CARD 2128.218 – INVASION

From the Triton Pavilion, Neptune

Euritar is enraged as, once again, The Dark Menace informs him that the BLACK DEATH wrestlers, other than those already scheduled in the main event, will not be competing tonight.  There’s an ominous air in the arena tonight as even though they aren’t competing, all the BLACK DEATH wrestlers are present.  After the attacks on the last card, wrestlers are demanding action.  Euritar informs the more vocal of the group, mainly POWER FORCE, that he has one more card before he will have the option of firing wrestlers who refuse to compete.  An action he looks forward to acting on.  In the meantime, security has been beefed up around ringside.

She-Devil destroys Deadliest with EYES OF THE TEMPTRESS in record time – SQUASH

Harbinger defeated Gryt with REST IN PIECES – ***** – An amazing match here!  During the bout, BLACK DEATH wrestlers surrounded the ring, antagonizing both men.  Security did their best to keep them out of the ring but BALAAL slipped his tail in and tripped GRYT while the ref wasn’t looking.  HARBINGER got the win, but not the way he wanted.

MEAN STREETS d. WARRIORS BORN via DQ when Thraxx won’t stop wailing on Skiver outside the ring – * –  A huge brawl breaks out and this feud is hot!

Aethran Overmaster d. Endgame via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – ***** – So many tables broken in this one.  Both men were dripping blood by the final bell.  After the bell rang, OVERMASTER stood to have his hand raised when BLACK DEATH members stormed the ring and began pummeling both men!  Security was able to clear the ring, but both OVERMASTER and ENDGAME were stretchered out.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. PAYBACK TIME when Shoot hit Overtime with a bicep slicer – SQUASH – Overtime looked like the rookie he is in this match!  Shoot ran him over and seconds later got the win.  Payback was furious after the match and refused to even speak to Overtime!  Trouble in the Titan camp was soon forgotten when BLACK DEATH ARCANA and BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE stomed the ring and began beating on all four men!  A wild brawl broke out, that saw no clear winner.  It took security several minutes to calm things down.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Monolith via DQ when Bishop Hell (II) stormed the ring during a pin save – DUD – The ref thought Bishop Hell (II) was aiding Monolith and so awarded the match to Hector.  Monolith was FURIOUS after the match, demanding Bishop Hell (II) return to the ring, but he refused.

Euritar came out and announced that he’d had enough with the attacks.  He said that for the main event, there’d be no one allowed at ringside and if anyone interfered they’d be fired immediately!

IMMORTALS d. RUSH & TURMOIL via submission when Bex locked Rush in GROUND ZERO – ** – This one was over seconds after the bell rang!  IMMORTALS are the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  BLACK DEATH now holds three of the four titles int he GWF!  Their dominance is complete.

The crowd was going nuts cheering SUR & BEX!  GHENA and END OF DAYS came to ringside for the celebration!  Then the entire BLACK DEATH roster came to ringside as well.  The fans cheered long into the night at this one and the massive celebration was shown across the galaxy!  We see a shot of the four men holding the championships aloft as we…