CARD #2128.204 – SUPERNOVA

From the Ganymede Stadium, Jupiter

The new year has been off to a powerful start! The fans are behind BLACK DEATH more than ever! It’s amazing to see how HARBINGER, the man who was THE most popular wrestler of 2127 has become the most hated in 2128! The fans site his arrogance at not giving credit to THE THREE for all he accomplished as the number one reason to hate him. They are frothing at the mouth to see which BLACK DEATH member will be the one to take the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP off of him!

Tonight we’ll see a bunch of rematches including THRAXX and ZYGON going one on one again. THRAXX one the first match between these two, can he win another?

GRYT has challenged END OF DAYS to make him pay for the recent beatdowns of TRICKS and NOSFERA. GRYT says he’ll be the man to make him pay! Also, since ROTUNDA has become the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION, GRYT has been trying to win her back and he’ dedicated his match tonight to her.

PATCH is taking on PARALYZE after their last encounter ended in a DQ.

After THE TITANS injured ENSOR, THE BETRAYER has vowen to take out each member of THE TITANS one by one. Tonight he gets a match with the man who injured ENSOR…NITRO!

THE THREE have made it a priority to return MANTIS to BLACK DEATH. SUR has publicly admonished SWARM for ‘brainwashing’ his own son. He produced documents showing SWARM took MANTIS to a highly controversial clinic and since then, MANTIS has been in a trance like state, blindly obeying his father’s whims. Tonight SUR is sending BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION to try and accomplish that effect.

And in the MAIN EVENT, MONOLITH is taking on GHENA of THE THREE. GHENA won the last encounter via DQ. Can MONOLITH keep his cool this time? Let’s find out!

Oracle d. Panther Warrior via pinfall after DIVINATION – ****
– PANTHER WARRIOR dominated this match from the start, then a lightning quick reversal after BALAAL appeared at ringside, lead to a pin and ORACLE getting the victory!

Nitro d. The Betrayer (Cage Death) via pinfall after a Kinetic Super Kick – SQUASH
– NITRO shocked BETRAYER here to pick up the win in this BETRAYER vs. TITANS feud.

Patch d. Paralyze via DQ when The leveler clobbers Patch while they were outside the ring – DUD
– This one did’t even get started! These two began brawling and the action spilled outside of the ring and THE LEVELER interfered.

End of Days d. Gryt via pinfall after Trajectory of Doom – ****1/2
– GRYT said he was powerful enough to take down END OF DAYS and he came very close several times! At one point he had END OF DAYS locked in the STRONGMEN STRETCH and it looked like he was close to tapping out. ABROZ got involved and the tide of the match turned and GRYT soon fell to the monster. GRYT is NOT happy about it at all!

Zygon d. Thraxx via submission with a HEAD TRI-CLAW – ***
– ZYGON picks up a win to bring his feud with THRAXX to 1-1.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. RECONCILIATION via pinfall after Alpha Female hits Swarm with SLAVE NO MORE – **
– A crushing and humiliating loss for SWARM, beaten by ALPHA FEMALE. After the match, HAVOC went to try and get MANTIS to follow him and PAYBACK came out and chased him off. The fans were very upset by this.

Ghena d. Monolith via pinfall after BRAIN BASHER – **
– Decent back and forth to start. When GHENA started hitting MONOLITH with his arm, he seemed amused and just stood there and let it happen. Suddenly one well placed flail landed on MONOLITH’S temple and the big man was out like a light! The fans went nuts!

BLACK DEATH has a huge night and the fans are jazzed for more! They just simply cannot get enough of BLACK DEATH.


– FALLOUT FROM CARD #2128.204 –

– PATCH has challenged PARALYZE to a STREET SUICIDE MATCH at STORMFRONT. He said, “Paralyze like to fight dirty outside the ring, let’s make weapons outside the ring legal and really have some fun.”

– GHENA, though ABROZ, says he’s done with MONOLITH, he’s beaten him twice and now he’s targeting AETHRAN OVERMASTER! No word from EURITAR on if this match’ll happen soon or not.

– TRICKS has issued a challenge to END OF DAYS to face him, GRYT and NOSFERA in a handicap match! No word from THE THREE if they’ll allow it or not.

– After BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION beat RECONCILIATION but were unable to break MANTIS out of the trance SWARM has him in, the IMMORTALS have challenged RECONCILIATION to a match.

– THE BETRAYER, furious over his seconds loss to NITRO has challenged him to a TURNBUCKLE SHOCK MATCH.

– EURITAR has announced that SCORN will get first crack at ROTUNDA’S WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP at STORMFRONT.

(Played 07/14/12)