CARD #2125.137 – BETRAYAL – 10.14.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos



We are in the boardroom of the GWF directors. SLY DRURY stands at the end of the table pleading with the BOARD.

DRURY: …an absolute disgrace and we shouldn’t support it.

BOARD MEMBER 1: Are you aware, Drury that the GWF operates within the laws and governances of the United Federation of Stars and Planets?

DRURY: Yes, but–

BOARD MEMBER 1: And as such, we are bound by their laws.

DRURY: I understand that, but–

BOARD MEMBER 1: Are you also aware that one of those laws forbids the discrimination against anyone based on race, gender, creed or sexual preference?

DRURY: I do, but families–

BOARD MEMBER 1: If you are INDEED aware of these laws then I can only gather you are suggesting we break these laws and strip Swarm of the title based solely on the fact he’s made public the nature of his relationship with Payback.

DRURY: No, what I’m suggesting is he is punished for doing it in such a public manner in front of our fans. Personal lives should remain personal. I have no PERSONAL issue with what Swarm and Payback did at the close of Survival, but surely that type of things belongs behind closed doors?!

BOARD MEMBER 2: Rotunda and Gryt freely lock lips on camera and personally I find that more disgusting than what Swarm and Payback did. However if we allow them to engage in public displays of affection, we cannot prevent Swarm and Payback from doing the same.

DRURY: I am in charge of this fed and I say–

BOARD MEMBER 1: You are commissioner Drury, you still need to answer to us and we say, Swarm keeps the title and any…ANY…discrimination by you towards him…or Payback…will result in your immediate termination! Understood?

DRURY (pauses): Yes. I find what Swarm and Payback did reprehensible and the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed, but I will abide by your decrees.

BOARD MEMBER 2: Good. Glad we cleared the air about it. Now, let’s talk about Invasion tonight. Here’s…

The BOARD MEMBER pushes a piece of paper across the table to DRURY. DRURY picks it up.

DRURY: What’s this?

BOARD MEMBER 2: The plan for tonight. Instead of Invasion tonight, we’re holding the annual BETRAYAL tournament to determine the number one contender for BIG BANG. Those are the brackets.

DRURY looks down at the paper. He’s visibly angry.

DRURY: These…uh…set in stone, are they?

BOARD MEMBER 1: They are.

DRURY: Fine. Before I go, let me say this…Tonight, when I win the tournament and become number one contender, when I face Swarm at Big Bang, I’m going to be brutal. Violently brutal. And you aren’t going to be able to call it discrimination because it’ll take place during a sanctioned match. But trust me, it will be discrimination and you’re going to wish I stripped him of the belt and got him out of the GWF for good.

BOARD MEMBER 2: You’ll have to get there first Drury and as you can see by your first round opponent, that isn’t going to be as easy as you think.

DRURY crumples the paper and storms out of the room.

We cut to the arena and see it’s decorated for BETRAYAL! We head right to the ring for our opening match!

Winner gets a title shot at BIG BANG


Endgame d. Paganax via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. – * – Paganax gets in no offense at all as he’s easily steamrolled by Endgame. The quick win will allow Endgame to rest a bit before round two!

We cut to the back and we see SWARM stepping out of a cruiser. The crowd cheers as he walks to the arena. Suddenly he stops and looks off camera. The camera pans back and there stands MANTIS.


MANTIS looks at him.

SWARM: Look, kid. I…I probably should have told you about all this before what happened in the ring happened. I was just so preoccupied with Hector and his ‘plan’ that I couldn’t think of anything else.

MANTIS: Dad, I…I’m not mad. I’m relieved actually.

SWARM: Relieved?

MANTIS: Yeah. I mean it explains a lot.

SWARM: Does it?


SWARM: Like what?

MANTIS: Well, for one, the reason why you and mom never got along.

SWARM: Yeah. I guess that would explain why it all fell apart.

MANTIS: And also your attitude.

SWARM: Attitude?

MANTIS: Yeah Dad. You had a mean streak. I mean, being tough is one thing, but you’ve been…mean. But since you’ve come out, it seems you’ve been freed. I mean look at that press conference, the old Swarm would have destroyed the podium after some of those questions.

SWARM: (smiles) True.

MANTIS: So I think it’s good Dad. I’m behind you. And I’m proud of you.

The two smile and then SWARM hugs MANTIS tightly.

MANTIS: Just don’t expect me to call Payback, ‘Dad’.

The two laugh.

SWARM: You coming in to watch?

MANTIS: No. I have to go meet up with Tristan for a workout. You have fun.

SWARM: Thanks kid.

They begin to walk away from each other.

SWARM: Hey, kid.

MANTIS: Yeah Dad?

SWARM: I love you pal.

MANTIS: I love you too.

The CROWD cheers at this scene as we cut back to ringside for our next match.

Aethran Overmaster d. Havoc via pinfall. – ** – Aethran Overmaster dispatches of Havoc with ease. Havoc did get in some offense but Aethran Overmaster was determined to humiliate Havoc and strike a blow against Covert Operations.

Nosfera d. Retribution via pinfall with DEMON’S BREATH. – *** – Retribution and Nosfera put up a good back and forth battle, but Nosfera is able to score the win when Omen distracts the ref and he’s able to hit the DEMON’S BREATH and move to round two!

Hector The Holy Brown Bear d. Sly Drury via pinfall. – ***** – This was an unbelievable match! The fans were SO ready to see Drury go one on one with his tormentor Hector and Hector brought the fight! Drury looked good though and even, by all appearances kept it clean. He was close to winning once or twice, but Hector was able to hit his finisher and get the win. Drury was FURIOUS at the end of this and grabbed a mic…

DRURY: Listen up, sympathizer! You may hang out with a lot of freaks but your march towards domination of the GWF ends here! I promise, there’s no way you’re going all the way tonight. I promise.

HECTOR reacted in ‘mock’ surprise and ran around the ring.

When the ring is cleared the fans stand up and cheer as SWARM enters the arena! He is obviously still injured; bandages can be seen across his arm and back under his shirt. He high fives fans and holds aloft the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP as he makes his way to the front row to watch the final three matches.


Endgame d. Aethran Overmaster via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. – ***** – A explosive match between these two that had every fan out of their seats! Endgame slaps on the figure four, in the center of the ring and the place goes nuts! The fans went nuts and even Swarm stood and applauded Endgame for his win.

HECTOR came out to the ring for his match against NOSFERA. Suddenly SLY DRURY appeared at the top of the ramp. He signaled for the ref in the ring to come to him. The ref ran up and the two had a brief discussion and the ref shrugged and left. Then different ref entered the arena and headed to the ring. The CROWD booed loudly as he stepped into the ring.

Nosfera d. Hector The Holy Brown Bear via pinfall after Nosfera rolled through a cross body block. – ****1/2 – The fans went nuts as the count was a VERY fast one two three! Nosfera gets the win and Hector’s title aspirations are ended. As Nosfera and Omen headed to the back to catch a breather before the finals, DRURY got on the mic

DRURY: Oh dear Hector. That is a shame. Looks like I was right and you were wrong.

HECTOR grabbed a mic of his own.

HECTOR: Drury, what you fail to see is I have no desire to win the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. I think my buddy Swarm here is a fine champion and I have no plans to try and take it from him.

The CROWD cheered loudly for SWARM.

DRURY: Yeah, how good of ‘buddies’ are you really? I’m disgusted to think of what goes on in that locker room of yours.

The CROWD booed loudly.

HECTOR: Blah, blah, blah. Keep your hatred and bigotry to yourself, Drury. Sing a new tune why don’t you?

DRURY: Fine. Tell me this Hector…if you aren’t in the GWF to win the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, heh, why he hell are you even here?

HECTOR takes a small remote controlled device from his pocket.

HECTOR: I’m here…to take you out!

HECTOR pushes the button on the remote control and thousands of stuffed teddy bears reign down on SLY DRURY. He’s instantly buried under their weight. HECTOR bails out of the ring and the CROWD becomes electric as he dives into the pile of bears and stars wailing on DRURY!

The SECURITY SQUAD storms out of the locker rooms but find it hard to traverse the bears. They begin firing at HECTOR who dives into the crowd, promoting an immediate cease-fire, lest they hit a fan! The fans were all cheering as DRURY and the SECURITY SQUAD attempted to make it backstage but were tripping all over the bears! The CROWD ate it up. When they were finally gone, the ring crew took several minutes to clear the bears, though they threw them out to the fans who rushed to grab them. When that was done it was now time for the…

Endgame d. Nosfera via submission with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR. – **1/2 – Endgame makes it three straight submission wins for the night, beating Nosfera and earning a title shot at BIG BANG!

The crowd silenced a bit when SWARM hopped the guardrails and climbed into the ring. The two stared at each other for a moment and then ENDGAME stuck out his hand and the two shook, causing the place to explode! The main event is set for BIG BANG! Swarm defending his Galaxian Championship against Endgame! SWARM exits the ring to let ENDGAME have his moment and the man of the night raises his arms in the middle of the ring. This is the image we see as we…