CARD #2128.203 – INVASION

From the Albiero Bowl, Cygnus

Mistress of Darkness d. She Devil via pinfall after the Dark Maiden Dive – ***** – A fantastic bout between these two. The arrival of THE THREE seems to have stepped up MISTRESS OF DARKNESS’ game

End of Days d. Tricks via pinfall after UNLIMITED POWER – **1/2 – END OF DAYS had to use UNLIMITED POWER twice on TRICKS to finally put him away. The crowd was stunned that he kicked out of the first one so impressively. END OF DAYS hit it again and it was over. The crowd is solidly behind END OF DAYS and they are eager to see how far the giant goes!

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Overtime via pinfall with I KNOW YOUR SECRET – *** – OVERTIME had some good moments here but the veteran had the better of him. Seems this match was a bit of jockeying to se who’d go after the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. Fans aren’t sure either of these guys could dethrone AETHRAN OVERMASTER.

Patch d. Paralyze via DQ when Paralyze brained Patch with a Rylock Axehandle – DUD – This was a wild brawl and the ref could not keep control. He was a little too lenient at times in some observers opinions. He finally had to call it when the Rylock Axe got involved.

Ensor d. Nitro via pinfall after Flight To Phobos – * – ENSOR just pounded NITRO with an aerial assault like no other. After the bell ENSOR goes to give NITRO FLIGHTS OF RAGE when suddenly PAYBACK appears and begins attacking ENSOR. The CROWD is booing like mad as NITRO and PAYBACK begin double teaming ENSOR. DARK MENACE tries to stop it but they shove him away. NITRO continues to use BAD VIBRATIONS on ENSOR over and over. Finally officials break it up. ENSOR looks injured. NITRO and PAYBACK laugh saying that’s what happens to people who try to attack TITANS.

Bex d. Tauran via submission with MORTAL MUTILATION – ***** – What a match! It was the first time we’d ever seen BEX wrestle solo and TAURAN took him to the limit!

Endgame destroys Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after a Rydeen Bomb – SQUASH – This one was over before the second hand made one trip around the clock! ENDGAME looked to send a very clear message to BLACK DEATH and he did.

The fans light into ENDGAME and THE GUARDIAN as they exit. Not happy of his victory at all.