From Sirius Silver Spire, Canis Major

BLACK DEATH t-shirts are sold out! The arena looks like a sea of black. One or two fans of non-BLACK DEATH wrestlers are sprinkled throughout the arena, but they are made fun of to no end. The fans of the GWF are hear and ready for a night of what they hope will be dominance by BLACK DEATH. Tonight we have a LAVA PIT MATCH in addition to all the titles being on the line and not one but TWO COSMIC CAGE MATCHES! And we start things off with a TITAN DEATH MATCH.

MISTRESS OF DARKNESS heads to the ring with COVEN BLACK and THE DARK MENACE! The place goes nuts! The first BLACK DEATH rep is here as MISTRESS OF DARKNESS is set to fight a TITAN DEATH MATCH against DEADLIEST. This is all stemming from a match back on card 2127.182.

Mistress of Darkness d. Dealiest via pinfall after COMPANION CONTROL – **1/2
– This match was over minutes after the opening bell. Having COVEN BLACK at ringside had MISTRESS OF DARKNESS fired up and she railroaded DEADLIEST, destroying her in only a matter of minutes! The fans were ecstatic and hoped it was a sign of the evening to come!

The war between BLACK DEATH and THE GLADIATORS heats up as our next match features the mighty PARALYZE going one on one with BISHOP HELL (II) who is still smarting over his INPTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP loss to AETHRAN OVERMASTER!

Paralyze d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – ***
– PARALYZE had a mission and he accomplished it, much to the dismay of the fans. Even GALAXIAN CHAMPION HAVOC’S interference on behalf of BISHOP HELL (II) wasn’t enough to turn the tide of this match. PARALYZE stood tall in the ring as the fans booed loudly.

The holovision camera cut to the outside of the arena where the LAVA PIT is set up for the big grudge match between NOSFERA and PAGANAX. The fans are behind NOSFERA due to his affiliation with BLACK DEATH.

Nosfera d. Paganax via escape (pinfall) after hitting him with THE DEMON’S BREATH and escaping the pit – **1/2
– PAGANAX didn’t seem to know where NOSFERA was coming from! He was jumping around like a maniac and hit the heathan chief with move after move. He finally used his DEMON’S BREATH to blind him enough to escape. The fans cheered loudly. NOSFERA just jumped away.

With PSI getting the nod from EURITAR to face HAVOC for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP tonight, the FDF issued an open challenge to BLACK DEATH wrestlers for a series of matches culminating in the main event. The first match is next as FDF PRIME make their way to the ring! The fans boo loudly. THey keep booing until BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE appears with THE DARK MENACE!

FDF PRIME d. BLACK DEATH CAGE RAGE via submission when HelSin locks The Betrayer in a crossface submission – **1/2
– FDF PRIME looked great in this match. Quick tags kept ANIVAR and THE BETRAYER off balance and eventualy secured them the victory! The fans were not happy at all. The FDF goes up 1-0 in tonight’s series!

The COSMIC CAGE began to get assembled around the ring. As it was SWARM made his way to ringside. The fans booed thunderously loud. He stopped near one fan holding a sign that read; SWARM IS MY LADIES CHAMPION! SWARM shook his head and continued. One fan spat on SWARM as he walked by. Security came to throw him out. The arena gave the spitter a standing ovation as he was whisked away. SWARM is truly the most hated man in the GWF. Perhaps of all time.

The jeering instantly turned to wild cheers as MANTIS made his way to ringside towards the cosmic cage. He didn’t acknowledge the fans at all, instead staring intently at his father who stood small, pathetic in the center of the ring, surrounded by cage.

SWARM d. MANTIS via escape (pinfall) after hitting his son with the VENOMOUS STINGER – *****
– An absolutely fascinating match. MANTIS got some offence in but then just went went…passive. Allowing his dad to him move after move. MANTIS fought back just enough to keep SWARM engaged, but then SWARM snapped and went on a rampage and MANTIS stopped fighting back. Blood spewed from MANTIS’ head. The fans stood shocked at the savagery displayed by SWARM. After escaping the cage, SWARM held his arms high in victory.

Then…the fans did something amazing…they turned their back to him. They refused to acknowledge him at all. One fan way up in the cheap seats wearing a blue baseball cap and an ‘I’m a Bee Stinger’ cheered loudly, but he was literally drowned out by the silence from the crowd. SWARM lowered his head and sheepishly walked from ringside. He stopped on the way and turned to look at his son and let out an audible sob and left the arena.

Medics rushed out to MANTIS who was able to get to his feet. The fans exploded. Giving him a huge standing ovation. MANTIS took the mic.

MANTIS: This wasn’t a loss. This was all part of the plan. The plan to rid the GWF of my father..for good.

The roar was deafening! The fans love MANTIS.

Earlier in the evening there was a scuffle in the locker room. Apparently OVERTIME said something to insult THARKAS and so THARKAS demanded a match. That match is next!

Overtime d. Tharkas via pinfall after OVERTIME RULES – *
– OVERTIME picks up a huge win here against THARKAS. THARKAS is enraged and vows that this is not over between them.

The COSMIC CAGE is being assembled again and the anticipation is high in the crowd. Even though this match doesn’t involve any BLACK DEATH wrestlers, the fans know the meaning. This is MONOLTIH looking to put a nail in the coffin of his feud with HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR.

Monolith d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via escape (pinfall) after making HECTOR pass out after lcking him in I BREAK YOU and holding him there for several minutes – ***
– MONOLITH, in a surrise to no one, dominated this match. After escaping he climbed back into the ring and looked as if he was going to do more damage to HECTOR. Then he simply made a ‘wiping my hands of you’ gesture and turned and left. THe crowd cheered the whole time.

As MONOLITH left the ringside area, ENDGAME made his way down. The crowd booed loudly at the sight of ENDGAME. As he passed MONOLITH the two stopped and locked eyes. The MONOLITH continued out. THE GUARDIAN appeared in a flash next to ENDGAME in the ring. ENDGAME got into the ring and took the mic as they disassembled the COSMIC CAGE.

ENDGAME: People of the galaxy, Harbinger has you brainwashed. He is not the savior you make him to be. FDF PRIME has already defeated BLACK DEATH once tonight. I have confidence that PSI will do it tonight against Havoc in the main event. And now I, facing any memebr of BLACK DEATH that chooses to step out here, will do the same.

The CROWD booed but eagerly awaited to see who BLACK DEATH would send out. THE DARK MENACE appeared and gestured to the back and…ALPHA FEMALE made her way to ringside. The fans cheered loudly, salivating at the ramifications if ALPHA FEMALE actually beat ENDGAME!

Alpha Female d. Endgame via DQ when The Guardian interferes trying to break up a pinfall – **1/2
– ALPHA FEMALE shocked the arena, and ENDGAME by taking the fight right to him. It was almost as if ENDGAME didn’t know how to react to her onslaught. ALPHA FEMALE was close to victory several times but after hitting her finisher, THE GUARDIAN interfered and the match was called.

The fans let ENDGAME and GUARDIAN have it as they scurried from ringside.

Now it was time for the first of four title matches! This one to crown the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP after SWARM vacated it. The odds on favorite MOTHER SUPERIOR is out first, followed by fan favorite, due to her relationship with BLACK DEATH, ROTUNDA is out next with THE DARK MENACE.

Mother Superior d. Rotunda via pinfall after MOTHER OF DESTRUCTION – *****
– ROTNDA fought the match of her life and came close to winning several times. MOTHER SUPERIOR’S agility won out the day though and she becomes the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION.

Out next is PATCH who said he would petition EURITAR for an INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP shot and that’s just what he did. He’ll have a tough go at it though as the champ is headed to ringside, AETHRAN OVERMASTER along with THE LEVELER!

Aethran Overmaster d. Patch via submission (KO) when Patch is unable to answer the ten count after an Overmaster Overhead Toss – *****
– An amazing match! PATCH fought bravely but the OVERMASTER was just too strong. Of course, interference by THE LEVELER helped a little as well.

THE GAMEMASTERS d. RUSH & TURMOIL via pinfall after Star Warrior (II) hits Rush with a SUper Hero Hammer – ****
– And THE GAMEMASTERS win the belts from RUSH & TURMOIL! Early on it looked like RUSH & TURMOIL would get the win as they pummeled THANTOS (II) from minutes, but a quick tag and a fresh STAR WARRIOR (II) came in to pick up the big win and give THE GAMEMASTERS the titles! THE GAMEMASTERS are the NEW GALAXIAN CHAMPIONS!

PSI d. Havoc via DQ when several members of Black Death run to ringside and begin a beatdown on PSI – ***
– PSI was on the cusp of winning. He was two steps ahead of HAVOC the entire match. DARK MENACE called for the BLACK DEATH team to come help and that was it. GUARDIAN was able to spirit PSI away so he avoided injury. It’ll be interesting to see what EURITAR does about this situation.

The BLACK DEATH teams stands tall inthe ring as we…