CARD #2126.152 – INVASION

From the Sextans Superspeedway, Sextanis


The show starts with COMMISSIONER PSI coming out and reiterating what he said on SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE. Basically that he’s enforcing all rules from now on and the entire locker room has been put on notice that they must follow the rules or they can leave. He then said as Commissioner, it’s his job to make sure flagrant rule-breakers are taught to follow the rules and to that end, tonight he will be taking on INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION BISHOP HELL (II) in a NON-TITLE MATCH!

Mistress of Darkness d. She Devil via pinfall after DIAMOND EYES – ****
– SHE DEVIL was looking for a little retribution here against MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and COVEN BLACK after they had enslaved her, but that revenge would have to wait. A good back and forth but MISTRESS OF DARKNESS got the win. After the match, COVEN BLACK charged at SHE DEVIL, seemingly to put her back under his spell, but SHE DEVIL dove out of the ring and ran off.

Bishop Hell (II) d. PSI via pinfall after HELLFIRE – *
– PSI was looking to teach BISHOP HELL (II) a lesson and wound up tasting HELLFIRE instead! This was a brief encounter that saw BISHOP HELL (II) dominate. After the match, BISHOP HELL (II) laughed on the way to the back as PSI got back to his feet.

American Guy d. Coven Black via count out when Black refuses to return to the ring – *1/2
– It was a brief glimmer of greatness for COVEN BLACK. Mere cards ago he was challenging for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and now here he was getting run around by AMERICAN GUY. The more experience GUY whipped BLACK from one end of the ring to the other until finally BLACK just bailed and left the ring, taking the count out.

Helsin d. Patch via pinfall after STAKE TO THE HEART – **1/2
– PATCH was in control most of the match. Hitting several of his finishers at different times. But Helsin, picked up the win here hitting his finisher seemingly out of nowhere.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. GLADIATORS when Clinch pinned Turmoil after Monolith interfered – ****
– This was wild! The fans were very shocked that it didn’t end in a DQ as they had assumed, what with PSI’s pronouncement at the top of the show. The GLADIATORS dominated, for the most part, until MONOLITH charged the ring to even things up with THE LEVELER out there. While the ref’s back was turned, MONOLITH clobbered TURMOIL from behind and the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS got the win.

After the bell, as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS celebrated with their unique arm motions, MONOLITH grabbed the mic and said he was now on a mission to permanently take out all the GLADIATORS, just as he did the OVERMASTER! The crowd cheered and MONOLITH remained in the ring for our next match.

Paralyze d. Monolith via pinfall after PERMANENTLY PARALYZED – ****
– PARALYZE picks up a big win here! After the match, PARALYZE and THE LEVELER start stalking MONOLITH when suddenly ENDGAME runs to ringside! ENDGAME flattens THE LEVELER and then attacks PARALYZE! The crowd was going nuts! MONOLITH got to his feet and when ENDGAME whipped PARALYZE in his direction, he flattened him with a clothesline and then hit the Gladiator with CATASTROPHE twice!

Officials, at PSI’s urging ran out and cleared the ring. PARALYZE was slow to his feet and held his ribs tightly and THE LEVELER helped him to the back.

FRONTLINE DEFENSE d. GAMEMASTERS via pinball when Anivar covered Thantos (II) after a SLEEPER CELL ATTACK – *
– FRONTLINE DEFENSE gets the win here and will get the one on one title shot they were cheated out of at RETRIBUTION!

THE GAMEMASTERS were furious and called out PSI and asked how SLEEPER CELL interfering was ‘following the rules.’ PSI replied that it’s the referee’s decisions were final and there was nothing he could do about it.

TAURAN and ANIVAR celebrated in the ring as we…