Here’s the latest round up of news & rumors after the 2127 RECKONING Ranking Gauntlet, heading into INFERNO

– THARKAS and PLETHADOR apparently got into a tussle after CARD #2127.186. The two have demanded a match at INFERNO.

– SWARM continues to try an contact MANTIS via postings of select excerpts of his diary. His ramblings sound more and more pathetic as he prattles on about how he’s right and those who dare disagree with opinions are wrong. By now everyone considers him a joke, even with his recent RECKONING performance. MANTIS has stated he’s threw with interacting with him. Stating that he’s been a distraction to his goals. BALAAL has stepped forward and said SWARM can diect all inquires to him.

– Symbiosis has issued a challenge to THE BETRAYER. Will he accept? Which one will accept?

– In a rare interview, MONOLITH has challenged HARBINGER after his attack on ENDGAME at THE RECKONING.

– It’s been reported that recently OVERTIME has been making advances towards MISTRESS OFDARKNESS. This has enraged not only COVEN BLACK but HelSin as well.