CARD #2127.181 – INVASION

From the Algol Double Star Arena, Perseus

The show starts with SWARM coming out to a thunderous boos. The fans begin a “Please Go Away! Please Go Away!” chant. SWARM shakes his head.

SWARM: I just don’t get it. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Here I am, a father, trying to do the right thing by my son, yet you all turn on me. Regardless, I’m not going anywhere. I am the GWF, I’m here to stay no matter what you say.

The CROWD boos loudly at this.

SWARM: Harbinger, you know why I’m out here. But I’ll repeat it if you’re dense. I want to see my son.

HARBINGER appears in a flash of light. The CROWD explodes with cheers and begins a “Shut him up!” chant.

HARBINGER: Swarm, Swarm, Swarm, I think it must be YOU who’s dense. I’ve told you time and time again, I’ll gladly let you see your son. All you have to do is best one of the members of Black Death. But YOU just can’t seem to get the job done. In fact, at Stormfront, you got yourself DQd. How does that help your cause?

SWARM: I want to see my son.

HARBINGER: You have to beat a member of Black Death. And since you didn’t get the job done at Stormfront and these good fans got cheated out of a decent match by your antics, I say we have a little rematch.

There’s a flash of light. ALPHA FEMALE appears. She’s ready to fight with her skull staff and GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP belt.

HARBINGER: Alpha Female’s ready to go again. Let’s see if you can get the job done and not get yourself disqualified this time. And to give you a little MORE incentive to win. Alpha Female has agreed to put the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP on the line.

The CROWD roars with laughter at this. SWARM is just steamed.

HARBINGER: Beat Alpha Female, right now, by pin or submission and you get to see your son. And you also become the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

An official comes to ringside as does DARK MENACE and the bell rings.

Swarm d. Alpha Female via pinfall after the VENOMOUS TINGER – ***
– SWARM attacked from the opening bell and didn’t let up. He scored the win and immediately turned to HARBINGER. The official brought the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP over to SWARM and sheepisly held it out. SWARM threw it to the ground and continued to stare at HARBINGER.

Suddenly MANTIS appeared and attacked SWARM from behind. He locked him in the PINCER CLAMP in the center of the ring. The fans cheered loudly! Officials were finally out to break it all up. SWARM lie motionless in the ring as MANTIS stood tall above. He looked over and saw the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. He walked over, picked it up and dropped it on SWARM.

The fans cheered loudly as MANTIS and HARBINGER, along with DARK MENACE left ringside. SWARM eventually came too. He groggily stood and, again, threw the belt down. He left the ring as the fans booed him loudly.

Mother Superior d. Deadliest via DQ after Deadliest hits Mother Superior with the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP belt which was still at ringside. – DUD
– Over quick. After the match DEADLIEST left the ring area with the CHAMPIONSHIP belt.

Scheduled next is PATCH taking on THE BETRAYER in a match stemming from STORMFRONT. PATCH was in the ring to the boos of the crowd when THE BETRAYER appeared. Gone was the masked costume we’d seen him in earlier this year he looked more like THE BETRAYER of old. He climbed into the ring as the CROWD cheered.

THE BETRAYER: Patch! You’ve got a beef with me because I attacked you from behind. Fair enough, fair enough. Thing is, I don’t like beefs to be dragged out for a long time. So my suggestion is we start and finish this tonight!

PATCH was nodding saying, “Fine by me,”

THE BETRAYER: Good. Then lets do this in a CAGE!

Flashing lights and loud music began playing as the COSMIC CAGE was lowered to the ring.

Patch d. The Betrayer (CD) via escape (pinfall) after Betrayer missed a turnbuckle charge – *****
– This was a fantastic match. BETRAYER started out strong but PATCH soon took control and lead the match till the end.

After the match, PATCH left the ring area without saying a word, just a cocky smile on his face.

Out next was ANIVAR and DARK MENACE. They came out to huge cheers. ANIVAR told the crowd that tonight he would humble ENDGAME even more. The fans ate this up. ENDGAME and GUARDIAN came out next and the fans jeered them unmercifully.

Anivar d. Endgame via pinfall after Black Death Cometh – **1/2
– The fans went nuts! Two straight losses in a row to BLACK DEATH for ENDGAME! ENDGAME and GUARDIAN rushed from ringside as the fans cheered loudly for ANIVAR.

Out next was MONOLITH. He strode to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. Just about the only non-BLACK DEATH wrestler to still be a fan favorite. He climbed into the ring and grabbed a mic.


He dropped the mic and waited. HECTOR appeared. MONOLITH said nothing and just stared at HECTOR. It seemed that HECTOR realized that this wasn’t over and if he ran now, MONOLITH would track him down. So he walked slowly to the ring. He entered and the bell rang.

Monolith d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via DQ after the action spilled outside and Hector brained Monoith with a holovision camera – ***1/2
– HECTOR dashed away from ringside as soon as the bell rang. He’s scared. Monolith stared after him. This looks far from over.

BLACK DEATH SPELLBOUND d. FDF PRIME via pinfall when Balaal pinned HelSIn after Venom Spit – **
– After the match, BALAAL and COVEN BLACK began circling the fallen HELSIN. TAURAN clobbered both with a double clothesline from the top rope! COVEN BLACK tumbled out of the ring and was knocked out. TAURAN grabbed BALAAL and held him as HELSIN delivered repeated STAKE TO THE HEART to him. The fans were booing loudly! Other BALCK DEATH team members suddenly appeared at ringside and TAURAN and HELSIN disappeared into the crowd. BALAAL looked injured and was taken out on stretcher. The fans were silent as BALAAL left.

Aethran Overmaster d. Bishop Hell (II) via submission when Bishop Hell (II) was no longer able to continue – *****
– This was, again, a bloody brawl. It was violent and out of control. Both men delivered brutal beatings to each other but it was a final strike with a stun rod that KO’d BISHOP HELL (II) and the ref called it.

The fans booed loudly as OVERMASTER and THE LEVELER stood tall in the ring as we…