From the Janus Star Center, Saturn

It’s another evening of RECKONING action this time focused on the tag teams. SWARM is out to a chorus of boos with LEGEND KILLERS. Some are saying that SWARM is very jealous of the time PAYBACK spends with ENSOR and wants to keep an eye on them. SWARM just says that he hates to miss big events and not share them with Payback and tonight LEGENDS KILLERS will go all the way. They’ll have a long night ahead of them if that is the case as they are the last ranked tag team in the GWF currently.

1. MILITARY POWERS d. LEGEND KILLERS via pinfall after Tharkas hit Ensor with a Death Valley Driver – * – Pretty much a squash here. ENSOR looked to tag out several times but PAYBACK was arguing with SWARM at ringside. After the bell ENSOR was a little more than annoyed at both PAYBACK and SWARM. PAYBACK promised it’d never happen again. SWARM just took out a little pink diary and began writing in it while tears streamed down his face. Soon the soap opera left ringside and we were ready for our next match.

2. MILITARY POWERS d. FDF PRIME via pinfall when Paganax hit HelSin with PAGAN VOID – SQUASH

3. MILITARY POWERS d. TITAN CONFLICT via pinfall when Paganax hit Tristan with two PAGAN VOIDs in a row – **1/4

4. BLACK DEATH ANIMEN d. MILITARY POWERS via pinfall when Mantis hits Paganax with PREY SNARE from out of nowhere – * – The crowd is solidly behind BLACK DEATH ANIMEN and the returning BALAAL.

DARK MENACE leaves ringside as this next match pits two BLACK DEATH teams against each other.

5. BLACK DEATH ANIMEN d. BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE via pinfall when, again, Mantis hitd the PREY SNARE out of nowhere on Anivar – * – The crowd loves both teams here but BALAAL is so wildly popular, as is MANTIS, they seem to be rallying behind BLACK DEATH ANIMEN.

6. CIRCUS STRONGMEN d. BLACK DEATH ANIMEN via submission when GRYT makes Mantis tap out to the STRONGMAN STRETCH – * – CIRCUS STRONGMEN put a stop to BLACK DEATH ANIMEN’S progress in the ranking gauntlet.

GRYT is fired up knowing which team he and TANCK are facing next…RUSH & TURMOIL! He’s long wanted to test his strength against TURMOIL and no he’ll get his chance.

7. RUSH & TURMOIL d. CIRCUS STRONGMEN via pinfall when Turmoil hit Gryt with a frog splash – ** – Decent match here. GRYT bravely took on both GLADIATORS. TANCK seemed content to sit on the sidelines and watch GRYT take a pounding.

8. RUSH & TURMOIL d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via DQ when Clinch refuses to bring Rush back into the ring when the action spilled outside – *1/4

9. RUSH & TURMOIL d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via DQ when Malkuth pulls the ref out of the ring while Panther Warrior was being covered by Turmoil – *

10. RUSH & TURMOIL d. MASTER RACE via pinfall when Turmoil hits Thraxx with a TRIPLE SUICIDE – ** – A hard hitting match here. GLADIATORS finally get a clean win after two DQ finishes. The now move on to the Championship match!

THE GAMEMASTERS d. RUSH & TURMOIL via pinfall after Thantos (II) hits Rush with the LEGENDS LARIAT – **** – A fantastic match but the GLADIATORS were too spent from their previous matches to mount a dominating offense.

STAR WARRIOR (II) and THANTOS (II) celebrate to the boos of the crowd as we…