CARD #2128.201 – DEIMOS PERENNIAL 2128

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The arena is packed as we are about to kick off a brand new year of GWF action! Out first is COMMISSIONER EURITAR. He gets a sour reaction as the general portion of the audience is still firmly behind BLACK DEATH. He takes it all in stride. He begins by welcoming fans to a return to tradition. A tradition that hasn’t been around since the major restructuring in 2119. A return of the Demios Perennial. In recent years the first SuperCard of the year has showcased new talent debuting in the GWF. This year we’re taking things to the next level. We end each year with a BIG BANG. This year we’re starting things off with an even BIGGER BANG! He bids all the fans a happy new year and bids them enjoy the action. Then he introduced GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION MOTHER SUPERIOR.

MOTHER SUPERIOR came to the ring with the title around her waist. She first reminded us that since the restructuring in 2119, she’s been the most dominant WOMEN’S CHAMPION ever. She’s held the belt longer and more times than any other female in the business. Despite all that, she said, she has plans to retire, which shocked the crowd a bit as she’s still the champion. She said however, she’s not retiring immediately. She’s going to embark on a LAST RIDE tour. Over the next several cards she will defend her title against a randomly selected female wrestler on the roster. If she loses, she’ll congratulate the new champion and retire. If she should beat every challenger, which she’s sure she’ll do, she’ll retire as the champion and Euritar can decide what to do with the championship.

This impressed the crowd a bit and MOTHER SUPERIOR stood in the ring to see who her randomly selected opponent would be.

Mother Superior d. Deadliest via pinfall after a top rope headbutt with her mask – **
– MOTHER SUPERIOR looked strong here. One down, four more competitors to go!

ENSOR came out, looking different than he had in the past. The fans booed him loudly. He explained to the crowd that for the past year or so he’s had to ‘sit in the backseat.’ Sit in the backseat while SWARM and PAYBACK aired their dirty laundry for all to see. HHe says he was frustrated floundering in a tag team all last year that did nothing. Not because he wasn’t trying but because he had a partner who was a piece of trash. He says he’s sick of it and he knows tha fans are too. So hess made a change. He motions to the entrance way.

Suddenly DARK MENACE appearance and he’s carrying a skull staff! The place goes bananas! ENSOR has joined BLACK DEATH! DARK MENACE hands the skull staff to ENSOR who ROARS in delight along with the crowd. He then calls out PAYBACK for a one on one match and PAYBACK appears!

Payback d. Ensor via pinfall after a Rolling Titan Drop – *****
– One of the longest and most brutal matches the GWF has seen in a long time. PAYBACK gets the win over his former partner but this battle is far from over. The fans boo PAYBACK loudly as he leaves the ring area.

Out next is ABROZ. He comes to the ring and calls out NOSFERA. NOSFERA, still shy after suffering at the hands of the attack from ORACLE and BALAAL comes coyly out.

ABROZ: That’s it, don’t be afraid dear boy. Come up into the ring. There we are now. Now I know you’ve been a little lost since you were…well…’asked’ to leave BLACK DEATH isn’t that right?

NOSFERA nods, hopping from foot to foot.

ABROZ: I know and you’re sad about that aren’t you?

Again, NOSFERA nods and hops back and forth.

ABROZ: Well what if I told you that you could have your spot back in BLACK DEATH? Huh? Would you like that?

NOSFERA nods eagerly.

ABROZ: That can happen my boy. All you have to do is win a match. Sound good?

NOSFERA nods eagerl, hopping faster now.

ABROZ: Good. Good. Well, let me introduce you to your opponent…END OF DAYS!

A giant form begins making his way to the ring. He’s HUGE! NOSFERA begins getting more and more agitated as this new monster steps into the ring.

End of Days d. Nosfera via pinfall when he hits him with UNLIMITED POWER – SQUASH
– NOSFERA didn’t stand a chance. END OF DAYS crushed him. Leaving the Brymstonian in a crumpled heap on the mat with, apparently, no spot in BLACK DEATH. An amazingly impressive display from the newcomer.

After the match, and END OF DAYS had left the ring, TRICKS appeared and cautiously crept towards the ring checking to make sure the coast was clear. He snuck in and stood next to NOSFERA and then looked to the back waved. GRYT suddenly appeared and ran to the ring. The two carefully picked NOSFERA up off the mat and helped the poor creature away form the ring.

COVEN BLACK and BALAAL came out to huge cheers. They demanded that SWARM come to the ring. SWARM did and the BLACK DEATH members demanded to know where MANTIS was. SWARM told them he was here and introduced MANTIS who slowly, as if in a trance like state, came to the ring carrying his skull staff. SWARM asked MANTIS if he had something to tell the BLACK DEATH team. MANTIS handed his skull staff to COVEN BLACK and said, almost robotically, that he no longer wanted to be a member of the team.

BALAAL asked what he’d done to MANTIS and SWARM said nothing. Just that MANTIS had ‘saw the light.’ SWARM then asked MANTIS if he had anything else to tell them and MANTIS bounced off the ropes and delivered a double clothesline knocking both men off their feet. An official followed shortly and it looks like we have a tag team match starting NOW!

RECONCILIATION d. BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND via submission when Mantis locked the PINCHER CLAW on Coven Black – **
– SWARM did most of the work here, the tagged in his ‘dazed’ son who made the finish. MANTIS is no longer with BLACK DEATH but is he any better off bing with his dad? The fans sure don’t seem to think so. DARK MENACE scurried from ringside with BLACK and BALAAL as SWARM stood next to MANTIS who displayed no emotion at all.

Thraxx d. Zygon via pinfall with IMMOVABLE OBJECT – *1/2
– THRAXX was completely dominant in this match against his former partner! DARK MENACE was frustrated at how one sided it was.

FDF WATCHMEN d. BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE via DQ when Betrayer refuses to stop grinding HelSin’s face into the ring steps – **1/2
– A wild one here as the FDF try to get a leg up on BLACK DEATH. They get the win, but they don’t seem to realize BLACK DEATH is out to rid the GWF of them, so wins aren’t enough.

GALAXIAN CHAMPION HARBINGER is out to massive boos. The fans have violently turned on him after he was kicked out of BLACK DEATH (see the 2128 handbook). He’s out and he demands a shot at SUR, the new co-leader of BLACK DEATH. SUR comes out followed by ABROZ. SUR tries to get HARBINGER to put the belt on the line, but HARBINGER says this isn’t about belts. It’s about honor and credit where credit is due.

Harbinger d. Sur via pinfall after REST IN PIECES – **
– An impressive victory for HARBINGER and a crushing defeat for BLACK DEATH! After HARBINGER grabs a mic and says he’ll gladly face all the BLACK DEATH team one at a time and prove he deserves to be in the mix! SUR tells him not to worry, his END OF DAYS is coming!

SUR begins to laugh as we…


(BLACK DEATH powers were NOT lost.)