From the Nereid Starplex, Neptune

The fans are jammed in for another evening of INFINITY CHALLENGE action. The number of signs in support of BLACK DEATH are staggering. They hope this is the night that the team will take the lead in the INFINITY CHALLENGE, though they do have a tough job ahead of them. Before the matches begin, we run down the current scores…

ABROZ – 10

Tonight it’s ABROZ who gets eight matches so the good money is on his team pulling ahead. THough it’s always a mystery who BLACK DEATH will send to fight.

Rotunda d. She-Devil via DQ when She Devil smacks her with a chair – *1/2 – Not the big numbers BLACK DEATH was hoping for. ROTUNDA picks up one point for BLACK DEATH and celebrates like mad telling anyone who’ll listen that she will be the next GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION.

BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE d. CIRCUS STRONGMEN when Anivar hits Gryt with a SAVAGE BEATDOWN – SQUASH – BLACK DEATH picks up three huge, and very needed, points thanks to ANIVAR steamrolling Gryt! The CROWD went crazy, cheering for BLACK DEATH, hoping they make a clean sweep!

arbinger d. Tricks via pinfall with PORTENT OF DOOM – SQUASH – HARBINGER makes it a clean sweep for BLACK DEATH and the crowd is chanting HARBINGER’S name over and over! Three more points for BLACK DEATH!

Now ABROZ goes on to face reps from DIALECTUS’ squad and ABROZ is hoping his wrestlers fair better than they did against BLACK DEATH. In a curious development, many of the fans begin to leave now that there are no more BLACK DEATH wrestlers on the card. Only the most dedicated stay, but even they are quiet.

Mother Superior d. Shann-Ra via pinfall after SERPENTS OF HYDRA – ****1/2 – An amazing match! MOTHER SUPERIOR just kept punishing SHANN-RA but SHANN-RA refused to lie down. MOTHER SUPERIOR finally got the win and picked up two points for ABROZ.

TITAN CONFLICT d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via pinfall after TRISTAN hit ARCANA on PANTHER WARRIOR – * – Another short match here. PANTHER WARRIOR started out strong but TITAN CONFLICT began to use quick tags to cut off the ring and pick up the win, giving ABROZ two more points.

Time for the main event and the reason that those fans that stayed stayed became clear…PLETHADOR (with Skwish)! He came to the ring to standing ovation from those present! His challenge for the night…OVERTIME. The crowd was over OVERTIME, feeling his persona was played out months ago.

Overtime d. Plethador via pinfall with OVERTIME RULES – ** – OVERTIME gets the win and two ore points for ABROZ and gives them a redeeming clean sweep over DIALECTUS. The CROWD however booed OVERTIME mercilessly. THis egged OVERTIME on even more and he began yelling back at the crowd. The CROWD just simply got up and left.

Before the show’s end we take a quick look at the updated scores…

ABROZ – 16

Definitely the night BLACK DEATH was looking for and now we’re at the halfway point for the big race to thirty!