From Spritzer Coliseum, Trifid Nebula


ABROZ and DIALECTUS materialize at ringside and welcome everyone to STORMFRONT. They announce that the first three matches will be INFINITY CHALLENGE matches! ABROZ’S POWER CORE will take on DIALECTUS’ TITANS!

Mother Superior d. Deadliest via DQ when Deadliest slammed Mother Superior’s head into the guardrails at ringside.
– DUD – Nothing much happened here. This one was short as the action spilled outside the ring and Deadliest got herself DQ’d. Fans booed Deadliest for the DQ finish but, being the monster brawler she is, she just growled at them, not caring what they thought. DIALECTUS’ TITANS get 1 point.

MASTER RACE d. TITAN BLOOD via pinfall after Thraxx hit Tristan with a side power bomb.
– **3/4 – A great back and forth match here. Lots of quick tags, but THRAXX and ZYGON isolated TRISTAN eventually and they were able to get the win! ABROZ get’s 2 points for this win.

A huge explosion of pyrotechnics kicks off a loud thumping bass driven rap song that could only mean one thing…OVERTIME was here! OVERTIME hit the top of the aisle, posturing for the crowd and trash talking the whole way down to the ring. The majority of fans were not impressed. Many were catcalling him as he headed to the ring. A small, loud minority, his InfiNet fans, were cheering him as he made his way up the ring steps. He climbed into the ring where NITRO was waiting and got right in his face, trash talking. NITRO look non-to-impressed.

Nitro d. Overtime via pinfall after hitting BAD VIBRATIONS.
– SQUASH – The ref called for the bell and NITRO hit a leaping dropkick and then hit BAD VIBRATIONS and put OVERTIME away! NITRO gets a big 3 points for team ABROZ!

OVERTIME was furious! The fans were not letting up on him. A huge, “YOU JUST GOT BEAT! YOU JUST GOT BEAT!” chant started and OVERTIME was enraged. He began kicking the ring ropes and then charged out of the ring, complaining to himself all the way up the ramp. NITRO just laughed and took his time leaving the ring. OVERTIME is 0-2 in his career here in the GWF. Many are beginning to think signing him was a mistake as he has yet to impress.

That wraps up the Infinity Challenge matches for STORMFRONT and POWER CORE gets the big win over TITANS!

POWER CORE – 2-1 – 5pts. for ABROZ
TITANS – 1-2 – 1pt. for DIALECTUS

ABROZ now leads (official standings at the bottom) the Infinity Challenge. He and DIALECTUS continue to discuss the evening’s matches with each other as they walk up the ramp. Once they were gone we were ready for the next match.

Strafe d. She Devil via pinfall after TERMINAL HEIGHT.
– SQUASH – STRAFE makes short work of She Devil who mounts no offense at all. STRAFE hits TERMINAL HEIGHT and it’s over!

Mantis d. American Guy via DQ when American Guy crowned Mantis with a chair.
– * – MANTIS was able to get some good offense in on the more experienced AMERICAN GUY, but the action soon spilled outside the ring and AMERICAN GUY nailed MANTIS with a chair.

After the bell the GAMEMASTERS charged to ringside. They cornered MANTIS next to the guardrail and were shouting about how they were going to make him pay for what SWARM did to BISHOP HELL (II). Just as they grabbed him, SWARM and PAYBACK charged to ringside, chasing the GAMEMASTERS off through the crowd.

Coven Black d. HelSin via pinfall after DIAMOND EYES.
– ***1/2 – COVEN BLACK picks up another big win against the hunter HelSin. Not as one sided as their previous match, but COVEN BLACK still controlled the action most of the match. After the match, BLACK yelled in HELSIN’S face that soon SCORN would be under his control as well and he’d have no friends left.

Next out came PSI to a mixed reaction. People are still unsure of him and his odd powers. He climbed up into the ring, waved off the microphone being offered him and put two fingers to his temple. His words suddenly filled the minds of those in the arena and watching throughout the galaxy.

PSI: GWF, I sense some fear amongst you in regards to my powers. Do not be afraid, for I am here to fight for the side of good. It is my goal, this year, to put Hector into his place for all his misdeeds, but I understand I have to bide my time. Until then, I have issued an open challenge to anyone who’d care to face me. Again I issue this challenge and await a response.

PSI removed his fingers from his temple. Fans in the arena and around the galaxy shook their heads after such an intrusion into their thoughts. Suddenly the GLADIATOR ANTHEM started playing and PARALYZE headed down to the ring. THE LEVELER was behind him. Looks like PSI’S challenge had been answered.

Paralyze d. PSI via DQ after PSI used telekinesis to make a chair fly up and hit Paralyze across the head.
– DUD – The ref had no idea how to call this one and many had never seen anything like it before. PARALYZE had thrown PSI out of the ring and when he went to retrieve him, a chair at ringside lifted up and flew across the air and slammed into PARALYZE’S back! The ref assumed it must’ve been PSI’s doing and called the match, awarding the victory to PARALYZE.

Havoc d. Patch via pinfall after hitting FALLEN DREAMS.
– *1/2 –

MILITARY POWERS d. LOOSE CANNONS via pinfall after Paganax hit Paralyze with the PAGAN VOID.
– SQUASH – Two moves was all it took PAGANAX to put Payback away. SWARM and the fans were astonished by how quickly PAYBACK went down.

THARKAS grabbed the mic as SWARM went to help PAYBACK up.

THARKAS: There. You see? Proof that you and your wretched despicable kind are inferior. You should now know better than to attempt to participate in a man’s sport. Perhaps you both can go for the Women’s Championship. I think that division could use a little freshening up.

The CROWD booed loudly. SWARM stood and charged at THARKAS, screaming in his face. Suddenly, out of nowhere, STAR WARRIOR (II) and THANTOS (II) came through the crowd and began attacking SWARM and PAYBACK. PAGANAX and THARKAS backed out of the ring and let the four men go at it. SWARM hit STAR WARRIOR with a Hive Driver and tossed him out of the ring. He then went after THANTOS (II) who had just locked PAYBACK in the MASTERLOCK. THANTOS (II) bailed and regrouped with STAR WARRIOR (II). The two of them leapt back over the barrier, but not before promising that LOOSE CANNONS had not seen the last of the GAMEMASTERS! SWARM helped PAYBACK up to his feet. He appeared shaken, but not injured in any way. The CROWD cheered loudly for the heroes as they made their way back up the ramp.

Phantasy d. Rotunda via pinfall after the Phantasy Fallaway Slam.
– **** – Say what you want about ROTUNDA, but it certainly seems her skills are improving. Sure she lost this match, much to the dismay of GRYT who’s accompanied her to ringside, but she put up a heck of a fight and came close to winning once or twice. PHANTASY retains her hold on the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

Next the special ring for the ULTIMATE FIGHT match was set up. Fans were eager to see their hometown heroes the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS take on their rivals the GLADIATORS! The GLADIATORS came out to thunderous boos from the crowd. They didn’t even acknowledge the fans. They just stared straight ahead and climbed into the cage.

The ULTIMATE FIGHTERS came out to huge cheers. They were, of course, doing their crazy arm movements and rubbing the heads of the younger fans along the aisle to the ring area.

GLADIATORS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS after Rush hits Clinch with ADRENALINE RUSH and knocks him out.
– ***** – This was an instant classic of a match! Both teams gave it their all and all four men were a bloody mess by the end of the evening. RUSH gets the MVP award for the match though. TURMOIL did get his share of damage felt out to both CLINCH and SHOOT but it was RUSH who made the victory possible with his speed.

After the match, the crowd was furious! Having seen their hometown heroes defeated and the belts taken away, they began throwing things at the GLADIATORS as they left. SHOOT asked for a mic. He struggled to catch his breath and then began to speak.

SHOOT: Now, now, hold up there fans. I know you’re disappointed, but fear not. You’re old buddy SHOOT is still Commissioner, at least for the remainder of the night. So I’m ordering that the GLADIATORS give us our deserved rematch on the very next INVASION fight card!

CROWD cheers.

SHOOT: I admit, being the Commissioner has made me a little scattered, so I apologize to Clinch here if I haven’t been as focused as I should have been. But I promise you this…when the GLADIATORS step into the run with us at INVAISON, we’re gonna show them the definition of…


The CROWD cheered loudly as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS’ music kicked in and both men began walking up the aisle making their wild arm gestures. Now it was time for the…

Endgame d. Hector, the Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after a Michinoku Driver.
– *** – ENDGAME was in control almost the whole match. HECTOR got in a little offense, but it was mostly all ENDGAME.

ENDGAME celebrated in the ring, holding the belt up for the fans when suddenly he was interrupted by BENJAMIN PAIGE.

PAIGE: Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the staff of the GWF we hope you’ve enjoyed STORMFRONT. Before you leave however, we have one last piece of business. We need to select the next rotating Commissioner who will take us through the next string of cards. Can we fire up the computer please?

The HoloVision screens light up and strings of data stream across them. There is the sound of computers processing and suddenly a picture popped up on the screens. The new Commissioner is…


The CROWD boos loudly and ENDGAM shakes his head. Suddenly, PAGANAX appears at the top of the ramp and shoves PAIGE aside as he and THARKAS head to the ring. ENDGAME is perplexed. PAGANAX gets into the ring and yells out the announcer who makes the announcement that PAGANAX’S first act as Commissioner is demanding that Endgame defend the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP right now against him in a TITAN DEATH MATCH!

The CROWD is going nuts. ENDGAME is shaking his head. PAGANAX orders the bell and it rings! We have a bonus main event!


Endgame d. Paganax via pinfall after the ULTIMA LEAP. – *** – PAGANAX was so close to winning this match several times, but ENDGAME just kept kicking out of any pinning predicament. Even involvement by THARKAS couldn’t swing things in PAGANAX’S favor! ENDGAME found his opportunity and hit the ULTIMA LEAP to pick up his second huge victory of the evening!

The CROWD was insane! PAGANAX was furious and was seething with rage as he and THARKAS made their way up the ramp. ENDGAME held the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP high above his head.

The sight of PAGANAX mouthing the words, “This is only the beginning.” is what we see as we…



ABROZ – 2-1 – 12pts.
DIALECTUS – 1-2 – 5pts.

– Representing Abroz –
– DARK CARNIVAL – 1-0 – 3pts.
– ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA – 0-1 – 2pts
– POWER CORE – 1-0 – 5pts.

Gryt – 1-0 – 3pts
Nitro – 1-0 – 3pts
Plethador – 0-1 – 0pts

LEADERS OF THE PACK (Panter Warrior & Malkuth) – 1-0 – 2pts
MASTER RACE (Thraxx & Zygon) – 1-0 – 2pts
DARK FUTURES (Tricks & Oracle) – 0-1 – 0pts

Rotunda – 1-0 – 2pts
Shann-Ra – 0-1 – 0pts
Deadliest – 0-0 – 0pts

– Representing Dialectus –
– ALIEN CORPS – 1-0 – 3pts.
– FDF CHALLENGE – 0-1 – 1pt.
– TITANS – 0-1 – 1pts.

Symbiosis – 1-0 – 2pts
Vidtek – 0-1 – 0pts
Overtime – 0-1 – 0pts

FREEDOM (Ensor & U.S. Male) – 1-0 – 1pt.
FIRE & FURY (Nosfera & Retribution) – 0-1 – 0pts.
TITAN BLOOD (Tristan & The Betrayer) – 0-1 – 0pts

Sultana – 1-0 – 1pt.
Mother Superior – 1-0 – 1pt.
Phantasy – 0-1 – 0pts