From the Janus Star Center, Saturn

The arena is packed for the final night of RECKONING action and the crowd is awash in black as the fans are here to see their GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC! First out though is EURITAR who announces that due to tremendous fan support he’s done something that’s never been done before. He’s allowing a wrestler not ranked in the current GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP contender bracket wrestle in tonight’s Gauntlet. Due to overwhelming fan demand, HARBINGER will be in tonight’s Gauntlet.

The place comes unglued. HARBINGER is THE most popular wrestler in the GWF right now. Ans he’s out first! Looks like even though he gets to wrestle, he must start at the bottom.

1. Harbinger d. Paralyze via DQ when Paralyze refuses to stop brawling at ringside – ***1/2 – PARALYZE looked as if he was trying to take out HARBINGER but the ref put an end to his quest. HARBINGER advances.

2. Tricks d. Harbinger via DQ when Balaal interferes on behalf of Harbinger – **1/2 – The fans boo loudly at the decision. TRICKS seems mad too as he had the upper hand in the match when it was called.

The stands clear out for the next match as it doesn’t involve any BLACK DEATH members.

3. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks brains Hector with a chair – DUD – TRICKS was still mad at not being able to go a full match with HARBINGER and took it out on HECTOR. HECTOR advances.

Next out is SWARM and those that hadn’t left now leave. SWARM comes to ringside writing in his little pink diary. He talks to no one, which is fine, no one but PAYBACK wants to talk to him. He enters the ring, makes a few notes and tucks it in the back of his trunks. He’s ready. HECTOR is a little peeved that SWARM has walked the rest of the crowd.

HECTOR: They don’t even want to stay to see you get beat! Loser.

4. Swarm d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after THE VENEMOUS STINGER – **1/2 – After the bell, SWARM lies on his back in the ring and waits for his next opponent. He takes out his diary and continues making entries.

His opponent, NOSFERA, brings the entire crowd back in. They never pass up a chance to see a BLACK DEATH wrestler compete.

5. Swarm d. Nosfera via submission with THE WASP TRAP – **** – The fans are incensed! They are furious SWARM was able to pull out another victory! Even with the interference of MANTIS and BALAAL, SWARM picked up the win.

After the bell, SWARM again goes back to writing in his pretty pink diary. One fan yells, “What? Don’t you have desire to bore us with your long rambling promos anymore? Or ya just gonna write in your pretty pink diary?” This elicits laughter from the crowd, but SWARM just continues writing.

Suddenly his next opponent appears…MONOLITH! Just about the only non-BLACK DEATH wrestler (besides eternal fan favorite PLETHADOR) to still get cheers from the pro-BLACK DEATH contingent. The fans start chanting, “KILL SWARM! KILL SWARM!” and in a huge shock….MANTIS is accompanying MONOLITH to ringside! The ref tries to make him leave, but MONOLITH nods that he wants him there.

6. Swarm d. Monolith by DQ when Mantis interferes when the action spills outside – DUD – This one didn’t even get started! The fas were furious at the brevity! MANTIS just shook MONOLITH’s hand and handed him a large envelope.

As MONOLITH and MANTIS cleared ringside, SWARM again took out his diary. It was apparent now he was writing in different colors and drawing crude pictures. Suddenly EURITAR appeared and announced that the remainder of the night’s events would be NO DISQUALIFICATION OR COUNT OUT matches! The fans cheered believing this would give BLACK DEATH the edge in the main event.

SWARM continued to doodle until out came his next opponent…ENDGAME! As he and THE GUARDIAN made their way to ringside, they actually got some cheers! Anyone against SWARM seems to be a fan favorite now!

Endgame d. Swarm via pinfall after a Top Rope Catapult – SQUASH
– ENDGAME just tore through SWARM like paper. The fans cheered loudly seeing SWARM decimated so soundly. SWARM, tears flowing out from under his mask into his goatee that went out of style a century ago, ran to the back, writing in his diary as he did.

ENDGAME and GUARDIAN prepared for their next challenge and what a surprise it was that instead of the GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC, it was the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION AETHRAN OVERMASTER! He says he’s received special dispensation, being a champion, he can compete in the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP RANKING GAUNTLET.

He says he’s come to agree with ENDGAME that BLACK DEATH must be stopped. The crowd boos loudly. He says though he feels that, ENDGAME and THE GUARDIAN are not the ones to do so. It must be THE GLASIATORS. So tonight he will defeat ENDGAME and then HAVOC and start the END OF DAYS for BLACK DEATH!

The crowd hates all of this but they decide to bear with it as they know their champion HAVOC will be out soon.

Endgame d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after the ULTIMA LEAP – *****
– OVERMASTER put a world of hurt on ENDGAME, but the man from Corvus was able to pull out the victory. He’s seriously worn out though heading into our final match.

Endgame d. Havoc via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR – SQUASH
– And in the blink of an eye it was over! HAVOC had fallen and ENDGAME was, once again, GALAXIAN CHAMPION. The arena…DARK MENACE…HAVOC…all were shocked into silence as ENDGAME stood with the belt.

ENDGAME: For months I’ve tried to warn you all that BLACK DEATH was trouble. That it was a poison clouding your minds. Leading you astray. Let this victory be the first step back to the path of right! The path back to restoring order to the Universe.

Suddenly there was flash of light behind ENDGAME and a figure appeared and sent him crashing to the mat with one mighty blow. It was HARBINGER.


The arena exploded with cheers as HARBINGER sttod over the fallen ENDGAME.

The crowd cheering wildly is what we see a we…



WOMEN’S: None. No women won more than one match.

INTERPLANETARY: PSI – 4 wins – 2nd year in a row for PSI


GALAXIAN: Endgame – 3 wins – SWARM also got 3 wins, but Endgame gets the nod as he’s ranked higher and won the title