CARD #2127.202 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Plethador d. Abroz via countout when Abroz slips on a puddle from the Hydro Energizer and knocks himself out – *
– PLETHADOR looked great in this match. Though the crowd loves BLACK DEATH they just couldn’t seem to boo the guy for his win, considering it was ABROZ’s own fault for losing.

Oracle d. Panther Warrior via pinfall after DARK FUTURES – **1/2
– PANTHER WARRIOR obviously need to do a little adjusting to singles wrestling as he was clobbered here by ORACLE in what was a drawn out squash.

Paganax d. Gryt via pinfall after PAGAN VOID – *
– PAGANAX simply destroyed GRYT in this match. It wasn’t even a contest.

Ghena d. Monolith via DQ when The Guardian steps into the ring to break up a pin count – *****
– Definately the best debut we’ve seen from any of the BLACK DEATH newcomers so far. GHENA took the wild fight to MONOLITH and MONOLITH came close to loosing a few times! This feud isn’t over.

The Betrayer (Death Masque) d. Tauran via pinfall after DEATH FROM ABOVE – *****
– A wild match here! At one point ANIVAR interfered on behalf of THE BETRAYER but TAURAN was able to fight him off! TAURAN still winds up on the losing side though.

IMMORTALS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via submission when Bex locked Clinch in GROUND ZERO – ***1/2
– ULTIMATE FIGHTERS came so close to winning several times. They used fresh tags to isolate SUR. SUR was finally able to make the tag and BEX came in and was just relentless to CLINCH, finally getting him to tap out.

Rotunda d. Mother Superior via pinfall after THE FAT LADY SINGS – ***1/2
– After years of being the laughing stock of the division, ROTUNDA not only becomes the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION, she retires MOTHER SUPERIOR! ROTUNDA can’t believe it, MOTHER SUPERIOR can’t believe it. DARK MENACE is standing at ringside with his mouth wide open. The CROWD is going nuts! ROTUNDA has the belt and is desperately trying to put it around her waist. MOTHER SUPERIOR stands, walks over and raises ROTUNDA’S arm high to the cheers of the crowd! ROTUNDA drags DARK MENACE away from ringside and we see MOTHER SUPERIOR standing alone in a GWF ring one last time as we…