From Homam Superior Academy, Homam, Pegasus


(Commissioner Paganax has ordered that ALL of these INFINITY CHALLENGE MATCHES will be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES)

Match #1
Sultana d. Rotunda via pinfall after PARDON MY SPEAR – **1/2
– A decisive win here from SULTANA gives DIALECTUS a much needed three points!

Match #2
DARK FUTURES d. FIRE & FURY via pinfall when Tricks hits Retribution with AX MURDERER – **1/2
– NOSFERA and RETRIBUTION remain winless and bickering ensued afterwards. OMEN was able to calm them both down, but barely. DARK FUTURES pick up 2 points for ABROZ.

Match #3
GRYT d. Symbiosis via pinfall after an amazing hurricanrana – **
– GRYT once again shows why he may just be the GWF’s best Infinity Challenge player. He picks up 3 points for ABROZ and seals another victory for his team. He also jumps into the lead as the highest point earner on ABROZ’s side of the INFINITY CHALLENGE!

DARK CARNIVAL (5) bests ALIEN CORPS (3) in this series. ABROZ is far ahead with a total of 31 points to DIALECTUS’ 18. DIALECTUS was silent after the final match leaving fans wondering what he could be pondering. We head to the ring for our next match!

Match #4
Scorn d. She Devil via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – **
– THe moment SCORN hit her finisher, SHE DEVIL snapped out of the trance she’d been in for weeks! COVEN BLACK, who was watching at ringside was furious. He started to go after SHE DEVIL, but HELSIN stood between them SCORN was able to spirit her away. BLACK apparently didn’t want to risk any confrontation before his big match tonight. Though he’d lost his bargaining chip, SHE DEVIL, he still had his shot at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

Match #5
Paralyze d. Havoc via pinfall after a Decapitator – *****
– Havoc couldn’t get things started in this match. Even though DARK MENACE called out SHOOT to try and help get HAVOC on the road to winning, PARALYZE just dominated. Many now feel this victory puts the Gladiator in line for a GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP shot.

Match #6
PSI d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via submission with MIND OVER MATTER – *****
– After the match, PSI refused to let go of the hold. He then slowly put two fingers to his temple and closed his eyes. The minute he did, HECTOR started screaming in pain and clutched at the head of his bear costume. Then he suddenly stopped struggling and was still. PSI calmly released the hold, stood and left the ring. Medics rushed to the ring to tend to HECTOR but they couldn’t get him to stir at all. They put him on a stretcher and took him out of the ring. He didn’t move at all the entire time.

Match #7
THE GAMEMASTERS d. LOOSE CANNONS exiling the team for 10 cards. – *****
– LOOSE CANNONS are gone for 10 cards! This wasn’t even much of a contest. Neither SWARM or PAYBACK got in any offense. STAR WARRIOR (II) and THANTOS (II) kept them off balance and reeling and it was just a matter of time.

1. Star Warrior (II) d. Swarm via pinfall with the COSMIC BIG NOVA LAUNCH
2. Thantos (II) d. Payback via pinfall after a Satanic Skullcrusher.

After the match, STAR WARRIOR and THANTOS went on the attack on PAYBACK. SWARM rushed back down to the ring, but BISHOP HELL (II) appeared, seemingly out of nowhere and kept SWARM at bay with the Hellfire. THANTOS (II) locked PAYBACK in the MASTERLOCK and STAR WARRIOR (II) climbed the ropes and hit PAYBACK with the CBNL three times! SWARM continued to try and get to his partner, but BISHOP HELL (II) held him off.

Suddenly MANTIS charged ringside and SWARM and him rushed BISHOP HELL (II) who leapt the rail into the crowd. THANTOS (II) and STAR WARRIOR (II) bailed into the crowd behind BISHOP HELL (II) and fled laughing.

SWARM rushed in to the ring and scooped up the shoulders of the weakened PAYBACK. MANTIS called for the medics. PAYBACK was moving around, but holding his ribs as he was loaded on the stretcher.

Match #8
Monolith d. Aethran Overmaster when he escaped the cage after incapacitating Overmaster with I BREAK YOU – **1/2
– MONOLITH dominated this match. He toyed with OVERMASTER the entire time but then easily overpowered him and won the match. After the bell, he returned to the cage and locked OVERMASTER back in I BREAK YOU and refused to let go! Several officials came into the ring but had a hard time getting him to let go. Finally he did when THE LEVELER and PARALYZE rushed the ring. The damage had been done. OVERMASTER was injured! MONOLITH gloated all the way to the back as medics rushed out to work on OVERMASTER.

Match #9
Mother Superior d. Phantasy via pinfall after she hit a top rope headbutt with her mask – *****
– PHANTASY held on as long as she could and actually put up an admirable fight, but MOTHER SUPERIOR was the better woman and recaptures the Championship for a fourth time in her career.

We cut to the medical bay in the arena and see the PAYBACK on a stretcher with SWARM next to him holding his hand. PAYBACK is moaning and holding his ribs. SWARM is attempting to comfort him and brushing his hair back out of his face. Beside them is HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR sitting motionless in a wheelchair. AETHRAN OVERMASTER is being wheeled in on the stretcher growling in pain as medic tend to him.

PAGANAX and THARKAS enter and survey the scene. PAGANX smiles. THARKAS looks over at him, questioningly. PAGANAX turns to him.

PAGANAX: This…this pain…this suffering. This is power.

PAGANAX smiles and THARKAS follows him out of the medical bay. Just then MANTIS enters and crosses towards SWARM and PAYBACK.

SWARM: I’m coming with you to ringside.

MANTIS: No. Dad I can handle this.

SWARM (fighting back tears): No. I’m not going to let that monster hurt you. Look what they’ve done to Payback.

MANTIS: I see that. That’s why you need to be here with him. Stay with him dad. He needs you. He needs you so to be strong for him. Besides, you’re now officially exiled. You go out there, you might wind up being canned.

SWARM nods.

MANTIS: I can handle Bishop Hell (II). And after I’m done, your son’s gonna have a Championship title around his waist.

SWARM pauses for a moment. Looks at MANTIS and smiles. He nods and hugs him.

SWARM: Go bite his head off!

MANTIS (smirks): That would be mom’s job.

SWARM chuckles and nods. MANTIS turns to go and SWARM turns back and leans down and kisses PAYBACK on the head. As he does we cut back down to the ring.

Match #10
Bishop Hell (II) d. Mantis via HELLFIRE – SQUASH
– This was amazingly quick. MANTIS was off his game for sure as BISHOP HELL (II) just schooled the youngster. And with no DQ’s BISHOP HELL (II) was not shy in hitting his finisher. BISHOP HELL (II) retains the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

Match #11
MILITARY POWERS d. FRONTLINE DEFENSE and GLADIATORS via pinfall when Paganax put Anivar away after an Eruption Choke Slam – *****
– This was as intense and wild as one would has suspected. Each team came within a hair’s breadth of winning the match, but in the end it was PAGANAX, who’d inserted his team into the match using his powers as Commissioner, who put ANIVAR away to win the match and the tag team Championship! The GLADIATORS were livid after the match. MILITARY POWERS are the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Endgame d. Coven Black after slapping him in the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR and rolling him right into the coffin and slamming the lid – *****
– In the early minutes of this match, it appeared as if the spirit with which COVEN BLACK had fought in their earlier affair was there, but ENDGAME brought the fight and once he got on offense, he didn’t let up, eventually getting the win. Many were left wondering if it’s the women under BLACK’S control that make him stronger. Interesting possibility with BLACK losing SHE DEVIL earlier in the evening. ENDGAME retains his championship.

As ENDGAME thanked the fans for their support, BENJAMIN PAIGE came out towards ringside. He announced he was there to usher in the new GWF COMMISSIONER. He gestured up towards the screen and the images of the possible Commissioners flashed by accompanied with the sounds of a computer processing. Suddenly the images stopped flashing! The new Commissioner is…


The crowd is uneasy with this. While they are happy it’s not a more villainous Commissioner, the fans are unsure of this newcomer. How will PSI’s reign compare with PAGANAX or SHOOT? We’ll find out soon! But for now, we cut to an image of ENDGAME sitting on top of the coffin containing COVEN BLACK as we…



ABROZ – 8-4 – 27pts.
DIALECTUS – 4-8 – 15pts.

– Representing Abroz –
– DARK CARNIVAL – 3-0 – 14pts.
– ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA – 1-1 – 7pts
– POWER CORE – 1-2 – 10pts.

Gryt – 3-0 – 4pts
Nitro – 2-1 – 5pts
Plethador – 1-1 – 2pts

LEADERS OF THE PACK (Panter Warrior & Malkuth) – 2-0 – 4pts
MASTER RACE (Thraxx & Zygon) – 2-0 – 5pts
DARK FUTURES (Tricks & Oracle) – 2-1 – 4pts

Rotunda – 2-1 – 4pts
Shann-Ra – 1-1 – 2pts
Deadliest – 0-2 – 0pts

– Representing Dialectus –
– ALIEN CORPS – 2-1 – 10pts.
– FDF CHALLENGE – 1-1 – 7pts.
– TITANS – 0-3 – 1pts.

Symbiosis – 2-1 – 4pts
Vidtek – 0-1 – 0pts
Overtime – 0-3 – 0pts

FREEDOM (Ensor & U.S. Male) – 2-0 – 3pts.
FIRE & FURY (Nosfera & Retribution) – 0-2 – 0pts.
TITAN BLOOD (Tristan & The Betrayer) – 0-3 – 0pts

Sultana – 3-0 – 6pts.
Mother Superior – 1-2 – 1pt.
Phantasy – 1-1 – 2pts