CARD #2127.183 – INVASION

From the Cassini Auditorium, Mars

COMMISSIONER EURITAR is out to declare the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP vacant. He says that even though SWARM won the title, fair and square in a sanctioned match, has no interest in defending it and has surrendered it. He then called out DEADLIEST and had her surrender the title belt under penalty of suspension. He then announced that later tonight there’d be a women’s battle royal. The final two combatants left in the ring at the end will go one on one on the upcoming SuperCard to determine the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION.

PSI d. Oracle via submission with MIND OVER MATTER – ****
– A fantastic match. PSI was in ORACLE’S head the entire time! This makes ORACLE the second BLACK DEATH member PSI has dispatched. He’s certainly on a streak! After the match he put the rest of BLACK DEATH on notice that he’s coming for each of them. The crowd booed him loudly.

Endgame d. Coven Black via pinfall after a Rydeen Bomb – ***1/2
– A great match that had the crowd on their feet. BLACK came close to clinching several times, but ENDGAME stayed ahead. That’s two for the FDF over BLACK DEATH. The CROWD is NOT happy!

Patch d. Tharkas via pinfall after COMPLETE PATCH WORK – *1/2
– A very convincing win by PATCH over THARKAS. After the bell PATCH announced he’d be petitioning EURITAR for a shot at the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.


Mother Superior and Rotunda are declared the winners by being the final two combatants in the battle royal.

1. Shann-Ra by Mother Superior after MOTHER OF DESTRUCTION
2. She Devil by Mother Superior
3. Deadliest by Scorn after Deadliest missed a deathjump
4. Scorn by Mother Superior after MOTHER OF DESTRUCTION

That leaves MOTHER SUPERIOR and ROTUNDA, who just sat in the corner during the match, who will go head to head for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP at the next SuperCard!

Out next was SWARM much to the fans dismay. They began chanting ‘Women’s Champ! Women’s Champ!’ SWARM shook his head and ignored them. He looked a little different than the last time we saw him. Had a bit of a belly and a goatee on his chin could be seen under his mask.

He got the mic and went into a long rambling speech as to why the fans were wrong and he was right. Most of the crowd left for concession as they knew his rant would go on for awhile. Suddenly, MANTIS appeared and the roof was blown off the place. MANTIS came to ringside ready for a match.

SWARM pleaded with MANTIS not to make him fight him. He told him his heart was breaking because he was being forced to fight his own son. He asked him if they could just forget the past and move on. MANTIS answered with a huge right hand…err…claw! The ref called for the bell and we were underway!

Swarm d. Mantis via pinfall after VENOMOUS STINGER – ***
– The fans near rioted after this event. It had been a great back and forth match but the fans clearly wanted MANTIS to win. After the bell the crowd began to chant, ‘That’s your son! That’s your son!’ SWARM began to stagger back looking at his own hands. He then ran from the ring area. Those near the ring said they could see tears streaming from his mask.

THE GAMEMASTERS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall after Thantos (II) hit Shoot with a spinebuster – ***1/4
– Great match that saw THE GAMEMASTER dominate most of. Though there was offense by the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS they never really gained any ground. The crowd was not into this match as much as neither teams were BLACK DEATH but the FIGHTERS had their support in the beginning with their crazy arm gestures they do on the way to the ring.

Paganax d. Nosfera via DQ when Nosfera refused to stop brawling – ***
– A wild main event here. The fans were solidly behind NOSFERA because of his affiliation with BLACK DEATH and they can stomach the pomposity of PAGANAX. In the end NOSFERA’s wild side get the better of him as he’s DQ’d by the ref. The fans let PAGANAX have it but he doesn’t seem to care. A win is a win in his book. He stands solidly in the ring as we…