From the Janus Star Center, Saturn

Night 2 of THE RECKONING and tonight the focus is on the singles stars who are ranked for INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP contention.

1. Oracle d. Plethador via pinfall after DARK FUTURES – **1/2

The next match pits two BLACK DEATH team members against each other. HARBINGER argued that they shouldn’t have to fight. EURITAR said it was the whole point of THE RECKONiNG and said they had to. Faced with that ruling, DARK MENACE has chosen to recuse himself from appearing at ringside.

2. Alpha Female d. Oracle via pinfall after SLAVE NO MORE – SQUASH
3. Alpha Female d. Coven Black via countout after a piledriver to the concrete floor – **1/2
4. The Betrayer (Death Masque) d. Alpha Female via pinfall after a small package – ***1/2
5. The Betrayer (Death Masque) d. Overtime via pinfall after DEATH FROM ABOVE – **
6. The Betrayer (Death Masque) d. Retribution vial pinfall after DEATH FROM ABOVE – **1/2
7. PSI d. The Betrayer (Death Masque) via submission with MIND OVER MATTER – ***
8. PSI d. Patch via pinfall after a cross body block – ***
9. PSI d. Bishop Hell (II) via DQ when Oracle, Balaal and Caven Black come out and began attacking PSI – ***1/2
10. PSI d. Symbiosis via pinfall after Positive Energy – *1/2 – Match originally ended in a DOUBLE DQ but EURITAR demanded it be restarted. PSI, amazingly pulled out the win.
11. Harbinger d. PSI via DQ when The Guardian attacked Harbinger – DUD

Aethran Overmaster d. Harbinger via DQ when Harbinger refused to stop brawling – **1/2