CARD #2126.172 – INVASION

From Demios Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

The show opens with PLETHADOR and SKWISH headed to the ring. The CROWD cheers loudly which actually surprises PLETHADOR as the ANIMEN seem to be very unpopular. PLETHADOR gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

PLETHADOR: At Civil War I got punked out twice by a man who I thought was my friend…Swarm.

The CROWD boos loudly.

PLETHADOR: Now I don’t know what planet you’re from but on Andromeda, we don’t punch our friends. That’s like Gladiator antics. So I want to make this right the only way I feel is possible. Swarm, get your butt stinger out here and face me one on one!

The CROWD cheers loudly.

PLETHADOR: Let’s go Swarm, come on out. I know you’ll probably beat me, but it’s the principle of the thing. You. Do. Not. Punch. A. Friend.

SWARM finally appears with PAYBACK following behind. The CROWD lays into him hard. Booing loudly. SWARM seems taken aback and almost embarrassed by this reaction from the fans. When he gets into the ring SWARM tries to apologize for punching PLETHADOR, but the amphibian wants nothing of it. He keeps calling for the bell. The bell rings and it looks like we have a match!

Swarm d. Plethador via pinfall after Hornet’s Sting – **** – Plethador fought bravely kicking out several times (6 tokens!) but it was, as everyone feared, a foregone conclusion. At the sound of the bell the fans let SWARM have it with jeers and boos. SWARM had his hand raised but it was a hollow victory as the fans have turned against him totally. SWARM began getting more and more upset and, even through PAYBACK tried to hold him back, SWARM lunged and grabbed PLETHADOR and hit him with the VENOMOUS STINGER!

The CROWD went after him harder, throwing things into the ring. SWARM went to pick him up again and MANTIS hit the ring and shoved his own father! The fans cheered MANTIS loudly! SWARM reared back to punch MANTIS but he stopped. MANTIS helped SKWISH get PLETHADOR to his feet and helped him to the back shaking his head. PAYBACK stood near SWARM, hand on his back, trying to calm him down. Finally he was able to get him out of the ring.

The fans are, obviously, not in SWARM’S camp any longer.

She Devil d. Sultana via pinfall after a sunset flip. – **** – A great match here between these two. She Devil will now go to BIG BANG to face STRAFE for the title!

VITDEK came out next claiming that he’d now interview MONOLITH. He called for the big man and again, he did not appear. After a few minutes of waiting, he promised the fans that he would indeed get the interview and they should just be patient. This brought out SYMBIOSIS who was ready for their rematch from the BETRAYAL QUALIFIERS.

Symbiosis d. Vidtek via pinfall after EVENT HORIZON – ***1/2 – SYMBIOSIS dominated this match up. VIDTEK barely had any offense.

Up next, a rematch from BETRAYAL as THE GAMEMASTERS will take on LEADERS OF THE PACK. THE GAMEMASTERS came out to their traditional boos, but LEADERS OF THE PACK came out to louder boos. The fans began chanting, “You should have stopped him! You should have stopped him!” Obviously referencing SWARM’S beating of PLETHADOR. PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH tried to ignore it.

THE GAMEMASTERS d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via pinfall when Star Warrior (II) hit Panther Warrior with the COSMIC BIG NOVA LAUNCH – ** -THE GAMEMASTERS dominated here. PANTHER WARRIOR wasn’t even able to tag out. Fans actually cheered when THE GAMEMASTERS won! THANTOS (II) was positioning PANTHER WARRIOR for another COSMIC BIG NOVA LAUNCH when suddenly MONOLITH charged ringside!

The fans went nuts as he went after THE GAMEMASTERS! Obviously after them since Hector, the man responsible for his being out with an injury was not there. THE GAMEMASTERS ducked through the CROWD to escape and MONOLITH, after a moment, left ringside. VIDTEK tried to meet him on the walkway, but MONOLITH just pushed him out of the way and continued back.

Overtime d. Nitro via countout after Nitro misses a suicide dive to outside the ring and is knocked out. – DUD – This one was over shortly after the opening bell. OVERTIME celebrated as if he’d won the biggest match of his life. He crabbed the mic.

OVERTIME: That’s how it’s done! That’s how I did it in the Z, that’s how I do it here in the GWF!

The fans were luke warm on this as he’s still not impressed them at all.

Up next is a rematch from the CIVIL WAR QUALIFIERS as MILITARY POWERS takes on TITAN BLOOD.

TITAN BLOOD d. MILITARY POWERS via pinfall after The Betrayer hits Paganax with BLACK BETRAYAL – **1/2 – TITAN BLOOD with a huge win here. PAGANAX and THARKAS were beside themselves. TRISTAN and THE BETRAYER were celebrating when all of a sudden, THE BETRAYER froze. He was transfixed looking at something out in the CROWD. All eyes turned and there was the hooded figure from before standing, staring at THE BETRAYER. THE BETRAYER stood still and then nodded. after that the hooded figure disappeared and THE BETRAY snapped bak to normal. Everyone wondered what happened, but THE BETRAYER had no idea anything had gone wrong and continued celebrating.

Finally, it was time for our MAIN EVENT! Tonight HELSIN returns from injury to take on the man who took him out PATCH! HELSIN gets decent cheers as he heads ringside with SCRON. PATCH gets boos as he comes ringside with none other than COVEN BLACK! The ref is going to have to keep a close eye on this. What is the newfound friendship between these two all about?

HelSin d. Patch via DQ when Coven Black dives off the top rope onto HelSin to break up a pin – ***** – This was a wild one! Early on the ref saw SCORN try to interfere and ejected her! Many thought this would spell doom for HelSIn, but he fought bravely and came close to winning when COVEN BLACK dove from the top rope onto him to break a pin attempt! HelSin was knocked out cold at the end of the match. COVEN BLACK looked like he was going to bite HELSIN when suddenly he looked out inot the crowd.

The hooded figure was back. BLACK watched him carefully and then nodded. Suddenly the figure was gone and BLACK left ringside with PATCH. HELSIN got to his feet with SCORN’S help, she’d run back when it looked like BLACK may attack HELSIN more. He wobbled down the entranceway as we…