CARD #2126.170 – BETRAYAL

From Aethran War Dome, Aethra

The Aethrans are packed to the rafters. Eager to see who will face PARALYZE for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG. PARALYZE is in attendance sitting in the Ceremonial Overmaster box. RUSH and TURMOIL are there as well. STRAFE, GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION is sitting thre rows down from the box as no women are allowed in the ceremonial box except as servants to bring food and drink for the men.

Out first is PLETHADOR and SKWISH. PLETHADOR still gets some ironic cheers from the Aethran crowd as they still celebrate his humiliation of GRYT. He’s going to have a rough time of it tonight because his opponent is here, to a round of jeers, ENDGAME!


Endgame d. Plethador via pinfall after the ULTIMA LEAP – *1/2
– PLETHADOR actually gets in some opening offense and a near fall, but in the end he’s just outmatched by ENDGAME. ENDGAME advances to round two.

Symbiosis d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall with EVENT HORIZON – *
– SYMBIOSIS pulls off what, on paper, would be considered an upset. BISHOP HELL was distracted the entire time by a figure standing in the crowd about 6 rows back from ringside. After the bell, HELL got up to look for the figure and he was gone. He seemed out of it as he walked back up the ramp. The bigger news here is that SYMBIOSIS advances and wil face ENDGAME in round two!

HAVOC is out to a thunderous choros of boos from the Aethran crowd. HAVOC loves every minute of it. MANTIS is out next. SWARM is accompanying him but halfway down the aisle, MANTIS turns to send him back to the locker room. SWARM is refusing. Cameras pick up SWARM saying it’s too dangerous out here for him to go out alone. MANTIS argues he’s not a little kid anymore. SWARM, stubbornly refuses to relent.

Havoc d. Mantis via pinfall with FALLEN DREAMS – **1/2
– Mantis had some good offense going, but Havco soon overpowered him. At one point SWAMR dove into the ring to make a pinsave and it resulted in HAVOC almost getting another pinfall. MANTIS was furious with his father after that and yelled at him to leave ringside SWARM refused. After the match, MANTIS left ringside without SWARM. HAVOC moves on to round two.

OUt next to huge cheers is COMMISSIONER OVERMASTER! He comes with THE LEVELER to ringside. COVEN BLACK is out next followed by MISTRESS OF DARKNESS.

Coven Black d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall with DIAMOND EYES – **
– The crowd is outraged! Coven Black quickly departs ringside with MISTRESS OF DARKNESS as the crowd is near riot! OVERMASTER is furious! COVEN BLACK moves to round two to face HAVOC.

The crowd is nowhere near settled as we move to round two.

Symbiosis d. Endgame via pinfall with EVENT HORIZON – *1/2
– A HUGE upset here as SYMBIOSIS advances to the finals! During the closing moments of the match, GUARDIAN appeared at ringside and tried to desperately get ENDGAME’s attention. Distracting him long enough for SYMBIOSIS to hit his finisher and get the win! After the match GUARDIAN looked apologetic but insisted that ENDGAME follow him out of the building. SYMBIOSIS moves to the finals!

Havoc d. Coven Black via pinfall with the GOTHIC TOMB SPIKE – ***1/2
– Great match here with a ton of action! The Aethran crowd though was not happy at the outcome as HAVOC advances to face SYMBIOSIS in the finals!

COMMISSIONER OVERMASTER comes out to address the crowd. He says that the era of the GLADIATORS is upon the galaxy! For PARALYZE is GALAXIAN CHAMPION and RUSH & TURMOIL are GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. He mentions STRAFE as being women’s champ and announces that as his final act as Commissioner, he’s putting himself in the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP match against HECTOR at BIG BANG. He says that after the biggest card of the year, the GLADIATORS WILL hold all the titles! This brings huge cheers from the crowd! And now it’s time for the main event! Who will face PARALYZE for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG?!

Havoc d. Symbiosis via pinfall with FALLEN DREAMS – *
– This was a quick one that saw HAVOC dominate! The crowd booed loudly. HAVOC stood on the second rope and taunted the crowd. It’ll be HAVOC vs. PARALYZE at BIG BANG for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

HAVOC was soaking in the hatred from the crowd when suddenly he froze and starred out into the crowd. The same figure from the BISHOP HELL (II) match stood in the audience. HAVOC stared directly at him.

It’s this image we see as we…