CARD #2125.138 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE – 11.07.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


DIALECTUS and ABROZ are in the middle of the ring and they welcome everyone to what will be the final full night of Infinity Challenge action! They run down the scores…

ABROZ – 90

They say that tonight is a pivotal night of action as at BIG BANG there will only be four Infinity Challenge matches. One for the Non-Fatal Showdown and the other three will be Infinity Challenge Cup defenses. It’s anyone’s game to win as we get set for tonight’s first match.

Plethador d. Scimitar via escape after a running spear into the barbed wire. – **** – Another stupendous match between these two who are giving it their all, every single time they step into the ring! Plethador now leads the series six wins to five! Plethador received two points for the win and two bonus points for his in ring performance. Dialectus and Abroz also awarded Scimitar with one bonus point for his performance. Scimitar looked to be injured after this match and Plethador even joined the medics to help him get on the stretcher. Class act all the way!

We cut back to the locker room for DIALECTUS’ team. GRYT is standing talking to the rest of his team.

GRYT: Listen, guys we’re on the cusp. We’re as close as we’ve ever been to taking the lead.

ROTUNDA: Except for that time we were in the lead.

GRYT: Well…yeah…except for then. The point is the end of the year is RAPIDLY approaching. We need a big lead going in to BIG BANG so we can end the year as the winners. Now I know being lumped together as teammates is the LAST thing we all wanted, but since we’re here. Let’s accomplish something and show that DIalectus was right in choosing us. Remember he chose us for our abilities, not just because he “thought” we’d do good. So let’s do it! Let’s show them why we are better!

The rest of the team, surprisingly, starts applauding GYRT’S speech and the DIALECTUS locker room looks fired up!

LEADERS OF THE PACK d. LIFTOFF via pinfall when Panther Warrior covered Tristan after JUNGLE NIGHTS. – *** – Decent match between these two teams. Both seemed to be working well, but the experience of LEADERS OF THE PACK seemed to make the difference. Panther Warrior and Malkuth pick up two points for their team.

Tanck d. Tricks via DQ when the ref caught Trick attempting COULROPHOBIA. – * – Until the ref called the match, it looked like Tanck was continuing his losing ways. He does get the win, yet only a point for his team due to the DQ.

Nitro d. Bloodline via pinfall with BAD VIBRATIONS. – SQUASH – A total surprise here! Nitro picks up a huge, dominant victory over the veteran Bloodline. He also picks up a much needed two points for Dialectus’ team.

She Devil d. Shann-Ra via pinfall after EYES OF THE TEMPTRESS. – ***1/2 – A great match between these two ladies. She Devil finally looks good in a match and scores a HUGE win by winning the Infinity Challenge Women’s Cup for her team! That’s a huge five points for Dialectus’ Team.

STARS & STRIPES d. FRONTAL ASSAULT via pinfall when U.S. Male hits Thraxx with the PATRIOT MISSLE. – ** – Unbelievable! Another huge pick up of points and pride for Team Dialectus! Two points for the pinfall and three for the cup win means STARS & STRIPES brings another five points to Team Dialectus!

Gryt d. The Betrayer via DQ when Betrayer whipped him into the guardrails. – *** – Gryt was dominating this match and, surprisingly, fairly! Rotunda steered clear from interference, Gryt played by the rules but it was The Betrayer who ignored the ref and refused to bring the action back in the ring. This cost Betrayer and his entire team as it gave Gryt a point for the win and then three points for the cup defense!

ABROZ and DIALECTUS appear. Team DIALECTUS has won the evenin so they get one bonus point. The Cosmic Beings then reveal reveal the scores and at the end over the evening DIALECTUS’ team has pulled ahead! The scores are…

ABROZ – 97

A small margin which means that the Infinity Challenge is still either team’s to win. ABROZ and DIALECTUS announce that at BIG BANG all three cups will be defended! They also announce that the final NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN match at BIG BANG will be a TITAN DEATH, TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS MATCH, with each fall counting towards the score!

The CROWD goes nuts!

They then announce that in the odd chance there is a tie by the end of the Infinity Challenge matches at BIG BANG, each team will select one wrestler at random and those two will wrestle a Titan Death Match to settle the score!

The CROWD cheers as the end of the Infinity Challenge is drawing near and it’s still anyone’s game!

ABROZ and DIALECTUS both bow to the CROWD as we…


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