CARD #2127.190 – INFERNO

From Cor Caroli Diamond Dome, Canes Venatici

Tharkas d. Plethador via pinfall after the OBLITERATOR – **
– Tharkas picks up a commanding win here against PLETHADOR.

Next out is LEGEND KILLERS, still winless in 2127. Looking to pick up their first win. It’s growing increasingly apparent that ENSOR is getting more and more frustrated with having to deal with PAYBACK and SWARM and all the drama they create

LEGEND KILLERS d. CIRCUS STRONGMEN via DQ when TANCK throws PAYBACK into the crowd, despite the ref’s warnings – DUD
– LEGEND KILLERS worked better as a team than they had before. Too bad CIRCUS STRONGMEN resorted to underhanded tactics when things got rough.

Shann-Ra d. Rotunda via pinfall after a spinning leg lariat – **1/2
– DARK MENACE had been trying to instill the fighting spirit in ROTUNDA but it doesn’t seem to be working.

SYMBIOSIS has called out who he calls the other GWF wrestler that’s two people in one, THE BETRAYER. Looks like it’s the high flying DEATH MASQUE version that will appear tonight!

The Betrayer d. Symbiosis via pinfall after DEATH FROM ABOVE – *****
– A classic match! BETRAYER kept hammering away with one high risk move after another and was finally able to put SYMBIOSIS away. Despite the interference of LARRY.

PAGANAX was out next and he called out BISHOP HELL (II). He said while the rest of the GWF is afraid of BISHOP HELL(II)’S fire, he was BORN in fire and looks to humiliate the imposter!

Bishop Hell (II) d. Paganax via pinfall after HELLFIRE – **1/2
– A mostly one sided affair though it did take two applications of HELLFIRE to put PAGANAX away.

The fans loved that BLACK DEATH was on a roll here! And the crowd got even wilder when BALAAL appeared. He ran down SWARM, much to the crowd’s delight and issued a challenge. He wants to put the VENEMOUS STINGER up against BITE OF THE SERPENT in a FINISHER MATCH…..TONIGHT! He added, “You know, unless he’s too busy writing in his diary.” The crowd laughed long an hard and soon SWARM charged the ring! The match is ON!

Balaal d. Swarm via pinfall after BITE OF THE SERPENT – *****
– A match the likes of which the GWF hasn’t seen in awhile. SWARM was close to winning several times but he couldn’t get the job done. BALAAL gets the win and after SWARM stands in a trance like state.

SWARM kneels in front of BALAAL asking what his next command is. BALAAL has him prance around the ring, read excerpts from his diary over the mic and admit that he’s a “doo doo head.” The fans are eating it all up.

BALAAL: You know Sswarm, ussuassly after I beat someone with Bite of the Sserpent, they join the rankss of Black Death. But you know what…Black Death doessn’t want you!

BALAAL waves his arm ant MANTIS appears at ringside. BALAAL wraps SWARM up in his tail. MANTIS then applies a claw hold to SWARM’s stomach. SWARM is screaming in pain as MANTIS just stares into his eyes.

The crowd is cheering wildly! EURITAR send officials to the ring and orders them to let SWARM go. SWARM crumples to the mat. As MANTIS and BALAAL leave, BALAAL whispers something in SWARM’S ear. SWARM nods and then passes out from the pain. As RAGLYN & FLAGYL race to ringside and strap SWARM on a stretcher, the crowd stars singing HAPPY TRAILS to SWARM.

BLACK DEATH is on a HUGE streak tonight. Can the pick up another win in our next match where COVEN BLACK is taking on OVERTIME. This has come about because OVERTIME has been making advances towards MISTRESS OF DARKNESS, raising the ire of both BLACK and HELSIN.

Overtime d. Coven Black via pinfall after a Gravity Ball Tackle – *1/2
– fter the match, OVERTIME began approaching MISTRESS OF DARKNESS. HELSIN suddenly appeared and warned him off. Suddenly COVEN BLACK attacked HELSIN from behind shoving him into OVERTIME! A three way brawl ensued!

Harbinger d. Monolith via pinfsll after PORTENT OF DOOM – ***
– HARBINGER solidifies his spot as the most popular wrestler in the GWF be destroying MONOLITH in this match. The crowd goes nutd at the bell. The believe that HARBINGER can do no wrong at all. HARBINGER stands tall over the fallen MONOLITH as he soaks in the crowds cheers.

Mother Superior d. She Devil via submission with the Superior Sharpshooter – **1/2
– MOTHER SUPERIOR makes short work of the challenger and easily retains her title.

Aethran Overmaster d. PSI via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – *****
– An amazing defense. OVERMASTER was dominant but PSI got some offense in. After the match THE GUARDIAN got into a huge brawl with AETHRAN OVERMASTER. Officials had to tear them apart! Looks like a possible encounter between the two may be forthcoming.

RUSH & TURMOIL d. THE GAMEMASTERS via pinfall after Turmoil hits Thantos (II) CHAOS IN THE CROWD – **
– The GLADIATORS reclaim their titles in a quick affair that saw THE GAMEMASTERS acting WAY too cocky for their own good.

Endgame d. Havoc via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – ***
– The crowd is stunned! A CRUSHING blow to BLACK DEATH. The crowd immediately begins getting unruly and ENDGAME and THE GUARDIAN rush from ringside.

Suddenly HARBINGER appears in the aisle way and flattens ENDGAME with a clothesline! The crowd cheers wildly. GUARDIAN rushes HARBINGER but he vanishes in a flash of light.

THE GUARDIAN stands dumfounded next to the fallen ENDGAME as we…