In a darkened back alley we see SUR and HAVOC.

HAVOC: You sure you want to do this? Why don’t you send End of Days after him?

SUR: There are bigger plans for End of Days. He must be taught a lesson. He must be taught that his actions were wrong. In the most brutal, horrifying a way as possible. you simply cannot brainwash another person and get away with it.

HAVOC: These are the guys to do it. Ex-Gladiators. Prisoners that escaped from prison on Aethra. Few do.

SUR: I guess that means something on this plane of existence. Fine. The bottom line is WE cannot be implicated in ANY of it. The fans love us now more than ever. If they knew we were behind this their opinion might sway. But he must be taught.

Three huge shadows appear at the end Of the alley.

HAVOC: Here they are.

HAVOC and SUR begin to walk towards the three men at the end of the alleyway.


From Sirius Silver Spire, Canis Major

Mistress of Darkness d. She Devil via pinfall after Bite of the Vampire – ****1/2
– MISTRESS OF DARKNESS has looked good since her loss to the exiting MOTHER SUPERIOR. it’s apparent she wants to climb the ranks to be near the top to bolster BLACK DEATH’S grip on the gold.

Panther Warrior d. Balaal via DQ when Coven Black interferes trying to break up a pinfall – ***
– PANTHER WARRIOR was on offense the entire match, BALAAL was caught off guard by PANTHER WARRIOR’S speed. PANTHER WARRIOR was about to win when COVEN BLACK interfered and the ref leveled the DQ decision.

SWARM and MANTIS came out next for their match. SWARM leading the near catatonic MANTIS toward the ring. In the ring the IMMORTALS conversed in hushed tones to each other and ABROZ. The CROWD hoping this would be the night that they freed MANTIS from whatever state this is that SWARM has him in.

IMMORTALS d. RECONCILIATION when Bex makes Swarm tap out in seconds to GROUND ZERO – **1/2
– So afraid is SWARM that MANTIS will be free from the state he has him under, he never makes the tag and pays the ultimate price. He is quickly taken out by SUR and BEX and is quickly submitting in the middle of the ring. SUR and BEX go after MANTIS but, again, PAYBACK is there to make sure he’s kept far away.

Zygon d. Thraxx via submission when he locks him in the HEAD TRI-CLAW – ***
– After the match, ZYGON tells THRAXX that he done with him for good and declares their feud over as he has designs on bigger prizes.

The Betrayer (Cage Death) d. Nitro via submission with NO ESCAPE – **
– BETRAYER dominated this match and it didn’t even go into the turnbuckles! He then made a challenge to OVERTIME saying he’s the next TITAN that will fall.

FDF WATCHMEN d. BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION via pinfall when PSI catches Havoc with a perfect crossbody block – ***1/2
– The FDF WATCHMEN looked good and brought the BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION hot streak to a close. HAVOC and ALPHA FEMALE weren’t happy about this loss and neither were the fans.


Back door of the arena. SWARM, PAYBACK and a trance state MANTIS exit. They cross to their enter cruiser and begin loading in their bags. Suddenly three shadow figures emerge from behind them and begin attacking all three of them with large metal rods. PAYBACK, SWARM and MANTIS all crumble to the ground. One of the figures pulls a small holo-corder off of his belt buckle and pushes a button. He looks at the three men lying on the ground and then back at the holo-corder. He points to one of the lifeless heaps.

FIGURE: That’s the one.

The two other figures begin to laugh as they bend down and scoop up one of the bodies and begin walking down the ark side of the arena.

FIGURE: Now the fun begins.


Patch d. Paralyze via DQ when Paralyze brings a Gutarr stick into the ring and wails on Patch with it – DUD
– This one was called minutes after it began. PATCH opened with a Bum Rush Clothesline that stunned PARALYZE and knocked him down for a count of two! PATCH then tossed him out of the ring and grabbed the Gutarr stick. PARALYZE wrestled the weapon away and chased PATCH back into the ring. He refused to listen to the ref though and kept beating PATCH with it and so the ref called it.

Gryt, Tricks & Nosfera d. End of Days by submission when Gryt locks End of Days in the Strongman Stretch – ****
– The crowd is awestruck! THe monster, who’d been on a rampage, has been humbled! Of course it too three men to do it, but they got it done! In the closing moments of the match, NOSFERA tagged out after blasting END OF DAYS with DEMON’S BREATH. He quickly tagged out to GRYT who locked the big man in the STRONGMAN STRETCH! The entire arena watched in amazement as END OF DAYS began tapping out! GRYT went nuts! TRICKS and NOSFERA hoisted him up on their shoulders and paraded him around. All was fine until, NOSFERA spotted a lovely lady at ringside and dropped GRYT. TRICKS and GRYT were able to corral the demon and exit the ring area. ABROZ stood in disbelief looking in at END OF DAYS who was slumped on his knees.

Scorn d. Rotunda via DQ when Mistress of Darkness interferes in the match while Scorn was covering Rotunda – ***1/2
– This was a good match and ROTUNDA held her own against SCORN. When it looked like SCORN may begin to have the advantage, DARK MENACE called for members of BLACK DEATH to interfere! SCORN wins but does not get the title!

Ghena d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when The Leveler leveled Ghena with his metal arm – DUD
– This was a brawl from the beginning. After the match ABROZ immediately began yelling that the match should be restarted but the ref refused. GHENA was furious! The crowd was too! This one is not over!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. RUSH & TURMOIL via DQ when Turmoill smashes Clinch with a chair – *
– The entire universe could be crashing down around these two teams and the hatred they have for each other wouldn’t abate. The third DQ finish in title matches tonight! EURITAR is not going to be happy at all!

Harbinger d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via submission when he locks him in ASTRAL WARRIOR – *****
– The fans were LIVID! HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR who is NOT a fan favorite by any stretch, was seconds away from winning and, once again, THE GUARDIAN interfered in the match and turned the tide and the ref just let it happen! HARBINGER and GUARDIAN spirited away from ringside as we…



SUR is in a spaceport signing autographs for fans. His communicator is chirps. He signs the last autograph and thanks the fans, then turns to a quiet corner.

SUR (answering the communicator): Yes.

VOICE: It’s done.

SUR: Good. The second half of your credits have been transferred.

VOICE: They’d better be. Because when you see him, you’ll know what we’re capable of.

SUR: I have no reason to lie to you.

VOICE: Good. (He pauses and then begins to laugh a disturbing evil laugh.)

SUR (pause): Never contact me again.

SUR dispatches the call and after a moment shivers as if a chill had just run down his spine.