CARD #2126.147 – INVASION

From the Amazon Arena, Bellatrix, Orion


Torches circle the ring. Four heavily tattooed drummers pound on large drums near the entranceway. The pounding is thunderous. The CROWD waits in anticipation. There is suddenly a large explosion of fire and PAGANX comes striding out to the top of the ramp. The CROWD boos him loudly. He ignores it all. THARKAS strides out behind him with a microphone.

THARKAS: Please show your respect for you GWF Commissioner, the Heathen Chief – Paganax!

CROWD boos loudly.

THARKAS: Already in his tenure here as Commissioner, Paganax has made some rulings. These rulings do not apply to the Infinity Challenge, as Abroz and Dialectus are the decision makers there. THese rulings do apply to the rest of the GWF. First ruling is that Paganax is tired of matches that end in disqualifications and count outs. Therefore, Paganax has ruled that while he is Commissioner, ALL matches will be contested under TITAN DEATH TULES. There will be clean finishes while Paganax is in charge.

Some in the CROWD cheer this. The rest hold their judgement.

THARKAS: Next, the last Commissioner, Shoot, ruled that INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION Bishop Hell will defend his belt when he’s healed from the injuries suffered at the hands of Swarm. This match will take place on Card #149 but in order to find out the #1 contender, Paganax has ordered that a number on contender match will take place tonight! Paganax says he was impressed by the your wrestler Mantis’ win over Bishop Hell (II) at the Omega Invitational. So tonight Mantis will get a chance to prove he’s worthy of challenging for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP when he takes on American Guy to determine the #1 contender!

The CROWD cheers at what should be a great match.

THARKAS: Also, the previous Commissioner booked his partner and himself a rematch for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. While Paganax would ever do anything that selfish, he–

The CROWD boos loudly at they clearly remember PAGANAX’S first action as Commissioner.

THARKAS: He must abide by the previous Commissioner’s ruling. Tonight the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS will get their rematch against the GLADIATORS. But the match will now be contested under FOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION rules.

CROWD cheers loudly.

THARKAS: These are the rulings of the Commissioner. All hail Paganax!

The CROWD boos. PAGANAX poses proudly at the entranceway the turns to go. THARKAS turns and follows immediately after and we are set for our first match.

PSI d. Paralyze via submission with MIND OVER MATTER. – *****
– PSI pulls off a huge win in this rematch from STORMFRONT! During the match THE LEVELER interfered, striking PSI on the back of the head. PSI was only momentarily shaken though and continued the fight. Oddly, for the rest of the match, THE LEVELER’s suit seemed to not be able to function correctly. THhe biggest cheer of the match came when PSI kicked out of PERMANENTLY PARALYZED!

Mistress of Darkness d. She Devil via pinfall after Mistress hit DIAMOND EYES. – ****1/2
– After the match, MISTRESS OF DARKNESS held the fallen SHE DEVIL by the arms as COVEN BLACK looked deeply into her eyes! SHE DEVIL immediately stopped struggling and MISTRESS OF DARKNESS released her! SHE DEVIL then shocked fans by leaving the ring area with COVEN BLACK and MISTRESS OF DARKNESS!

American Guy d. Mantis via pinfall after AMAERICAN FIREPOWER – *
– The young MANTIS choked big time in this event. AMERICAN GUY manhandled him completely and picked up an easy win here to become the new #1 contender for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. MANTIS was upset after the match. American Guy grabbed the mic after the match and said that Bishop Hell (II) better be prepared because he’s coming and soon an OUTSIDER will have the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

We cut backstage where we find COVEN BLACK walking down the hallway. SHE DEVIL and MISTRESS OF DARKNESS in tow. Suddenly they stop as BLACK holds up his hand.

BLACK: Helsin. I know you are here. You do not have the element of surprise.

Suddenly HELSIN and SCORN step out of the darkness of the hallway.

HELSIN: Release She Devil. Now.


HELSIN: I will not let you defile another one.

BLACK: You have no choice.

HELSIN steps forward removing a spike from his belt. MISTRESS OF DARKNESS hisses. BLACK grabs SHE DEVIL and puts her in front of him.


BLACK: Fine. I will. If you can beat me in a match tonight.

HELSIN is quiet.

BLACK: Your lady there can be at ringside as well. You win, I release She Devil.


HELSIN and SCORN walk back into the shadows. BLACK smirks and then kisses MISTRESS OF DARKNESS full on the lips. Then turns and does the same to SHE DEVIL! While they kiss we cut back to the ring.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Havoc via pinfall after I KNOW YOUR SECRET – ***1/2
– Competitive match here, but Hector gets the big win. Fans were squarely behind HAVOC and booed loudly when HECTOR got the win. This win will, no doubt, boost Hector back up into the top of the rankings in line for a title shot.

LOOSE CANNONS came to ringside to the cheers of the fans. SWARM and PAYBACK greeted the fans all the way down to the ring. GAMEMASTERS were out next and STAR WARRIOR (II) carried with him a big pink box wrapped with a large pink ribbon. They entered the ring and THANTOS (II) grabbed the mic.

THANTOS (II): Well, hello there boys. Look, we know you have it hard. I mean, it’s not easy being of your…persuasion…in this day and age. We just wanted to let you know that we personally have no grudge against you because of your… proclivities. No we don’t like you because of the heinous and vile act you, Swarm, perpetrated on Bishop Hell (II). And it’s for that reason we’re going to destroy you here tonight. But just to make sure it’s clear that we don’t hate you because of your sexual preferences, we’ve brought you a gift.

STAR WARRIOR (II) steps forward and place the box in the center of the ring. SWARM and PAYBACK do nothing. They just stare.

THANTOS (II): Oh come on now, open it. Don’t be shy!

SWARM and PAYBACK make no move towards the box.

THANTOS (II): Oh, I get it, you think it’s trick. I don’t blame you. Last time a box this size was brought into the ring, it had hornets in it. Here, Warrior, open the lid…

STAR WARRIOR (II) takes the lid off the box revealing piles of pink tissue paper.

THANTOS (II): You see, it’s harmless.

STAR WARRIOR (II) begins pushing around the tissue paper to show it’s perfectly safe.

THANTOS (II): Oh come on you big babies, look inside.

SWARM and PAYBACK don’t move at all.

THANTOS (II): Okay, okay. Fine. Star Warrior will you reveal what’s inside please. To show you we don’t mind your sexual preference, we got you a gift…

STAR WARRIOR (II) reaches into the box and takes out a lacey negligee that is yellow and black striped and then he reaches in and takes out a pink beekeeper’s hat with lace where the netting should be.

THANTOS (II): See now you can play Beekeeper and Bee and collect all the honey! Isn’t that–

SWARM and PAYBACK fly across the ring and begin beating STAR WARRIOR (II) and THANTOS (II). The ref calls for the bell and we are underway!

GAMEMASTERS d. LOOSE CANNONS via pinfall after Star Warrior (II) hits Swarm with the COSMIC BIG NOVA LAUNCH – ****1/4
– A heck of a match here and fan’s first real chance to see the GAMEMASTERS in action. They dominated LOSSE CANNONS who were clearly off their game thanks to the pre-match antics by STAR WARRIO (II) and THANTOS (II).

Coven Black d. Helsin via pinfall after hitting DIAMOND EYES. – *****
– HELSIN gives BLACK more of a fight thatn he has in their previous matches, but BLACK picks up another win in this battle. At the bell, MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and SHE DEVIL attacked SCORN. They attempted to drag her off with them, but HELSIN was able to make the save. COVEN BLACK, MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and SHE DEVIL ran once SCORN was free.

The crowd are on their feet as this great evening of action was about to reach it’s boiling point as it is time for the main event. First out were the former champions, ULTIMATE FIGHTERS. They came out as wild as ever, doing their signature arm movements and rubbing the heads of kids on the way to the ring!

Next out were the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, the GLADIATORS with THE LEVELER by their side. His armor was obviously functioning correctly now. The fans booed loudly as the champs made their way to ringside.

GLADIATORS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS when Rush pins Clinch after hitting THE TEMPEST. – ****1/2
– Intense back and forth here. All four of the weapons were used and used often. ALl four men were bloodied, but in the end the champs retained.

After the match, RUSH hits THE TEMPEST repeatedly on CLINCH while THE LEVELER and TURMOIL keep SHOOT at bay. CLINCH is left injured in the middle of the ring and as MEDICS tend to him, SHOOT calls out PAGANAX demanding suspensions. THARKAS appears and announces that PAGANAX has ruled there will be no suspensions for the GLADIATORS.

CORWD boos loudly at this. CLINCH being loaded onto a stretcher is what we see as we…