From the IO Coliseum, Jupiter


We are in Jupiter for another night of Infinity Challenge action! Many are wondering if the new Commissioner, Paganx would be here tonight, but it appears he will not be. So it’ll be a night of pure Infinity Challenge actions and the fans are set to go! Before we begin, let’s take a look at the current Infinity Challenge Standings…

ABROZ – 2-1 – 12pts.
DIALECTUS – 1-2 – 5pts.

ABROZ and DIALECTUS transport themselves in the middle of the ring to welcome everyone to the show. They announce that the match ups tonight will be ABROZ’S DARK CARNIVAL versus DIALECTUS’ TITANS and ABROZ’S POWER CORE taking on DIALECTUS’ ALIEN CORPS. With that we go down to the ring for our first match!

Rotunda d. Mother Superior via pinfall with FAT LADY SINGS. – *
– ROTUNDA impresses her critics again, picking up a win against the returning MOTHER SUPERIOR! GRYT and ROTUNDA celebrate in the ring with kisses! ROTUNDA picks up 2 points for ABROZ.

DARK FUTURES d. TITAN BLOOD via pinfall after Oracle hits Tristan with DIVINATION. – **
– TITAN BLOOD just can’t get any tractions so far this year. They do get in some offense in but DARK FUTURES keep them off balance the whole time. TRICKS and ORACLE pick up 2 points for ABROZ and seals the win for ABROZ in this round of the challenge.

Down the aisle comes OVERTIME. He’s as cocky as ever, but the crowd is just silent. Sure, there are a few in the crowd cheering their InfiNet icon, but the rest are silent. THey are unimpressed with OVERTIME who has yet to win a match or show any decent offense here in the GWF. Tonight’s a big chance for the youngster as he takes on the INFINITY CHALLENGE MVP GRYT!

Gryt d. Overtime via count out when Overtime leave the ring to chase Rotunda for getting involved in the match. – *
– Gryt continues his winning ways and Overtime, his losing streak, though this time by countout. OVERTIME is furious he let his temper get away from him and get himself counted out. GRYT celebrates with more kisses to ROTUNDA. A win is a win in his book and he’s still undefeated so far this year. He picks up 1 point for ABROZ.

DARK CARNIVAL (5) trounce TITANS (0) in this round of action. Now it’s time to move on to POWER CORE vs. ALIEN CORPS!

Sultana d. Deadliest via pinfall with PARDON MY SPEAR. – **
– DEADLIEST was in total control the entire match. SULTANA found her opening and hit her finisher and picked up a huge come from behind win. SULTANA finally puts DIALECTUS on the board with 2 points.

Between this match we cut to the dark recesses of the Coliseum. There is dim light in this room and in it we can see a picture of PLETHADOR. A figure, cloaked in shadow steps within feet of the photo. He reaches to a pack on his back and flips a switch. Several lights light up on the pack and a faint humming sound fills the air. There is a clicking sound and we see the figure is now holding a gun that is attached to the backpack with long pieces of hose. There’s a moment of silence and the trigger is depressed. A torrent of water shoots at the photo of PLETHADOR tearing a hole in it. THe figure releases the trigger and only the echoey sound of dripping water fills the air. Suddenly a low guttural laugh begins emanating from the figure. It fills the small room and then suddenly stops.

FIGURE: It is ready.

With these ominous happenings now viewed, we cut back up to ringside for our next match.

MASTR RACE d. FIRE & FURY via pinfall when Zygon hit Retribution with a swift knee kick. – SQUASH
– MASTER RACE isolated RETRIBUTION and never let him get anywhere near to his corner to make a tag. NOSFERA and OMEN were furious and blamed the loss solely on RETRIBUTION. MASTER RACE gets 3 points for ABROZ and this victory makes the next match of major importance.

Symbiosis d. Nitro via pinfall when he hit EVENT HORIZON. – **1/2
– NITRO seemed off his game tonight and SYMBIOSIS looked better than he ever has! The alien picks up 2 points for DIALECTUS and gives ALIEN CORPS the victory over POWER CORE!

ALIEN CORPS (4) defeat POWER CORE (3) to finally give DIALECTUS a win, but still come up short! ABROZ wins the evening though. ABROZ thanks the fans for watching. DIALECTUS is eerily silent during the closing.



ABROZ – 6-3 – 20pts.
DIALECTUS – 3-6 – 9pts.

– Representing Abroz –
– DARK CARNIVAL – 2-0 – 8pts.
– ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA – 0-1 – 2pts
– POWER CORE – 1-1 – 5pts.

Gryt – 2-0 – 4pts
Nitro – 1-1 – 3pts
Plethador – 0-1 – 0pts

LEADERS OF THE PACK (Panter Warrior & Malkuth) – 1-0 – 2pts
MASTER RACE (Thraxx & Zygon) – 2-0 – 5pts
DARK FUTURES (Tricks & Oracle) – 1-1 – 2pts

Rotunda – 2-0 – 4pts
Shann-Ra – 0-1 – 0pts
Deadliest – 0-2 – 0pts

– Representing Dialectus –
– ALIEN CORPS – 2-0 – 3pts.
– FDF CHALLENGE – 0-1 – 1pt.
– TITANS – 0-2 – 1pts.

Symbiosis – 2-0 – 4pts
Vidtek – 0-1 – 0pts
Overtime – 0-2 – 0pts

FREEDOM (Ensor & U.S. Male) – 1-0 – 1pt.
FIRE & FURY (Nosfera & Retribution) – 0-1 – 0pts.
TITAN BLOOD (Tristan & The Betrayer) – 0-2 – 0pts

Sultana – 2-0 – 3pts.
Mother Superior – 1-1 – 1pt.
Phantasy – 0-1 – 0pts