CARD #2126.149 – INVASION

From the Polaris Interstellar Stadium, Ursa Minor


We are in the bowels of the arena. GALAXIAN CHAMPION ENDGAME is tearing through the hallways. He’s furious and screaming loudly.

ENDGAME: Black! Black I know you’re hiding here somewhere! Come out and face me.

He overturns travel cases and upends tables. Suddenly there is a fluttering noise behind him. He turns abruptly. Out of the shadows steps COVEN BLACK.

BLACK: My, my. I must have done something pretty bad to invoke the ire of the mighty Endgame. With the way everyone around here disparages my win-loss record, I figured I’d be far below the notice of the like of you. So tell me, why are you so eager to see me.

ENDGAME steps up to BLACK.

ENDGAME: Where is she?

BLACK: Where is she? She who? Oh, She Devil. Heh. She’s safe.

ENDGAME: Listen, I don’t care about whatever personal vendetta you have with HelSin–

BLACK: And well you shouldn’t.

ENDGAME: You CANNOT just put women under your control against their will.

BLACK: I see and me doing so to your, teammate, She Devil has you all out of sorts.

ENDGAME just stares at him.

BLACK: Well, I’ll tell you what Endgame. How about I give you the same chance I gave HelSin that he failed so miserably at? Winning her back. You and me. One on one. You win, I release She Devil to you.

BLACK looks down at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP around ENDGAME’S waist.

BLACK: It can even be a non-title match. What do you say?

ENDGAME: People’s lives are not meant to be up for winning and losing. But fine, if I can get my hands on you and teach you a lesson as del as get her away from your clutches, so be it.

BLACK: Excellent. See you in the ring Endgame.

BLACK steps back into the shadows and ENDGAME storms out of frame.

We cut back up to the ring for our first match. As per COMMISSIONER PAGANAX’S rules, all matches, unless other arrangements have been made, will be contested under TITAN DEATH rules.

Strafe d. Scorn via pinfall with TERMINAL HEIGHT. – *****
– This was a fantastic back and forth match and was so close to going to either woman several times. THE LEVELER interfered at one point but SCORN fought back. Late in the match, even HELSIN tried to interrupt a three count, but STRAFE was able to maintain control from that point on and get a win.

Patch d. Scimitar via submission with the COBRA CLUTCH. – ****
– PATCH thought this would be a cake walk but it was far from it. Outside of SCIMITAR’S run of NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN matches last year against PLETHADOR, this could have been the match of his career. PATCH fought tough, but SCIMITAR kept on him and several times had PATCH close to being beat. PATCH was finally able to get SCIMITAR to submit, but he was a bloody mess by the time he did. PATCH was furious that it took him so long to put SCIMITAR away. SCIMITAR actually got some cheers from the crowd for his performance.

Next HECTOR THE HOLY BROWN BEAR came out to the ring.

HECTOR: PSI, enough games. I know why you’re here. You’re here to try and take me down a peg or two. Now I’ve sent Patch after you and that failed. Even tried to work out a deal with the Paralyze to get you taken out and THAT failed. Looks like that old saying is true. “If you want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself.” So I’m issuing you a challenge PSI. You want me, you got me at RETRIBUTION but we’re gonna do it my way. In a Nightmare Matrix.

Suddenly the Nightmare Matrix appears around the ring.

HECTOR: In this structure we’ll pit our very minds against each other. You claim to have a powerful mind, but I guarantee you, the things you see in here will cripple you. While my mind, see the likes of what goes on in here on a daily basis. In fact, I’m going to show you how sick I am, I’m gonna have a match in the Nightmare Matrix tonight! So pay close attention, this is gonna be your fate. Get my opponent out here!

There’s a brief pause and suddenly TANCK comes out of the back and he gets some cheers as fans are hoping that he’ll shut HECTOR up.

Hector, The Holy Brown Bear d. Tanck via pinfall after Simple Obsession. – *****
– This was an extremely close match. Much closer than HECTOR probably wanted. TANCK came very close to getting the win and both men had horrifying visions appear to them in the Matrix. HECTOR was able to get the win and after, out of breath, grabbed the mic. He pointed over to TANCK who was lying on the canvas holding his head.

HECTOR: PSI. You see that? That’s gonna be you. Except it’s gonna be a lot worse,because unlike tonight, I ain’t gonna show no mercy!

The fans booed HECTOR as he left the ring and TACK was helped out. Suddenly ENDGAME came through the curtain and headed to the ring. The fans were on their feet! COVEN BLACK was out next and we were set for our next match.

Coven Black d. Endgame via pinfall with DIAMOND EYES. – *****
– The fans couldn’t believe it! COVEN BLACK, who has had one of the WORST win/loss records in year pulls out a HUGE victory here against the GALAXIAN CHAMPION! To say everyone was shocked was a huge understatement. Either ENDGAME had totally underestimated BLACK or BLACK’s been holding out on us, because the vampire dominated this match-up! Both MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and SHE DEVIL were at ringside but neither got involved.

After the bell, a shocked Endgame pulled himself up in the corner as COVEN BLACK grabbed a mic.

BLACK: Of course you know this means SHE DEVIL will remain under my complete control. But I’ll make you a proposition Endgame. Double or nothing at RETRIBUTION. In a Centra Coffin Match. You win, you get She Devil. I win, I get the Galaxian Championship!

ENDGAME looked up at BLACK who had a woman on either arm. He nodded and the crowd exploded! Looks the main event for RETRIBUTION is set! BLACK left ringside with MISTRESS OF DARKNESS and SHE DEVIL and ENDGAME got to his feet, dejected and left.

Paralyze d. Monolith via pinfall with HEART TRANSPLANT. – **1/2
– A huge win for PARALYZE here as MONOLITH let his rage get the better of him. He was so determined to lay waste to the Gladiator that he missed a turnbuckle charge. PARALYZE capitalized with a HEART TRANSPLANT and the rest was history. PARALYZE laughed loudly at MONOLITH after the bell rang. He and LEVELER left MONOLITH writhing on the the mat and headed to the back. MONOLITH slowly got to his feet and seethed with anger all the way to the back.

Next, SWARM and PAYBACK came out to the ring. PAYBACK seemed to be trying to get SWARM to reconsider whatever he was about to do, but SWARM would have none of it. SWARM entered the ring and grabbed a mic.

SWARM: Hatred. For months now, since Payback and I came out, we’ve have had to put up with a tidal wave of hatred. Not from you the fans. You guys…you guys have been so awesome. So supportive. You guys may not know this but it’s your support that keeps us going. It’s your support that keeps us strong and we appreciate it.

CROWD cheers.

SWARM: It’s the cruel hatred from everyone else. First there was Sly Drury. Then Bishop Hell (II) who still has a problem with Mantis. And now it’s Star Warrior (II) and Thantos (II). Their stunt last time with the gifts was degrading and hateful and it was also the last straw. All Payback and I want to do is live in peace as lovers and let our actions in the ring speak for themselves. But this hatred…this…spite has forced us to fight back. Now we’re going on the offense. Gamemasters we’re starting with you! Retribution is coming up and it seems like the perfect place to start! Payback and I are here tonight to challenge you to a match! Survival Rules, losers are exiled. Exiled for 10 cards!

CROWD cheers.

SWARM: So there you have it. Gamemasters, the ball is in your court. I guess we’ll all see if you have the balls to meet us in the ring.

SWARM threw down the mic and stormed out of the ring. PAYBACK shook his head and followed after.

FRONTLINE DEFENSE d. MILITARY POWERS when Anivar clobbers Paganax with KNUCKLE TATTOO. – *
– FRONTLINE DEFENSE, returning from their suspension, made super quick work of MILITARY POWERS! The CROWD went nuts! PAGANAX was livid, especially because it was he who had been pinned. He whispered something into THARKAS’ ear and pointed at him to get a mic.

THARKAS: The Commissioner, Heathen Chief Paganax, declares that FRONTLINE DEFENSE is your new #1 contenders to the Galaxian Tag Team CHampionship.

The CROWD cheers loudly.

THARKAS: They will go on to face Rush and Turmoil for the titles at RETRIBUTION.

The CROWD cheers loudly.

THARKAS: But Heathen Chief Paganax has also ruled that the match will now be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH and the third team will be MILITARY POWERS.

The CROWD boos loudly. TAURAN and ANIVAR are furious as they had won the night! PAGANAX just nodded and stormed out of the ring, THARKAS trailing behind him.

Bishop Hell (II) d. American Guy via pinfall after HELLFIRE. – **
– BISHOP HELL (II) made short work of AMERICAN GUY in this match. GUY did get in a little offense but it was all BISHOP HELL (II) who looked even better upon his return to the ring from injury at the hands of SWARM! After the match, BISHOP HELL (II) laid the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP down in the middle of the ring.

BISHOP HELL (II): Mantis. You and I have unfinished business. Business your, wretched sin-filled, father interfered with. Your father’s time is coming, but that justice will be net out by my teammates until there is such time that I can make him pay. FOr now, Mantis, I shall be content with your soul. So at Retribution, I challenge you for this Championship! In a Finisher Match! Your REPTORIAL GRASP versus HELLFIRE!

At the word, large flames leapt from BISHOP HELL (II)’s hands! BISHOP HELL (II) began to laugh heartily and it’s his demonic face we see as we…