From the Mira Ceti War Memorial, Cetus

It’s time for another evening of INFINITY CHALLENGE action! Tonight it’s BLACK DEATH all the way as the über popular faction will be represented in all six matches! Lets run down the current scores.

ABROZ – 9 points
DIALECTUS – 9 points
BLACK DEATH – 2 points

BLACK DEATH needs to pull out all the stops tonight if HARBINGER wants his dream of ending the INFINITY CHALLENGE once and for all to come to fruition! Up first, the BLACK DEATH team takes on members of ABROZ’s FIGHTING TITANS!

Mother Superior d. Rotunda via countout after she dodges a charge from Rotunda that send her crashing to the concrete floor. – *1/2
– BLACK DEATH is off to a slow start as ABROZ’s team picks up one point.

BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE d. TITAN CONFLICT via countout after BETRAYER distracts the ref and Anivar tosses Nitro out of the ring headfirst. Nitro is unable to answer the ten count and CAGE RAGE picks up the win. – *
– BLACK DEATH picks up one point. Not the gain they were looking for, but a step in the right direction. The CROWD cheers BLACK DEATH as they put up a point.

OVERTIME is out next waiting for his match. All in attendance, including OVERTIME are wondering who his BLACK DEATH challenger will be? It’s HARBINGER! The CROWD cheers loudly as he makes his way to the ring.

Harbinger d. Overtime via pinfall after PORTENT OF DOOM. – **
– OVERTIME got in early offense and even got a near fall, but HARBINGER soon overpowered him and it was downhill from there. HARBINGER picks up a much needed two points for his team. He soaks in the cheers from the crowd.

BLACK DEATH routs ABROZ’S FIGHTING TITANS with a final score of 3-1. Up next BLACK DEATH members will face DIALECTUS’ FRONTAL ASSAULT!

Out first is MISTRESS OF DARKNESS with COVEN BLACK for the BLACK DEATH TEAM. Her opponent, DEADLIEST comes ringside carrying the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP! The fans boo her loudly and begin chanting.


DEADLIEST yells back at the crowd as she makes her way to ringside.

Deadliest d. Mistress of Darkness via DQ when Mistress of Darkness rams her headfirst into the ring steps despite the ref’s warnings. – **
– Great back and forth match, but MISTRESS OF DARKNESS looses her temper and gets herself DQ’d. DEADLIEST picks up a point for DIALECTUS.

BLACK DEATH REVOLUTION d. MASTER RACE via pinfall when Alpha Female locks Thraxx in DIRE STRAPH – *
– The fans went nuts! ALPHA FEMALE dominated THRAXX who got in next to no offense. GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC never tagged in. ZYGON was so dumbstruck he never tagged in. ALPHA FEMALE gets the win and three big points for her victory!

Symbiosis d. Oracle via pinfall after EVENT HORIZON – ***
– ORACLE was on his way to victory when all of a sudden TERRENCE, the creature living in SYMBIOSIS, slipped off and SYMBIOSIS sprung into action and never let up, dispatching of ORACLE despite interference by THE DARK MENACE. SYMBIOSIS picks up two points for DIALECTUS.

So at the end of the evening the scores stand at:

ABROZ – 10

BLACK DEATH gains ground and get within striking distance of the other two teams, but is still in third. DIALECTUS, to his delight, moves into first place. The race to thirty points is one, but it’s far too early to saw whether the INFINITY CHALLENGE is here to stay or not!