CARD #2126.171 – CIVIL WAR

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

It’s CIVIL WAR! The annual single elimination tournament to determine the #1 contenders for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by RUSH & TURMOIL!

The place is sold out, but one person who is not here is current Commissioner ENDGAME. He has sent word, via BENJAMIN PAIGE, though that all matches tonight will be contested undr TITAN DEATH RULES (NO DQ/COUNT OUT) so there is a decisive winner!

Opening match pits LOOSE CANNONS against MASTER RACE. On paper here one might think that LOOSE CANNONS, with former GALAXIAN CHAMPION Swarm is the odd on favorite, but their win-loss record for the year is horrible. Perhaps too much going on in the personal life of these athletes is to blame. MASTER RACE was one of the top performing teams in the INFINITY CHALLENGE so this should be an interesting match! NO DQs and Countouts certainly plays into PAYBACK’S strengths.

In the back before the match PLETHADOR make a joking reference to having a better overall record for the year than LOOSE CANNONS. This set SWARM off and he actually decked PLETHADOR! LEADERS OF THE PACK and PAYBACK pulled him off of him. PLETHADOR was out cold and Skwish dragged him to the Medics. As SWARM and PAYBACK headed to the ring, the fans actually started to boo the fan-favorite SWARM.

MASTER RACE d. LOOSE CANNONS via submission when SWARM taps out when ZYGON applies the TRI-CLAW – *1/4 – LOSSE CANNONS had an early advantage with PAYBACK getting a near fall on ZYGON but when SWARM tagged in the tide turned. ZYGON was able to hit several big moves that SWARM couldn’t compete with and tapped out when he applied te TRI-CLAW. MASTER RACE advances.

After the match SWARM is furious! He’s unconsolable for this loss. PAYBACK is trying to calm him down, but he’s refusing to listen. He smashes several holo-screens at ringside. Security comes out to try and surround him and he starts levelling security. LEADERS OF THE PACK, PLETHADOR and MANTIS all run to ringside to try to calm him down. He lays out PLETHADOR again easily and then takes a swing at MANTIS! The fans are booing loudly at this point,

He pauses, seemingly realizing what he done . He just stands there staring at MANTIS. MANTIS looks at him, tears in his eyes, then just walks away. So do LEADERS OF THE PACK, who pick up PLETHADOR to help him out. All that’s left is PAYBACK. THe two stare at each other. PAYBACK opens his arms and SWARM falls into them. SWARM is crying. PAYBACK rubs his back gently as he walks them to the back. The fans boo loudly the whole time. Seems there’s been a change in the man that was once the darling of the fans.

DARK MENACE leads his charges ULTIMATE FIGHTERS to the ring. The fans cheer as they come to the ring doing their trademark hand gestures! The fans do it right aling with them and chant, “Fightin’ Tough! Fightin’ Tough!” They are followed by their opponents, FRONTLINE DEFENSE. This will be an interesting battle between two fan favorite teams. One also has to wonder with being NO DQ or COUNTOUT is SLEEPER CELL will interfere at all.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. FRONTLINE DEFENSE when Anivar taps out when Shoot applies TAPPED OUT – *1/2 – In an odd turn of events, ANIVAR refused to tag out during the match. He called on SLEEPER CELL several times to interfere, though TAURAN was calling for him to tag out. Soon the CLINCH took control and he and SHOOT made quick tags, grounding down ANIVAR until he tapped out.

After the match, TAURAN took ANIVAR aside asking him why he didn’t tag out. ANIVAR just kept repeating, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.” TAURAN was as lost as the crowd was. ANIVAR just shrugged it off and told SLEEPER CELL to follow him to the back.

VIDTEK heads to the ring to announce his exclusive interview with MONOLITH. He calls the big man out and the crowd cheers, but MONOLITH never shows. VIDTEK says he thought he had it all worked out but he’ll keep trying. He promises to track him down at the next card for sure.

Out next to a huge cheer is the team of ENSOR and U.S. MALE – FREEDOM! And they are accompanied by none other than PHANTASY! The fans cheer that she’ll be in the corner for FREEDOM. THe cheers turn to boos as out comes THE GAMEMASTERS. STAR WARRIOR (II) and THANTOS (II) soak in all the vitriol from the crowd. Giggling with delight.

GAMEMASTERS d. FREEDOM via pinfall when Thantos (II) hits the LEGENDS LARIAT on U.S. Male and pick up the win – *1/2 – THE GAMEMASTERS put on a tag team clinic here! They effectively cut off the ring and despite pin save attempts by ENSOR and interference by PHANTSY, they decimated U.S. Male and got the win. They advance in the tournament.

Out next is LEADERS OF THE PACK for the final match of the first round. The fans actually start booing the ANIMEN! They begin a chant, “You should have done more! You should have done more!” PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH look bewildered by this all. They try to remain focused, but one has to wonder if perhaps the actions of their fellow ANIMAN have them distracted. They’ll need all their wits about them though as they are taking on former champions, MILITARY POWERS! PAGANAX and THARKAS come out to huge boos as well.

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. MILITARY POWERS via pinfall after Panther Warrior hits Paganax with JUNGLE NIGHTS – *1/2 – PAGANAX and THARKAS were pretty much dominating, but they could never get into any pinning positions. PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH continued to strike when they could, eventually weakening both opponents to get the win.

The CROWD boos loudly at LEADERS OF THE PACK’s win tonight. They restart their chant from earlier. It should be noted that MILITARY POWERS were not being cheered, it just seems that the crowd has turned on the ANIMEN.

That ends ROUND ONE. Moving on the match ups look like this:


MASTER RACE is out as is ULTIMATE FIGHTERS with DARK MENACE to begin the SEMI-FINAL round!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. MASTER RACE via submission when Shoot locks Thraxx in TAPPED OUT – **1/2 – The match of the night so far. MASTER RACE fought hard and came close to winning once or twice but ULTIMATE FIGHTERS were able to pick up the win. DARK MENACE is excited that they will now enter wrestle in the finals! CLINCH and SHOOT do their wild arm gestures as the crowd chants with them.

The GAMEMASTERS are out to loud boos from the crowd. The boos pale in comparison to the thunderous boos when LEADERS OF THE PACK hit the ring. PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH seem totally out of sorts. They were fan favorites to begin the night but now the crowd is SO against them.

GAMEMASTERS d. LEADERS OF THE PACK via submission when Thantos (II) slapped the MASTERLOCK on Panther Warrior – SQUASH – This one was over before it began! PANTHER WARRIOR was so shaken by the crowd’s turn that he wasn’t focused in the match and THANTOS (II) capitalized quickly.

The fans started right in on LEADERS OF THE PACK with chants of, “You should’ve done more! You should’ve done more!” THE GAMEMASTERS were loving it and joined in as they waited for PANTHER WARRIOR and MALKUTH to leave so we could begin the main event! Minutes later the ANIMEN have left and DARK MENACE walks the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS to the ring!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. THE GAMEMASTERS when Shoot hits Thantos (II) with a reverse knife-edge – ***** – Wow! An amazing match! Both teams were so close to winning it several times but in the end, DARK MENACE’S ULTIMATE FIGHTERS get the win!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS do their wild arm gestures with the crowd who’s going nuts here on Deimos! At BIG BANG it’ll be ULTIMATE FIGHTERS taking on RUSH & TURMOIL for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP and the crowd loves it!

SHOOT and CLINCH celebrate in the ring as we…