CARD #2126.144 – INVASION

From Spritzer Coliseum, Trifid Nebula


The crowd is jam packed for this, very first, GWF EVENT from the Trifid Nebula. They cheer loudly as the show goes on the air and then even louder as the ULTIMATE FIGHTER music hits and out comes COMMISSIONER SHOOT in a suit! He’s a hilarious sight. His suit barely fits and his muscles threaten to tear through the fabric. It doesn’t help that he’s doing the trademark ULTIMATE FIGHTER, wild arm gestures to the music. Finally he’s able to calm things down and begins to talk.

SHOOT: Thank you! Thank you Trifid Nebula! Boy, it’s good to be home!

CROWD cheers.

SHOOT: It took me becoming Commissioner to finally have an event happen here and I got news for you, the Spitzer Colesium will also be home to our next card, the first SUPERCARD of the year…STORMFRONT!

CROWD cheers.

SHOOT: The main event at STORMFRONT is, of course a GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH between champion Endgame…

CROWD cheers.

SHOOT: And the number 1 contender, Hector, The Holy Brown Bear!

CROWD boos.

SHOOT: Yeah, we’re gonna find out which one is the better man but both of them better be…FIGHTIN’ TOUGH!

CROWD cheers loudly at the utterance of the ULTIMATE FIGHTER’S catchphrase.

SHOOT: Now, usually on super cards we’d have an INTERPLANETARY TITLE defense as well but, as I’m sure you’re aware, the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION Bishop Hell…

CROWD boos.

SHOOT: …was seriously injured at the hands of Swarm. Because of this he will not be well enough to defend his title at STORMFRONT. So, as commissioner, I have ruled that he will defend his title at the first card after he’s medically cleared to wrestle. He will not be penalized for missing the defense.

CROWD boos.

SHOOT: I get you, not a popular decision, but I’m a FIGHTIN’ FAIR Commissioner and that ruling just feels right. Finally I’d like to address…

Suddenly the GLADIATORS’ music hits. To a loud chorus of boos, TURMOIL and RUSH enter at the top of the ramp with THE LEVELATOR behind them.

RUSH: I’ve got something I’d like you to address. Mainly, who you and your partner are gonna be defending your titles against at STORMFRONT. Or are you gonna be ducking your title defense because you’re Commissioner?

SHOOT: Ha! The Ultimate Fighters? Duck their title defense? After kicking your two scrawny butts around the ring all of last year, you don’t know us very well. We’re not ducking anything because we’re…

SHOOT holds the mic out towards the CROWD, who finishes his sentence.

CROWD: Fightin’ tough!

RUSH: Clever. You’ve got your apes well trained. The question now is, who will you be defending those titles against?

SHOOT: Funny you should ask! I was just about to announce that we’ll be defending them…at STORMFRONT…against…the GLADIATORS!

CROWD cheers. TURMOIL and RUSH laugh. They turn to leave, nodding in approval.

SHOOT: Oh wait, hold it. Hold it. I should probably tell you we’ll be defending them in a ULTIMATE FIGHT match!

CROWD cheers! TURMOIL and RUSH shake their heads in disgust. They continue to turn and leave.

SHOOT: Wait, wait wait, where you going?

RUSH: We’re leaving.

SHOOT: Oh no. You ain’t going anywhere, except the locker room! You two have a match tonight! You’re taking on MILITARY POWERS!

CROWD cheers!

SHOOT: So you’d better go get your fighting gear on because that match is coming up later tonight. And you’d better be ready to go because I know for sure that Paganax and Tharkas are…


CROWD cheers as RUSH and TURMOIL leave in disgust. SHOOT does his manic arm gestures to wards the crowd as his music plays and we get set for the first match.

Mistress of Darkness d. Scorn via pinfall when she hit DIAMOND EYES at Coven Black’s insistence.
– *** – A great match between these two rivals. It took a lot for MISTRESS OF DARKNESS to finally put SCORN away. The match saw interference by both COVEN BLACK and HELSIN and after it was over, the two started brawling and that lead us directly into our next match!

Coven Black d. Helsin via pinfall with DIAMOND EYES.
– ** – COVEN BLACK looked good in this one, getting the better of the rookie HELSIN. BLACK picks up a much needed win to kick off his 2126 after a dreadful debut year. MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and COVEN BLACK laugh at HELSIN and SCORN as they make their way back to the locker room.

We cut back stage and we see PATCH and HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR talking.

HECTOR: Look, I know we aren’t best friends and that’s fine. I’m not asking for a friend, I’m just saying you help me take care of PSI and I’ll make it worth your while.

PATCH: My while is worth an awful lot.

HECTOR: You keep PSI busy so I can focus on the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and I’ll pay you 50,000 credits.

PATCH: And…?

HECTOR: And?! That’s a lot of credits.

PATCH: So it is. But it’s gonna take more that that.

HECTOR: (sighs) What else do you want?

PATCH: First, you gotta stop hounding me about Drury. I ain’t got no clue where he is and you’re gonna lay off me about that.


PATCH: Second, when the time rolls around that you are Commissioner, I want a title shot. Any belt I chose. Any time I chose. Even if you’re champ and your belt is the one I want, I get a title shot.

HECTOR regards PATCH for a moment.

HECTOR: Fine. Any thing else.

PATCH: No, just those two things and, of course, the 50,000 credits.

HECTOR nods and reluctantly shakes PATCH’S hand as he chuckles. We cut back up to the ring.

FRONTLINE DEFENSE d. GAMEMASTERS via DQ after Star Warrior whipped Tauran into the rails.
– DUD – It went like this, TAURAN hit a crescent kick on STAR WARRIOR and then threw him out of the ring. When he went after him, STAR WARRIOR yelled for the ref to watch and then whipped him into the rails at ringside. The ref DQ’d STAR WARRIOR immediately and the match was over. The fans hated this finish and so did ANIVAR and TAURAN! They both begged to restart the match, but STAR WARRIOR and THANTOS shrugged them off saying, “We lost. You win. Be happy.” THE GAMEMASTERS left the ring area and that made the fans hate them even more.

We cut to the inside of the COMMISIONER’S OFFICE. SHOOT is working on some papers when he hears PAIGE yelling from outside the door.

PAIGE: (o.s.) You can’t just waltz right in there.

The door bursts open and in walk GRYT and ROTUNDA. SHOOT looks up annoyed.

SHOOT: You can’t just waltz right in here!

GRYT: Yeah, I’ve heard that. Look, Rotunda here pinned the WOMEN’S CHAMPION clean on the last card.

SHOOT: So she did.

GRYT: Well that means she should get a title shot against here.

SHOOT: The rankings say…

GRYT: Of forget the rankings! She holds a CELAN VICTORY over the champ. She deserves a title shot.

SHOOT stares blankly at them for a couple seconds.

SHOOT: Fine. She’ll face Phantasy at Stormfront!

ROTUNDA is so excited she begins bouncing up and down. The whole room is shaking.

SHOOT: Okay, okay, get out of here be fore you knock my bird-a-bracs off of my knick knack shelf!

GRYT and ROTUNDA suddenly freeze and stare at SHOOT.

SHOOT: It’s just a saying. Get out of here!

GRYT and ROTUNDA leave happily as SHOOT turns back to his papers and we cut back to the ring.

PSI d. PATCH via submission with MIND OVER MATTER.
– SQUASH – This match was over in three moves! PSI was focused and proved how delay he can be after his shaky start! PATCH was out like a light moments after the bell rang and PSI gets the win. HEVTOR had been watching from ringside and after the bell shook his head and left.

After getting his hand raised, PSI puts a temple to his forehead and begins communicating mentally with everyone at the arena and at home!

PSI: GWF fans, heed my call. I have come to the GWF to rid it of the scourge that is HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR. Since he is overt wise engaged at Stormfront, I shall bide my time. Until then, I offer now an open challenge to anyone who’s thoughts I am touching now. At Stormfront I will stand in the ring and take on ANY wrestler who dares steps into the ring. That is all.

PSI removed his finger from his temple and quietly left the ring. The fans were all suddenly shocked at the first promo every given, silently! It harkened back to the early days of the GWF when MIMIC’S promos were elaborately wild mime routines.

As PSI went up the ramp, HECTOR came out. The two had a stare down. But PSI just smirks and walks past HECTOR. HECTOR looked a little rattled. Is that even possible? At any rate we were ready for our next match.

Havoc d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via DQ after Hector whipped Havoc into the guardrails.
– ** – This was looking to be a decent match until the action spilled out of the ring and stayed there for several minutes. HECTOR attempted several times to get the upper hand, but then shoved the ref in frustration and whipped Havoc into the guardrails to get DQ’d.

We cut to the empty bowels of the arena. We seen a long figure in dim light working on something. He reaches down and picks up a back pack with two large reservoir containers on the back. One container is red, the other blue. They slosh with liquid. The figure puts on the back pack and reaches for a long length of hose. He attaches one end to the base of the backpack and to the other he attaches a strange looking gun shaped object. He then reaches into a newly opened box of power cells and takes out two. He slides them into the gun and lights along the side power up. The figure lets out a low laugh.

We then cut back to ringside.

GLADIATORS d. MILITARY POWERS via DQ when Paganax refuses to stop brawling and brains Turmoil with a chair.
– *3/4 – This one was a brawl from the opening bell and many thought the DQ would come much sooner, but the ref let a lot of things slide. Turmoil came close to putting down the Heathen Chief several times, but he kept bouncing back. The action went out of the ring and PAGANAX grabbed a chair and brained TURMOIL, giving the GLADIATORS the DQ win.

We cut backstage and see HELSIN and SCORN.

HELSIN: Coven Black, heed my warnings. You may have won the battle tonight, but the war is far from over. I issue a challenge to you to face me, one on one, at Stormfront. I will leave Scorn in the back if you do the same with Elina. Know this Black, however you choose to respond this fight between us is not over. It will never be over until Elina is back in my arms and you are buried for good!

CROWD cheers and we cut back to ringside for our MAIN EVENT.

– ***** – What a main event! These two tore into each other with brutality and rage and, surprisingly, kept the action in the ring the whole time! Both THE LEVELER and DARK MENACE interfered at points throughout the match. LEVELER blasting MONOLITH with his ray, MENACE calling for HAVOC to interfere on MONOLITHS behalf, but in the end it all came down to the two men in the ring and OVERMASTER was able to pick up the win!

After the bell, LEVELER K.O.’d DARK MENACE and handed OVERMASTER a chair. OVERMASTER was about to clobber MONOLITH with the chair when FRONTLINE DEFENSE ran to the big man’s rescue. They hit a double team power bomb on the LEVELER and cornered the OVERMASTER. MONOLITH was back on his feet and trapped OVERMASTER in IBREAK YOU! The GLADIATORS ran down to help their leader, but FRONTLINE DEFENSE held them off. Finally, officials were able to get MONOLITH to break the hold, but OVERMASTER was clearly injured.

COMMISSIONER SHOOT came out and said that even though he’s got an alliance with MONOLITH and the FDF, he has to enforce the rules. He then went on to suspend MONOLITH and the FDF for 3 cards!

This decision was not popular with the CROWD who, for the first time, booed their hometown hero. MONOLITH seethed in the ring as OVERMASTER was loaded onto a stretcher and we…