From Vesta Sports Complex, Vesta Asteroid

The show started with the DARK MENACE making an appearance.  He said things were real shaky with the BLACK DEATH team in his absence, but he’s now returned from his trip to the western part of the galaxy and things will change.

In a match that started via postings on the InfiNet about who was the bigger superstar, Nitro d. Plethador with BAD VIBRATIONS – ** – After the match, Nitro used his HoloPhone to snap pictures of the crushed Plethador and then sent them out on his social media feeds.

Deadliest d. Scorn after a perfect cross body block – **

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. PAYBACK TIME via DQ when Payback smashed Clinch with a chair – DUD – The big story out of this match was that as soon as the bell rang, BLACK DEATH DANGER and BLACK DEATH ARCANA stormed the ring and began a beatdown on both PAYBACK TIME and THE ULTIMATE FIGHTERS.  The crowd was going nuts at the apparent return of the BLACK DEATH team.  The four men from BLACK DEATH stood over the lifeless bodies of the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS and PAYBACK TIME and soaked in the cheers from the crowd.  At the entranceway, the DARK MENACE appeared smiling and pointed to his temple.  The fans were loving it!

Harbinger d. Paganax with ASTRAL WARRIOR in a quick match – DUD – After the bell, Bishop HEll (II) snuck up behind Harbinger and burned him with HELLFIRE!  Then he hit the fallen Paganax with a burst as well!  Again the fans loved it and again, DARK MENACE appeared to admire his handiwork.

RECONCILIATION d. TRICKS & NOSFERA when Mantis made Nosfera tap out to the Raptorial Grasp – ** – During the match, Nosfera was about to pin Swarm when Balaal appeared and made the save, clobbering Nosfera while the ref’s back was turned.  This turned the tide of the match and RECONCILIATION was able to win.  After the match, Balaal wen to shake hands with Swarm and Mantis.  Swarm was confused thinking Mantis had reverted to Black Death, but was confused no more when Mantis began attacking Balaal!  Smiling, Swarm helped his son beat down Balaal and forced him to dump out of the ring and escape through the crowd.  Father and son hugged after the match.

Aethran Overmaster d. Endgame via DQ when BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION stormed the ring and began beating down the Gladiator when he was attempting a pin – ** – After the cobwebs cleared, Endgame attacked Havoc and Alpha Female from behind chasing them off!  Overmaster got back to his feat and then clobbered Endgame with a vicious clothesline and then left.

Paralyze d. Ghena via DQ when the entire Black Death team stormed the ring and began delivering a beat down on Paralyze – *** – After the bell, Overmaster, Rush & Turmoil charged the ring.  They were seriously outnumbered but were able to get Paralyze out of harms way.  He looked injured though.

DARK MENACE made his way to the ring to the thunderous cheers of the crowd and stated that BLACK DEATH had returned and there was no stopping them as they marched towards dominance!

The celebration was short lived when EURITAR appeared.  He stated that he called the shots in the GWF, not the Dark Menace.  He announced that at SURVIVAL, Card 2128.220, Ghena will defend the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP against PARALYZE in a cosmic cage and if Ghena loses, he is exiled for 5 cards!

The crowd hated this decision and booed loudly.  EURITAR ignored them and left.

The BLACK DEATH welcome home celebration continued anyway in the ring as we…


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