUSH & TURMOIL!  The numbers were too great and the BLACK DEATH squad was laying down a mugging on the four men.  Suddenly EURITAR appeared with members of the GWF Locker room, ULTRAMATIS BLACK, TAURUAN, ULTIMATE FIGHTERS, PAYBACK, NITRO and more!  They stormed the ring and chased BLACK DEATH off much to the chagrin of the gathered crowd who were, obviously there to see BLACK DEATH!  EURITAR got things settled down and the matches continued.

Scorn and Deadliest battled to a DOUBLE DQ when both refused to stop brawling outside the ring – *1/2 – After the bell, suddenly ALPHA FEMALE, MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and ROTUNDA appeared and began beating both women!  SHE-DEVIL appeared and evened things out, but it took security to pull the women apart.  Second BLACK DEATH attack of the night!  They seem to have an agenda.

Tauran d. Gryt via pin with the VICTORY STAR DROP – ** – TAURAN seemed to handily dispatch of GRYT in this one.  As TAURAN was leaving, BLACK DEATH struck again!  BALAAL, BISHOP HELL (II), HAVOC and ZYGON appeared and began beating both GRYT and TAURAN.  Seconds later, EURITAR appeared again with members of the GWF locker room, including PAGANAX(!) and they ran BLACK DEATH off yet again!

PAYBACK TIME d. NOSFERA & TRICKS via DQ after Nosfera brained Payback with a chair – DUD – After the bell, OVERTIME quickly scooped up PAYBACK and brought him to the back, looking over his shoulder in case of another BLACK DEATH attack.  One never arrived.

Suddenly, SUR appeared!  The crowd went nuts to see the co-holder of the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP appear.  SUR came to the ring and grabbed a mic.

SUR:  Dear fans of BLACK DEATH…(Huge Cheers)…You already know I’m an amazing tag team wrestler.  (He rubbed the belt around his waist.)  But tonight I want to also drive home the fact that I’m an amazing singles wrestler.  So I’m issuing an open challenge here tonight.  Well, not extremely wide open.  It’s an open offer to any wrestler who’s been victorious tonight, to come out and face me.  So who’s it going to be?  Tauran?  Payback?  Overtime?  Swarm?  Your punk kid?  This rolly polly Mantis guy?  I don’t care.  Come on out, get beat.

The crowd watched the entrance and suddenly ULTRAMANTIS BLACK appeared!  He was in his ring gear and, as usual, was soaking wet.  He began making his way to the ring when suddenly SWARM appeared.  Cameras moved in close and SWARM was overheard saying, “I can’t let you do this.”  ULTRAMANTIS BLACK replied, “I got this.  I got this.” and pushed past SWARM.  SWARM shook his head, then smirked.  Several fans swear they heard him say, “Idiot.” as he returned to the locker room.

Sur d. UltraMantis Black via pinfall with a tombstone piledriver – **** – This was super close.  SUR looked worried at several points.  ULTRAMANTIS BLACK looked as if he might get the win.  SUR was able to score the pinfall though.  After SUR left the ring, ULTRAMANTIS BLACK was slow to get to his feet.  He tumbled out of the ring and crossed to the announcers table and grabbed a bottle of water and began drinking it quickly.  This seemed to perk the mysterious stranger right back up as he left the ringside area.

WARRIORS BORN d. MEAN STREETS when Thraxx hit Skiver with IMMOVABLE OBJECT – ***3/4 – A wild one here!  WARRIORS BORN were able to destroy the ‘puny humans’ and pick up the win, sealing this feud off.

After this match EURITAR appeared and announced that because of the attacks by Black Death, they will all be forced to wrestle in matches of his choosing at SURVIVAL.  If not, they would be permanently suspended.  And he added, that in those matches at SURVIVAL, they would be fighting for their very survival in the GWF!

The crowd booed him loudly, but EURITAR ignored them and returned to the back.

ABROZ came out with GALAXIAN CHAMPION END OF DAYS!  The crowd was insane as they walked to the ring.

ABROZ:  End of Days is a true fighting champion.  He didn’t have to defend his belt tonight.  He wanted to.  In fact, his exact words were, “Bring me a toy to play with.”  So I did just that.  Here comes your toy big man!

HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR appeared to the boos of those in attendance.  HECTOR seemed a little perturbed at being called a toy.

End of Days d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after the Trajectory of Doom – ***** – An amazing match that had every fan standing.  HECTOR, several times, looked as if he was going to steal the match!  Interference by ABROZ turned the tide and the champ retained.

End of Days soaked in the admiration of the crowd.  He was soon joined by THE IMMORTALS and GHENA, al three holding belts aloft.  Then, one by one, the members of the BLACK DEATH team appeared and began surrounding the ring.  When all was assembled they began, rhythmically pounding on the edges of the ring.  The entire arena joining them by clapping and stomping.  It was an eerie spectacle to behold to those watching around the galaxy.  The pounding didn’t get faster, just louder with each beat.  Louder.  Louder.  Louder.  Reaching almost deafening levels.

Then, suddenly, they stopped.  The champions in the ring, the wrestlers around it and the entire crowd just froze.  Standing stock still.  There wasn’t a sound anywhere.