CARD #2126.173 – SUPERNOVA

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The fans are shocked as for the first time in a long time, none other than, current commissioner, ENDGAME comes to the ring. He’s accompanied by THE GUARDIAN. Several fans actually begin to boo ENDGAME because of his recent absence. He gets in the ring and gets the mic.

ENDGAME: I understand you’re upset that I haven’t been around, but there are matters that are pressing to the entire galaxy and I’ve been helping with those. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Black Death. The black holes that have been appearing across the galaxy. I’m working closely with THE GUARDIAN to do what I can to prevent these from happening.

Several fans start chanting, “Just do your job. Just do your job.”

ENDGAME: Yes. Yes. I understand. I have been too focused on on goings on outside the GWF ring and because of this, I fear the influence of Black Death may have infultrated our fine sport.

This silenced the crowd.

ENDGAME: The Guardian believes that the hooded figure who’s been appearing in the crowd recently may, in fact, be part of Black Death. We aren’t sure, but we’re investigating that. We also want to make an example that the Black Death is not welcome here so tonight I’ve made a match between The Guardian and the man who, we believe, has ushered the Black Death into the GWF…Oracle! They will go one on one tonight and NO ONE, this includes you Mr. Hooded Figure if you are listening. If ANYONE interferes in the match, on either side, they will be exiled for a year! I will admit that The Guardian is strange to most of you and his powers fluctuate wildly. Because of that, this will be The Guardians final match in the GWF until we can stabilize his powers. That being said, Oracle get out here for your match!

The fans boo loudly as ORACLE comes ringside. He’s not happy about this match, but he’s not willing to risk exile.

The Guardian d. Oracle via pinfall after a HEAD BUTT – ***
– GUARDIAN dominated this match. ORACLE got in no offense. After the match, GUARDIAN turned from the ref, who was holding his hand up in victory and went to cross to ORACLE and there was a brilliant flash of light and mounds of black smoke and when it cleared ORACLE was gone.

This seemed to worry THE GUARDIAN and he immediately left the ring area. ENDGAME, who’d remained at the official’s station got on mic and told everyone that they shouldn’t be concerned, that they were all safe. He then announced the rest of the night’s matches would go on as scheduled.

Phantasy d. Mother Superior via pinfall after Mother Superior misses a knee drop from the top ropes – *1/2
– A quick match here. MOTHER SUPERIOR dominated, but PHANTASY saw her opportunity and grabbed it. After the match, Phantasy asked for the mic.

PHANTASY: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve had a great career here in the GWF. I’ve ben booed by you. I’ve been cheered by you and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but there comes a time when you need to move on and, for me, that time is now. Thank you for letting me be part of the GWF. I’ll miss you all.

The CROWD rose and gave her a standing ovation. She waved to the fans and, for the last time, Phantasy stepped out of the ring. As she was headed to the back though, suddenly ROTUNDA came flying through the curtain and tackled her! Then ROTUNDA stood and gave her a huge splash on the arena floor! GRYT was right behind her with a mic.

GRYT: No, no, you don’t get to decide when to leave. We do. Rotunda wants one more match! You and her, one on one at BIG BANG. After ROTUNDA grinds you up into powder…then you can retire!

With that GRYT and ROTUNDA left and medics came out to help PHANTASY to her feet.

The CROWD was anxious to know if PHANTASY will accept the challenge, but she was too busy being seen to by the medics.

Next is a huge return match! The strange and unusual PSI versus the man who injured him…BISHOP HELL (II)!

PSI d. Bishop Hell (II) via DQ when Hell uses HELLFIRE to set a chair on fire and then smash PSI with it outside the ring – ****
– After the match, BISHOP HELL (II) continued to whack PSI with the chair when suddenly MONOLITH came storming to ringside and chased him off. The crowd cheered loudly for MONOLITH making the save. Although once, BISHOP HELL (II) had ducked into the crowd, MONOLITH didn’t seem that concearned with PSI. Obviously he’s still on his mission to destroy any and all friends of HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR.

VIDTEK then ran out, mic in hand. He rushed up to MONOLITH looking to get his exclusive interview. MONOLITH shoved him away, and shouted for ENDGAME to come out. VIDTEK again put the mic in his face to ask him a questions and MONOLITH screamed again for ENDGAME and then grabbed VIDTEK, dragged him into the ring and hit him with the most devastating CATASTROPHE anyone had ever seen. VIDTEK lay lifeless in the ring. MONOLITH picked up the MIC.

MONOLITH: Endgame! Give me the LEGENDS team.

ENDGAME appeared with the medics and as they hauled VIDTEK out of the ring, ENDGAME informed us all that later tonight, MONOLITH could have members of the LEGENDS team when he faces THE GAMEMASTERS in a two on one match!

Many thought that this would infuriate MONOLITH but he only smirked and walked away from ring side.

After VIDTEK was taken from the ring area and was on his way to a Hospital, we were ready for our next match. NOSFERA and OMEN came out to loud boos. MANTIS was out next, followed by SWARM who go THUNDEROUS boos. MANTIS stopped halfway to the ring and instructed his father to leave. SWARM pleaded and begged to stay but MANTIS refused to go any further until he left. FInally SWARM nodded and turned to go and the crowd cheered loudly.

Nosfera d. Mantis via pinfall after a SPRING HEEL KICK – *1/2
– During the match, NOSFERA went for THE DEMON’S BREATH behind the ref’s back. MANTIS was able to kick out, but this brought out SWARM who argued with the ref about the illegal tactics. MANTIS yelled at his father to leaf, but he refused and when MANTIS turned back to the match he was hit with the SPRING HEEL KICK and lost.

SWARM was beside himself. The crowd booed him loudly for interfering. SWARM hopped into the ring to help his son up when suddenly there was another blinding flash of light and billowing black smoke. When it cleared, MANTIS was gone.

SWARM looked under the ring and around ringside but found no trace of MANTIS. He then turned towards OMEN and NOSFERA. OMEN said that they had nothing to do with the dissapearance of his son, but SWARM disagreed. He punched out OMEN and then hit the VENOMOUS STINGER on NOSFERA. The crowd booed him loudly and began a chat, “It was your fault! It was your fault!”

SWARM covered his ears in rage and ran from ringside.

Monolith d. THE GAMEMASTERS via submission with I BREAK YOU – ***1/4
– After the match MONOLITH refuses to release the hold. STAR WARRIOR (II) can’t budge him. Several refs come out to try and stop him. THANTOS (II) is screaming in pain.

ENDGAME comes out, mic in hand and tells MONOLITH if he doesn’t let go he’s suspended. MONOLITH refuses, wanting to send a clear message to HECTOR. So ENDGAME announces that he’s suspending him for 5 fight cards!

ENDGAME threatens to add more, but MONOLITH finally relents and lets THANTOS (II) fall to the mat. Satisfied, MONOLITH just gets up and leaves the ring area.

MASTER RACE d. FRONTLINE DEFENSE via DQ when Anivar and Sleeper Cell get into a huge brawl at ringside with Thraxx – *
– During the match, Anivar refused tags to Tauran shouting, “I’ve got this!” The actions soon spilled outside the ring and SLEEPER CELL got involved and a brawl erupted. Tauran was flummoxed by the whole thing.

Suddenly, ANIVAR just stood and looked out into the crowd. There was the hooded figure again. ANIVAR remained motionless. THE GUARDIAN charged the ring and hopped into the crowd but the hooded figure vanished. ANIVAR snapped out of it and was completely unaware of anything happening.

Definately strange things going on. But now it was time for the MAIN EVENT! THe long awaited final match between GRYT and AETHRAN OVERMASTER! THeir feud has been going for months now since GRYT bested OVERMASTER.

OVERMASTER came to ringside alone saying he didn’t need anyone in his corner. GRYT, who came out to huge cheers, did as well.

Aethran Overmastr d. Gryt via escape (pinfall) after ramming GRYT face first into the cage – ***1/2
– For all the times that GRYT has shocked OVERMASTER in the past, this was OVERMASTER’S match. Once he went through the door and hit the arena floor, he kept going. Not looking back. ROTUNDA ran to the ring to help GRYT.

After a wild night, the fallen form of GRYT is what we see as we…