CARD #2125.136 – SUPERNOVA: CHALLENGE – 10.07.2125

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

ABROZ and DIALECTUS welcome us to another night of INFINITY CHALLENGE action! They announce that all three INFINITY CHALLENGE CUPS will be defended tonight. They also announce that due to ‘personal reasons’ MANTIS would not be here tonight. Many wonder if this has to do with the fallout of what happened with his father SWARM in the closing moments of SURVIVAL.

They then go over the current scores, TEAM ABROZ has 78 points while TEAM DIALECTUS has 70. They announce that the end of the year is rapidly approaching, however it’s still any team’s game. And with that they announce the first match, the next in the NON-FATAL SHOWDOWN series!

Scimitar d. Plethador via pinfall after a running spear through a table. – ****1/2 – Scimitar ties up the series at 5 all! This was another amazing match between these two. Both men put each other through multiple tables but in the end, Scimitar was able to get the pin. Scimitar scored two points for the pin, one point for continuing his winning streak in the SHOWDOWN and then two more points for his performance in the match. The fans are so into this series and Scimitar evening things up has only made them salivate more!

Deadliest d. She Devil via pinfall with PURIFICATION. – ***** – These two put on a classic. She Devil looked better than she has in recent matches, but Deadliest was able to score the victory here, earning two points for a pinfall and three bonus points for her performance.

Oracle d. Bloodline via pinfall with SIXTH SENSE. – * – Oracle made short work of the veteran, picking up two, sorely needed points for his team.

Nitro d. Tanck via pinfall after BAD VIBRATIONS. – SQUASH – Tanck was way off his game in this match. Nitro bested him easily. Many are wondering if the the big man’s better days are behind him after his recent losses. Nitro scores two more points for TEAM DIALECTUS.

Shann-Ra d. Rotunda via pinfall with the MACHETE. – ***1/2 – Rotunda actually was doing great until the final moments where Shann-Ra was getting in some serious offense and Gryt hopped up on the rope aiming to clobber Shann-Ra with his INFINITY CHALLENGE CUP and Shann-Ra ducked and Rotunda was clobbered instead! Shann-Ra hit the MACHETE and covered Rotunda, getting the win and winning the INFINITY CHALLENGE WOMEN’S CUP! Shann-Ra scores two points for the pinfall, three for winning the cup and was awarded two points for her victory.

STARS & STRIPES d. FRONTAL ASSAULT when Zygon refused to stop brawling with American Guy and get back in the ring. – * – Not much action in this one. A brawl from the beginning, this one never really got going. FRONTAL ASSAULT retain the CUP. STARS & STRIPES at least pick up a point for TEAM DIALECTUS for their troubles. Afterwards, both American Guy and U.S. Male were pleading with the ref to restart the match, but the ref refused. A rematch between these two teams for the cup is very likely.

Gryt d. Vidtek via DQ when Vidtek refuses to stop using closed fists on Gryt. – * – Gryt was frustrating the heck out of Vidtek in this match! Out wrestling him at every move and generally proving he’s worth of holding the cup. Perhaps he was wrestling a little extra careful because of Rotunda’s loss earlier in the evening. At any rate, he picks up the win when Vidtek got so frustrated he ignored the ref’s warnings and continued to hammer on Gryt with closed fists.

At the close of the evening ABROZ and DIALECTUS run down the scores. ABROZ is leading with 90 points but DIALECTUS is now only six points behind with 84.

And with that, our hosts bid us farewell with a deep bow as we…