From HotTa Hall, Fomalhaut, Pieces

The show opens with none other than new COMMISSIONER PSI coming out to the ring with microphone.

PSI: I realize in the past many of you have been a little…disturbed at my past attempts to communicate with you all at once. So I’m using this…(indicating the mic)…more primitive way. I just wanted to come out here and let you know as to what kind of Commissioner I will be over the next few weeks. I am ordering all referees to begin calling matches right down the middle. All of the rules will now be strictly enforced. After the unusually high number of injuries occurring under my predecessor’s reign, I will now make sure that rules are followed. Now, like my predecessor, I will let Abroz and Dialectus run this and all Infinity Challenge shows as they see fit. As long as rules are followed. Let the next few weeks serve as a return to great wrestling and a move away from the uncontrolled violence of the past.

The CROWD applauds, perhaps finding some newfound respect for the newcomer and are optimistic for his time as Commissioner. PSI leaves and out come ABROZ and DIALECTUS.

ABROZ: For weeks now my lead has been goring stronger, while your team’s point hardly grew.

DIALECTUS: This fact you state is correct, but for now we’ll try something new.

ABROZ: Now we shall add a twist to the Infinity Challenge contest that has not been attempted before.

DIALECTUS: A series of Battlezone matches will take place tonight then on our next show there’ll be one more.

ABROZ: The women and the tag teams will do battle tonight and then the men will fight next show.

DIALECTUS: And perhaps this is the shake up my team will need to allow our points to grow.

The aliens both bow and retire to their luxury box and we begin with the WOMEN’S BATTLEZONE series.

Deadliest d. Mother Superior via pinfall after PURIFICATION – *****
– A fantastic opening bout as these two put on a fight for the points that were on the line. DEADLIEST gets the win and picks up two points for ABROZ.

Phantasy d. Deadliest via pinfall after a springboard moonsault. – *
– It appears that the opening bout took a lot out of DEADLIEST as she was easily upset here by PHANTASY. This win give PHANTASY two points for DIALECTUS.

Shann-Ra d. Phantasy via pin fall with the MACHETE – **
– SHANN-RA takes the lead in the Battlezone matches back for ABROZ and scores two points in the process.

Shann-Ra d. Sultana via DQ when Sultana slams Shann-Ra’s head into the guardrails at ringside – **1/2
– An okay match until the DQ finish. SHANN-RA picks up the win, gets one point and winds up sealing the victory for ABROZ.

After the WOMEN’S BATTLEZONE MATCHES, ABROZ picks up 5 points, DIALECTUS picks up 2 points. Next up is the TAG TEAM BATTLEZONE matches.

DARK FUTURES d. FIRE & FURY via pin fall when Trick hit Nosfera with AX MURDERER – **1/4
– TRICKS and ORACLE pick up the win getting two more points for ABROZ.

TITAN BLOOD d. DARK FUTURES via pin fall when Tristan hits Oracle with ARCANA – DUD
– DARK FUTURES were wiped from their fight against FIRE & FURY and TITAN BLOOD picked up an easy win. TITAN BLOOD get two points for DIALECTUS and pick up their first win as a team.

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. TITAN BLOOD via DQ when Tristan was DQ’d for attempting to make a pin save when Malkuth was going for a pin on The Betrayer – *
– The ref, at PSI’s insistence, called things right down the middle and when TRISTAN ignored the ref’s five count. LEADERS OF THE PACK pick upon point for ABROZ

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. FREEDOM via pin fall after Malkuth caught Ensor in a sunset flip – *
– LEADERS OF THE PACK get a quick win agains FREEDOM. They pick up two points and give ABROZ the victory for the evening.

The TAG TEAM BATTLEZONE matches give ABROZ 5 more points and DIALECTUS another 2.

The end of the evening finds ABROZ up by 10 more points and DIALECTUS with only 2 points. DIALECTUS is very far behind now in points. It’ll be interesting to see if his singles wrestlers can pick up any more points on the next SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE show.

LEADERS OF THE PACK celebrate in the ring as we…



ABROZ – 14-6 – 37pts.
DIALECTUS – 6-14 – 23pts.

– Representing Abroz –
– DARK CARNIVAL – 3-0 – 14pts.
– ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA – 1-1 – 7pts
– POWER CORE – 1-2 – 10pts.

Gryt – 3-0 – 4pts
Nitro – 2-1 – 5pts
Plethador – 1-1 – 2pts

LEADERS OF THE PACK (Panter Warrior & Malkuth) – 4-0 – 7pts
MASTER RACE (Thraxx & Zygon) – 2-0 – 5pts
DARK FUTURES (Tricks & Oracle) – 3-2 – 6pts

Rotunda – 2-1 – 4pts
Shann-Ra – 3-1 – 5pts
Deadliest – 1-3 – 2pts

– Representing Dialectus –
– ALIEN CORPS – 2-1 – 10pts.
– FDF CHALLENGE – 1-1 – 7pts.
– TITANS – 0-3 – 1pts.

Symbiosis – 2-1 – 4pts
Vidtek – 0-1 – 0pts
Overtime – 0-3 – 0pts

FREEDOM (Ensor & U.S. Male) – 2-1 – 3pts.
FIRE & FURY (Nosfera & Retribution) – 0-3 – 0pts.
TITAN BLOOD (Tristan & The Betrayer) – 1-4 – 2pts

Sultana – 3-1 – 6pts.
Mother Superior – 1-3 – 1pt.
Phantasy – 2-2 – 4pts