CARD #2125.139 – INVASION – 11.14.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos


Behind the arena, a cruiser lands. The ramp lowers and PAYBACK steps out. He turns and looks back up the ramp and down comes GALAXIAN CHAMPION SWARM. SWARM smiles at PAYBACK who returns it. They grasp hands, smile, share a quick kiss and then turn and enter the building. The CHAMP is here! We cut into the arena and the crowd is rabid! It’s the final holovision show of the year heading into BIG BANG! We cut to the ring for our opening match.

Ensor d. Coven Black via pinfall after ERUPTION OF THARSIS. – *** – Decent back and forth but again, Coven Black can’t pick up a win. Ensor looked strong in this bout.

Aethran Overmaster d. Retribution via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER. – *** – Retribution looked good in this one. Even scored some near-falls on the, much stronger, Overmaster. Strafe was always seconds from entering the ring to help, but eventually Overmaster was able to gain the upper hand and then keep it, picking up the win.

Havoc d. Paganax via DQ when Paganax refused to bring the action back into the ring. – DUD – Paganax was extremely upset he wouldn’t be facing Endgame at BIG BANG and decided to take it out on Havoc, not caring about the DQ.

PAGANAX continued to wail on HAVOC until the AETHRAN OVER MASTER came to ringside and began helping him beat on HAVOC! PAGANAX didn’t take kindly to the interruption and decked OVERMASTER! Soon, all three were brawling at ringside, knocking down the guardrail and spilling into the CROWD! Drury sent in the SECURITY SQUAD to break it up and it took several minutes to restore order! This was WILD!

Patch and Hector battled to a ‘no contest’ when Drury ordered the Security Squad to enter the ring and attack Hector. – **1/2 – A pretty good match before the interference. Hector began getting the upper hand and from his luxury box office, Drury ordered his Security Squad to attack! They got in a few shots, then Hector bailed out into the crowd. Hector pointed up to Drury and then dissapeared into the crowd.

Symbiosis d. Payback via DQ when Payback hit Symbiosos with a chair. – DUD – This one didn’t even really get going. The action tumbled out of the ring and Payback’s hardcore antics kicked in and he grabbed a chair and brained Symbiosis with it. The ref called the match and that was it.

Once the bell rang, INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION BISHOP HELL (II) came storming down to the ring and blindsided PAYBACK with the HELLFIRE! As PAYBACK writhed on the floor, BISHOP HELL grabbed the mic…

BISHOP HELL (II): Payback! What you and Swarm have done is an affront to humanity and the church and for your sins you shall suffer a fate in hell that is unthinkable by mortal men! But for your sins I will make sure that you suffer here on earth!

BISHOP HELL (II) advanced on PAYBACK again with the HELLFIRE and SWARM ran to ringside to make the save! BISHOP HELL scurried away as SWARM helped PAYBACK up. He appeared dazed, but the burns didn’t look too bad. SWARM helped PAYBACK to the back. Right before leaving he turned and waved to the CROWD who cheered loudly.

Encubus d. Thantos (II) via pinfall after a frog splash. – ***** – Wow! A spectacular match between these two and quite possibly the final in this feud. After the bell rang, Mother Superior, obviously still injured, held Sultana at bay as Encubus locked Thantos (II) in the MAEFFI MASTERLOCK and refused to let go as Thantos (II) screamed. Several security members ran down to ringside to try and get Encubus to let go. When they finally did it was Thantos (II) who appeared injured and needed to be helped from the ring. Encubus and Mother Superior laughed as Thantos (II) writhed in pain.

Before the main event, it was announced that before the main event, we’d have the contract signing for the BIG BANG MAIN EVENT MATCH between ENDGAME and champion SWARM! ENDGAME was the first out to the cheers of the CROWD. He was followed shortly by GALAXIAN CHAMPION SWARM who got the CROWD on their feet! PAIGE had the contract handy and both men signed it. Then, ENDGAME called for the mic.

ENDGAME: Swarm, we’ve been on the same side of things for years now in the GWF. We’ve met a few times here and there and I’m looking forward to our match at Big Bang. But I got to tell you…man…I just admire you so much. Your bravery, coming out the way you did with Payback and the style and grace you’ve handled it with…you’re just an inspiration.

The CROWD cheered loudly and long for this. SWARM modestly nodded and waved.

ENDGAME: I will say, however, that come BIG BANG, I will bring the fight and I know you will too and friend or no friend, I will do all I can to win that belt and put it back around my waist.

SWARM asked for a mic.

SWARM: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The CROWD cheered loudly as the two men shook hands, hugged and then went to opposite corners to celebrate. Truly a classy moment in the annals of the GWF. Once, they left, together, we were ready for our MIAN EVENT!

Nosfera d. Tauran via pinfall after THE DEMON’S BREATH. – *1/2 – Nosfera easily dispatches of Tauran in a match that was a bit of a let down after the previous one. The CROWD booed loudly as Nosfera and Omen celebrated in the ring.

Up in his luxury box office, SLY DRURY watched. Suddenly he was tapped on the shoulder.

DRURY: What is is Paige? I…

He turned and there stood HECTOR, THE HOLY BROWN BEAR who began attacking DRURY! DRURY screamed for the guards as HECTOR beat on him but the SECURITY SQUAD could just be heard trying to break down the door of the office which we now see is barricaded from the inside!

HECOTR beat down DRURY to the floor. Then he stopped and took out a piece of paper.

HECTOR: I wanted to deliver this in person Drury! It’s a notice from the GWF Board of Directors for a new match added to BIG BANG. You. Me. Cosmic Cage!

The CROWD went nuts and HECTOR stood over DRURY laughing as we…