From the Apollo Heliodome, Asteroid Belt


The INFINITY CHALLENGE fans are hot for tonight’s round of competition! ABROZ’s POWER CORE takes on DIALECTUS’ FDF CHALLENGE. And then DIALECTUS’ TITANS, the lowest ranked INFINITY CHALLENGE team who desperately need a win, will take on ABROZ’s ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA!

We cut down to ringside for the POWER CORE/FDF series!

Phantasy d. Deadliest via pinfall after a missed turnbuckle charge. – *
– The WOMEN’S CHAMPION shows why she is the champ by finding the perfect moment to go for her win. Phantasy picks up two big points for DIALECTUS.

FREEDOM d. MASTER RACE via pinfall when U.S. Male pinned Thraxx after a double drop kick. – *3/4
– U.S. MALE and ENSOR score a huge win over MASTER RACE! This was a decent match and FREEDOM kept the, on paper, stronger team, off balance with their speed. They pick up another two points for DIALECTUS.

The win for FDF CHALLENGE was in the bag but NITRO hit the ring promising to win in a convincing manner in order to minimize the damage done by POWER CORE’S opponents. VIDTEK hit the ring ready to go and we were away on the final match of the series.

Nitro d. Vidtek via pinfall after an Electromagnetic Moonsault. – ***1/2
– NITRO gets the win, not in as convincing a manner as he’d hoped. VIDTEK put up a great fight and holds his own. NITRO picks up two points for POWER CORE.

FDF CHALLENGE (4) edges out POWER CORE (2) to give DIALECTUS the win in this series. Now we move onto the TITANS versus the ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA!

We begin backstage in the TITANS’ locker room. OVERTIME stands on a bench with MOTHER SUPERIOR and TITAN BLOOD looking up at him.

OVERTIME: I did not come here to the GWF to lose. And recently that’s all we’ve been doing. Look at the standings. The TITANS are at the ROCK BOTTOM of the list! That ends tonight! Tonight we return the TITANS to the dominant force they once were! Tonight, we get three, count them three, convincing victories! Now let’s go!

OVERTIME hops off the bench and exits the room. TRISTAN, THE BETRAYER and MOTHER SUPERIOR all look at each other and shrug their shoulders.

Shann-Ra d. Mother Superior via pinfall after a waistlock suplex. – *1/2
– Almost a dud of a match, but there were a few exciting moments. SHANN-RA gets the win here and hands the TITANS another defeat! SHANN-RA gets two points for ABROZ.

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. TITAN BLOOD via pinfall after Malkuth hits Tristan with the Andromeda Drop. – ****1/4
– A fantastic match here! Amazing action that had the fans out of their seats the whole time! There were several times when TITAN BLOOD looked to have it only to have the LEADER OF THE PACK member kick out! In the end LEADERS OF THE PACK get the win and score two more points for ABROZ!

TITANS are on the losing path again. Now it’s up to OVERTIME to score a convincing win to minimize the damage. He’ needs this win for his team and to show the GWF fans what he’s made of.

OVERTIME came out to boos from the crowd. Several fans started yelling “You’re gonna choke! You’re gonna choke!” OVERTIME remained focused as he went to the ring. Then came his opponent, PLETHADOR, made his way to the ring to thunderous cheers. He gave high fives all the way down. When he climbed up into the ring he extended a hand to OVERTIME, who just stared him down. PLETHADOR shrugged and go ready for the bell.

Plethador d. Overtime via countout after Overtime bailed out of the ring after being hit with the Lilly Pad Leap. – *
– OVERTIME launched into PLETHADOR and was in control early. PLETHADOR began to get dehydrated early on in this match. Suddenly an unknown figure in a hooded sweatshirt with, what appeared to be a hunch back, jumped the barrier and aimed a cut at PLETHADOR and OVERTIME. Many fans screamed fearing the worst. The assailant hit the trigged and a stream of water erupted from the end of the gun and doused both PLETHADOR and OVERTIME! The water gave PLETHADOR a HUGE burst of energy. OVERTIME was enraged and began yelling at the ref to give him the win. When he turned around PLETHADOR hit him with the Lilly Pad Leap! OVERTIME was FURIOUS! He rolled out of the ring and began yelling at the ref for allowing the interference! The ref just began counting. OVERTIME dared him to count him out and the ref did, giving PLETHADOR the win and two points for ABROZ and keeping OVERTIME lossless.

ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA (5) sweep the TITANS (0) in dominant fashion.

OVERTIME stormed away from ringside as PLETHADOR celebrated in the ring. The ‘assailant’ bounded into the ring to stare down PLETHADOR. THe figure removed his hood and the fans were stunned to see that the ‘hunchback’ was a power cell powered water pack and the figure look remarkably like PLETHADOR! PLETHADOR looked stunned for a moment and then a huge smile broke over his face and he went to hug him!

PLETHADOR’S music kicked up and both began doing the PLETHADOR SHUFFLE!

This wraps up tonight’s actions and the site of PLETHADOR shaking his rump is what we see as we…



ABROZ – 7-4 – 27pts.
DIALECTUS – 4-7 – 15pts.

– Representing Abroz –
– DARK CARNIVAL – 2-0 – 8pts.
– ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA – 1-1 – 7pts
– POWER CORE – 1-2 – 7pts.

Gryt – 2-0 – 4pts
Nitro – 2-1 – 5pts
Plethador – 1-1 – 2pts

LEADERS OF THE PACK (Panter Warrior & Malkuth) – 2-0 – 4pts
MASTER RACE (Thraxx & Zygon) – 2-0 – 5pts
DARK FUTURES (Tricks & Oracle) – 1-1 – 2pts

Rotunda – 2-0 – 4pts
Shann-Ra – 1-1 – 2pts
Deadliest – 0-2 – 0pts

– Representing Dialectus –
– ALIEN CORPS – 2-0 – 3pts.
– FDF CHALLENGE – 1-1 – 5pts.
– TITANS – 0-3 – 1pts.

Symbiosis – 2-0 – 4pts
Vidtek – 0-1 – 0pts
Overtime – 0-3 – 0pts

FREEDOM (Ensor & U.S. Male) – 2-0 – 3pts.
FIRE & FURY (Nosfera & Retribution) – 0-1 – 0pts.
TITAN BLOOD (Tristan & The Betrayer) – 0-3 – 0pts

Sultana – 2-0 – 3pts.
Mother Superior – 1-2 – 1pt.
Phantasy – 1-1 – 2pts